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Are X-Gamer Energy Drinks Gluten-Free? (Truth)

Typically a newborn when compared to bigwigs in the energy drink industry, X-Gamer beverages are slowly making their name towards the top by focusing on e-sports enthusiasts. While expanding its reach, it is now being noticed by more than a few sections of the general populace.  However, before purchasing this powdered supplement, one certain question may arise: is it gluten-free?

X-Gamer energy drinks are low in calories, sugar-free, making it a great thirst quencher not only for video game players but also for people interested in caffeinated beverages. However, it’s not entirely gluten-free because it can possibly contain trace amounts of nuts.

The esports sector is facing explosive growth; multiple video games with solid supporters on the rear are rising one by one. In this competitive trade, veteran businesses can’t help but try to ride the waves. However, one particular brand that stands out is X-Gamer, which has now established itself in several countries worldwide.

In this article, let’s put X-Gamer into the hot seat and take a closer look at its possible gluten content!

What is X-Gamer Energy Drink?

Established in 2014, X-Gamer is considered more of a supplement rather than a full-fledged energy drink. This is because the brand released the lineup completely in powdered form. You may mistake it as a protein powder, but X-Gamer is formulated to provide a variety of benefits not limited to muscle-building and a strong caffeine kick.

X-Gamer™ Is an advanced, effective and innovative focus and energy formula, perfected exclusively for esports, semi-professional and enthusiast gamers.

X-Gamer website

This was the official description of this energy drink brand. Solidifying esports enthusiasts and professionals as their target market, X-Gamer promises to provide focus and mental clarity for their selected demographics perfect to ace each and every gameplay.

Ingredients of X-Gamer Energy Drinks

X-Gamer is a powdered formula that is available in one-shot sachets or 60-serving tubs. Each 10g of this supplement is enough to provide you with 129 calories with a variety of flavors to choose from. Just mix it with 300 to 500 ml of water and you’re good to go!

What makes up each serving of X-Gamer Energy Drinks?

Ingredients of X-Gamer Energy Supplements
Ingredients of X-Gamer Energy Supplements

Now that you have a clear view of X-Gamer components, let me briefly discuss the present active ingredients. To put it simply, active ingredients are artificial substances or chemicals responsible for the positive (or negative!) side effects of a product.

In the case of X-Gamer supplements, the back of the product listed three particular active ingredients.

Caffeine in X-Gamer Supplements

Each 10g sachet of X-Gamer powdered energy alternative contains 200mg of caffeine. While there are a lot of energy drinks in the market with greater caffeine content, X-Gamer is particularly on the middle-tier list.

In my opinion, 50 to 100 milligrams of caffeine is enough to kickstart your day. However, this particular brand contains half the recommended 400mg daily adult caffeine consumption. While this may not seem like much and still within the normal level, I won’t tell you that it’s okay to drink caffeinated beverages at your own discretion.

You may risk suffering from caffeine addiction which will only yield to an unending vortex of caffeine consumption that is hard to recover from. When you’re continuously ingesting high amounts of caffeine, you’re vulnerable to resistance which makes you crave more and more of it.

You may also risk suffering from the following health risks:

Taurine in X-Gamer

Another active ingredient in X-Gamer supplements is taurine, which is an amino acid often found in caffeinated beverages.

Dubbed as a wonder molecule, this essential organic substance regulates your body’s minerals and supports the visual and general nervous system. Aside from this, taurine is also an antioxidant that improves the immune system.

One particular reason why this substance is essential in energy drinks is because of its athletic-boosting characteristics. It reduces fatigue and promotes the fat-burning process aiding in weight loss. X-Gamer in particular has 1g of taurine per sachet and combined with caffeine is why this particular beverage packs a very juicy punch!

Niacin in X-Gamer

Generally, the recommended Niacin intake is 16mg for men and 14mg for women. X-Gamer Energy drinks contain 31.2mg which provides over 195% of your percent daily value. This is no cause for concern because this particular vitamin is water-soluble, and the excess is released out of the body.

