Welcome to Beastly Energy

I love energy drinks!

But there’s a problem..

I noticed a long time ago that energy drink brands aren’t always honest and forthright with the information they share about their drinks.

Sometimes it’s a small sleight of hand trick, other times it’s something more disingenuous.

In any case, I’m on a mission to study each and every brand thoroughly and really get to the bottom of what’s actually in each of the different brands.

As you browse the pages on this website, keep in mind that I’m doing the research myself for two reasons:

  1. I’m curious myself and want to know the truth
  2. I feel that I have a duty of care to share what I discover with you

I hope you find this website helpful and wish you all the best exploring the wide world of energy drinks and all of the great brands therein.

When I’m not working on this website, you can find me in these places:

Check out my most recent articles about energy drinks here.

Adrian Carter

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