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Best Energy Drink For Tennis (Top Picks)

As everybody knows, tennis is one of the most popular individual sports worldwide, though a team of two or three can also play it.

Tennis is a racket sport played by people of all ages, and it’s an excellent athletic activity that will keep your blood pumping.

Like any other sport, tennis players need to keep up their energy and strength in order to be at the top of their game. One way to do this is to consume energy drinks!

I’m an avid tennis player myself and trust me—not all energy drinks are made equal. So how do you know which one is the right drink for you?

Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you an in-depth look at the best energy drinks that will make you the king of the court.

Read up, and let’s find out!

Noteworthy Ingredients of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks contain notable ingredients which leave the consumers wanting for more, especially those that are physically active like athletes and workout savvy.

Most energy drinks contain caffeine, sugar, calories, and taurine. These four are very common ingredients present in energy drinks. How do these ingredients work?


Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant that jumpstarts the brain and central nervous system, keeping it active, alert, and focused just a few minutes after drinking any beverage with caffeine content.

Energy drinks have a significant amount of caffeine in them. It goes from a small amount to a hefty amount of caffeine—some range from 80mg to a whopping 350mg per can. So, you must choose and purchase an energy drink that aligns with your body limits.

The FDA recommends consuming a maximum of 400mg of caffeine daily. Everyone does not have the same caffeine tolerance; others cannot take a large amount of caffeine, while others drink more than the recommended daily limit, which is not good at all.

Drinking more than the suggested daily limit would lead to some severe side effects. So, remember to keep your caffeine intake at a moderate level.


Sugar is another common ingredient in energy drinks.

Other brands contain zero sugar, while some have 50 plus milligrams of sugar per can. Is that healthy?

Drinking an energy drink that contains more than 50mg of sugar is not healthy. By doing this daily or regularly, you likely increase your risk of developing certain diseases like diabetes, high glucose levels, etc. These are some of the severe side effects of sugar.

The American Heart Association suggested a daily sugar intake of 24g for women and 36g for men, equating to six teaspoons and nine teaspoons of daily sugar intake.

Remember that there are zero nutritional benefits of consuming sugar daily.


Calories are just what we need to keep us removing through the day. We need it to survive.

However, too many calories in our body will just contribute to excess weight. Unburned calories will be converted into fats and add up to the body’s fat deposits, and lead to overweight or obesity.

How many calories can you take daily?

The amount of energy you need, in this case, the amount of calories you need daily, depends on your age, lifestyle, height, and weight. But experts generally suggest only consuming 2000 calories for women and 2500 for women.


Taurine is an amino acid. It works similarly to caffeine by stimulating the brain.

Taurine is another common ingredient found in most energy drinks. It’s safe in specific amounts.

Some studies show Taurine is essential in boosting mental performance, especially when it is combined with caffeine. But take note that there are energy drinks that have a large amount of caffeine. Moderation is always the key.

Do Tennis Players Drink Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks help boost the athlete’s stamina and physical performance.

Yes. Most tennis players drink energy drinks before a match or a competition.

Energy drinks can help you be focused, alert and will boost your stamina and physical performance. Energy drinks are usually a beverage of choice for most athletes.

As an athlete, the more alert and focused you are, the higher your chances of winning.

Best Energy Drink for Tennis Players

If you are a tennis player, and you’re probably wondering what energy drinks are good for consumption during a match, then you’ve come to the right page.

The following are some suggestions of some energy drinks which tennis players can consume.

Red Bull
(8.4 fl. oz)
Game Fuel
(16 fl. oz)
(12 fl.oz)
Monster Energy
(16 fl. oz)
Calories110 calories90 calories10 calories210 calories

Red Bull

Red Bull can
Red Bull Energy Drink – 8.4 fl. oz

Every 8.4 fl. oz of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, 28g of sugar. and 110 calories.

Considering its size, it has a significantly higher amount of caffeine, sugar, and calories. I’d recommend drinking this only once in a while.

Game Fuel

Game Fuel
Game Fuel Energy Drink

Game Fuel is another popular drink. A 16 fl. oz Game Fuel can contain 90mg of caffeine, 24g of sugar, and 90 calories.

This drink will provide a significant boost of energy throughout your day. But be careful not to drink too much as the sugar content in this drink is so high.


Celsius Energy
Celsius Energy Drink – Spackling Cola

Celsius is an energy drink popular with athletes. It has 200mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and only has 10 calories.

This is really excellent since this drink is sugar-free. However, Celsius has high caffeine content. Remember that experts recommend only consuming 400mg of caffeine daily.

Monster Energy

Monster energy can
Monster Energy

Monster is a common energy drink next to Red Bull. Monster Energy contains 160mg of caffeine, a whopping 54g of sugar, and 210 calories.

Many prefer this drink, however, the drawback is that Monster has very high sugar content. It exceeds the value set by the experts as a safe daily sugar intake. So, take everything in moderation.

Other Notable Mentions

Can Tennis Players Drink Red Bull?

Yes, tennis players can drink Red Bull and other energy drinks.

Many consume energy drinks during the match to help boost their energy. It also keeps them alert, focused, and awake while the game is ongoing.

Tennis players can also consume energy drinks during training and workouts. It can help you build your stamina and energy.

How do Tennis Players Stay Hydrated?

While it is okay to drink energy drinks before and during the match, if you are an athlete, keep in mind to always bring water along with your favorite energy drink.

However, some energy drink brands offer hydrating properties too! Many contain electrolytes, which are crucial to many bodily functions and help replace the fluids you lose during activities.

Some particularly hydrating brands I’ve encountered are Aspire and Bing!

Water vs. Energy Drink

If this is a battle between benefits, then nothing beats water.

Water offers many more benefits than any other beverage. It’s at the top of the list. However, if you talk about energy boosts, then energy drinks get on the list.

Energy drinks offer an energy-boosting effect which is ideal for athletes and those who work out.

Both have their pros, but only energy drinks have cons when consumed too much. So, if you want to drink energy drinks, remember to drink them moderately.

Do Energy Drink Work for Tennis Players?

Yes. Energy drinks have an energy-boosting effect which is excellent for athletes, especially tennis players.

Tennis players can drink energy drinks before and during a match to stay alert, focused, and awake. They can also drink energy drinks after a match as a recovery drink. However, take note of the caffeine, sugar, and calorie contents of the drink you choose.

Not all ingredients of energy drinks are similar. They all vary from brand to brand. That is why it is essential to check the label and stay within the recommended daily intake.

Final Thoughts

Tennis players are athletes that need additional energy, powerful stamina, and an alert mind. Most of them drink energy drinks before and during competition.

Yet, it is essential to stay healthy even if you consume energy drinks. As an athlete, your body is your powerhouse. Yes, it is necessary to be focused and awake during a match; however, it is also essential to watch what you eat and drink to stay healthy.

Remember to bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and keep everything at a moderate level.

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