Also known as vitamin B3, Niacin is a vital component of every energy drink beverage. However, it’s not usually mentioned by its name, but under the banner of “other natural ingredients”. Still, this organic substance is nothing to scoff at.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Niacin into your diet:

Thirsty about more X-Gamer ingredients information? Take a look at this article right here.

Nutrition Facts of X-Gamer Beverages

X-Gamer is a powdered energy alternative that you can drink anytime, anywhere. Its convenience is something I rejoice about considering that I am constantly on the go. However, another reason why I’m satisfied with it is its long list of vitamins and minerals.

A non-carbonated, powdered focus and energy matrix which contains a 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex to help shield your body, Nootropic Amino’s to sharpen the mind and with Zero Added Sugar contains only 31Kcals per 500ml serving.

X-Gamer official statement

Let’s take a look at some of the vitamins and minerals that makes up each 10g serving of X-Gamer Energy drink.

Vitamins and MineralsBenefits
Folic AcidCrucial in brain function and helps in mood and emotional health.
CobalaminKeeps the body and blood healthy, as well as contributes to the wellbeing of nerve tissues. It is also a key component in DNA production.
ThiamineA water-soluble vitamin that is responsible for the growth and function of the cells, as well as the digestion of nutrients.
PyridoxineProduction of neurotransmitters and red blood cells. Also involved in brain health and reduces heart risks.
ZincIn charge of growth and development, DNA synthesis, gene expression, and enzymatic reactions.
PhylloquinoneInvolved in blood clotting, bone, and heart health.
RiboflavinKey component of coenzymes, skin development, and helps the body break down fat and medication.
CalciumBuild and maintain strong bones, stimulates muscle development, and promote cardiovascular functions.
Ascorbic AcidControls infections and stimulates wound healing. As an ingredient for collagen, this vitamin is an important antioxidant used in the skin, nervous, immune systems.
PotassiumRegulates fluid and pH balance, promotes digestion and stimulates nerve impulses
MagnesiumRegulates blood pressure and supports muscle and nerve functions. As a mineral, it is a part of more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body.
Vitamins and Minerals in X-Gamer Energy Supplements

See how rich X-Gamer is when it comes to a variety of benefits? You can’t blame me for always stocking up on it even though I don’t recommend taking it every day.

Yup, you read it right. Personally, I only drink X-Gamer energy drinks on days I am aiming for intense physical activity. This includes a heavy day at the gym or backpacking down a rough mountain trail. This is because although it is jam-packed with multivitamins, its caffeine content is still something you and I need to keep an eye on.

Remember, caffeine overdosage is a thing! And it’s literally lurking around the corner, especially as X-Gamer has a wide array of flavors that are quite tempting to taste one by one.

Are X-Gamer Drinks for Players Only?

Although X-Gamer energy supplements mainly target esports players and streamers, you can definitely take a sip or two as long as you don’t have any health implications!

I could totally understand your curiosity. After all, I’m not a video game geek but I still take X-Gamer on a controlled basis. At first, I have been curious about the Mega Mango flavor and had been keen enough to order it straight from their website. I’ve been hooked on a variety of them ever since.

Here is the complete list of X-Gamer flavors that you can take as a reference when you order:

  • Dr. Beast
  • Sun Beam
  • Fuzzberry
  • Zomberry
  • Mega Mango
  • Post Malone
  • Steve’s Apple
  • Gummilicious
  • Powacrush
  • Nightshade
  • Nukefushion
  • Hydrastorm
  • Hyper berries
  • Cape Town
  • Sakurafuri
  • King Of Banana
  • Bluenitro
  • Hyperbeast
  • Horus
  • Black Metal Berry

Is X-Gamer Vegan?

X-Gamer is entirely vegan-friendly. The company claims to have not used any kind of animal or animal byproduct while making this pure genius of a thirst quencher.

Going vegan is more than just a lifestyle, it’s a continuous commitment.  In this case, when you’re craving for an energy drink buzz, X-Gamer is something of a choice for you.

For a more detailed analysis, take a look at this article.

Does X-Gamer Suit the Keto Lifestyle?

The ketogenic diet has been growing lately with all the rage of weight loss and self-care. This is basically a low-carb, high-fat diet that promotes fat digestion in the replacement of carbohydrates. Is X-Gamer keto-friendly?

The answer is yes. Since X-Gamer is a low-carb, sugar-free beverage, it is entirely consumable by those under the ketogenic diet.

Is X-Gamer For Pregnant Women and Teenagers?

Craving the buzz of energy drinks while pregnant and lactating? Well, hold the urge to reach for that cold can because they are bad for you!

X-Gamer or any energy drinks are not safe for pregnant women. This is because of the dangerous caffeine content in each thirst quencher formula that may give unwanted health risks to you and your baby.

Here is a detailed video explaining why energy drinks are not entirely up for your consumption if you have a baby growing in your womb.

Is it safe to drink energy drinks while pregnant?

Additionally, energy drinks are also not approved for teenagers. This is because the number of stimulants and chemicals present in every energy drink formula can be overwhelming for growing bodies. There are several adverse effects that teenagers may experience if they go on a caffeinated beverage streak:

Is X-Gamer Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, X-Gamer can possibly have a trace amount of gluten and other allergens such as nuts, peanuts, soya, and egg. Product disclaimer entails that this is because the powdered supplement is processed in equipment handling the aforementioned products.

Gluten is a type of protein often found in wheat, barley, and rye. While this may seem like a staple food for some, this substance is often associated with Celiac disease. If you’re also gluten sensitive, you may be concerned if X-Gamer contains this particular allergen for you.

X-Gamer Allergen Warning
X-Gamer Disclaimer

Side effects of gluten for those with high sensitivity and allergic reactions include:

The Pros of X-Gamer Energy Drinks

While X-Gamer may not be for those sensitive to gluten, it does not mean that it’s entirely not suitable for the general population. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why it is a rising beverage in the esports industry.

X-Gamer contains only 129 calories, which is quite small compared to the recommended caloric intake for a healthy adult. It’s also low on carbohydrates and has only 0.2 grams of added sugar. Aside from that, it has non-existent sodium content and only 0.02g of fat.

In my own take, I think X-Gamer energy drink is a very great source of buzz and nutrients in one. Just make sure that you won’t consume it excessively and all is good to go!

Is X-Gamer Bad For You?

X-Gamer can become detrimental to your health if you ingest it on a non-conventional basis. Take only one sachet per day or two scoops which is equal to 10g and you’ll experience the best of both worlds.

Although it does have quite a significant amount of caffeine and other chemical ingredients, I think the pros outweigh the cons. In fact, the only negative thing I can think of about X-Gamer is its traces of gluten and other allergens.

Thankfully, I’m not sensitive to gluten. What I would advise is that you should steer away from any caffeinated beverages in general if you’re not sure of their overall components.

X-Gamer and Alcohol: Should You Mix It?

One other factor to consider when talking about the negative impact of energy drinks is people’s tendency to mix it up with alcoholic drinks. Alcohol and caffeine should never be mixed under any circumstances.

Consuming caffeine with alcohol will result in a health implication called the toxic jock syndrome. This is a situation where a person lets go of his control and starts consuming very high amounts of alcoholic energy drinks.

This can lead to:

Alternatives to X-Gamer

Here are other energy drinks to try as an alternative to X-Gamer Energy:

Notable Mentions

To Wrap It Up

X-Gamer is a top-tier beverage when it comes to giving the right amount of kick mixed with a hefty amount of vitamins and minerals. I find it quite satisfying that these powdered supplements are available in both sachets and tubs.

Their 10g sachet is a great drink on the go which is useful on days I go hiking or living life outdoors. The 600g tub is a great way to save extra cash while making sure I have the necessary amount of stock on days I decide to take X-Gamer energy alternatives.

Although it may contain traces of gluten and significant amounts of caffeine, I still would rate this as one of my go-to energy supplements. I won’t recommend you drink this though especially if you have certain food allergies or health situations you should be aware of.

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