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Best Energy Drinks For Losing Weight (Top Choices)

Being fit and healthy have plenty of benefits to both our mind and body and losing weight can reduce your chances of developing potential health conditions later in life.

There are a lot of safe ways which we can use to drop a few pounds of weight, mainly through a healthy diet and exercise regiment. But in order to do this, consistency and perseverance are the keys to achieving this goal.

So if you’re looking for a quick fix to lose weight quickly, energy drinks probably aren’t what you’re looking for, but they can certainly help you on your way to healthy living, so long as you avoid the more sugary energy drinks out there.

Read up to know more about the best energy drinks to lose weight, and pick out the right options for you.

Is Weight Loss Necessary?

Losing weight is significant
Depending on your BMI, weight loss isn’t always healthy or necessary

Generally, so long as you have a healthy BMI, there aren’t any substantial reasons why weight loss is necessary, but if you happen to be overweight, or then weight loss might be beneficial for health reasons.

According to the 2016 records of the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.9 billion adults worldwide were overweight, with over 650 million obese. In addition to that, more recent records (2020), still from WHO, shows that there are 39 million children under the age of 5 were over overweight.

The WHO states that you are classified as overweight when your body mass index (BMI) is greater than or equal to 25, and marked as obese when your BMI is greater than or equal to 30.

However, you happen to be of average or low BMI, weight loss can definitely do you more harm than good, and it’s generally a better idea to focus on a healthy living and lifestyle rather than on weight loss specifically, as losing weight is often a very beneficial symptom of a well-rounded diet and exercise routine.

Can Energy Drinks Help With Weight Loss?

Energy Drinks are not direct alternatives to losing weight, but they can help you while you are losing weight.

If you are working out, you can drink energy drinks because it contains caffeine, which can power you up and give you that extra boost that you need and has been noted to improve exercise performance.

That being said, energy drinks often contain a fairly high sugar and calorie content, which may lead to weight gain in the long run if consumed in excess.

As such, if you want to best workout experience whilst still being able to enjoy energy drinks, it’s best to pick up low or zero-calorie energy drinks instead, as they won’t add anything substantial calorie-wise into your overall diet.

So, yes energy drinks can aid you in your weight loss but do remember to have them in moderation. As always, a healthy diet and exercise still remain a safe and effective way to lose weight.

For a more comprehensive look at weight loss in general, have a look at the following video:

Can Energy Drinks Suppress Appetite?

Caffeine appetite suppressant
Caffeine has been linked as an appetite suppressant

Energy drinks contain caffeine and there have been studies that linked caffeine as an appetite suppressant.

Drinking caffeine before a meal may somehow reduce your food consumption. Caffeine can influence your hormonal interaction thereby sending “satiety signals,” thereby suppressing your appetite.

In addition, it takes six to eight hours for the food to be digested and passed from the stomach to the small intestine, however, a study has shown that drinking coffee after a meal will take 16 minutes for half the food you’ve consumed to pass into the small intestine.

Caffeine may reduce feelings of hunger and your will to eat for a period of time.

Can Energy Drinks Make You Fat?

If not taken into moderation, energy drinks can make you gain weight.

Some energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar, calories, and caffeine. Overconsumption can cause detrimental effects to the body.

That is why, if you are losing weight, it is critical to check the nutritional contents of the energy drinks.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the calories in energy drinks do little to the nutritional value of the beverage. So, if you are losing weight, choose an energy drink that is sugar-free, low calorie, and caffeine contents

How Long Does Rogue Energy Effects Last?

Your body may hold on to Rogue Energy for as long as six hours. The benefits of the energy drink, meanwhile, kick in within 15 to 30 minutes. It’s important to note that Rogue’s effects vary from person to person, therefore any estimate is likely to be inaccurate.

Most individuals who use Rogue report feeling more energized, aware, and focused right after taking it. However, some people claim they don’t feel anything, while others say the drink only starts working after a while.

Is Rogue Energy Good For You?

All Rogue Energy drinks include a lot of vitamins C and E, making them a healthy option for customers, especially gamers. The most often consumed vitamin also happens to be one of the safest and most effective nutrients you can take.

Its purpose is to provide a fresh alternative to the standard energy drinks used by professional esports players and broadcasters. Rogue Energy has an impressive array of high-quality parts, and the manufacturer has no qualms about revealing the whole inventory.

How Much Rogue Energy Can You Drink A Day?

One or two cans of energy drink per day is the daily maximum suggested serving size. There are long-term health concerns associated with excessive use of any substance.

Consequently, it’s best to limit your intake of energy drinks and instead focus on making better choices. Caffeine tolerance, age, and health all play a role in determining how much caffeine a person may safely ingest; nonetheless, no one should exceed 400mg per day.

Do energy drinks increase metabolism?

Some of the substances in energy drinks have been shown to speed up the metabolic rate. Caffeine in them boosts your metabolism and makes you feel more energized.

However, it would take a whole month to shed a pound of fat, even if you could consume enough coffee to cause a large improvement in metabolism. Additionally, the amount of caffeine included in energy drinks has been shown to have a negligible effect on metabolic rate (burning less than 100 extra calories per day).

Does Red Bull help with weight loss?

Energy drinks may seem like a fast way out for those who want to lose weight, but research has not shown any correlation between their use and reduced body fat. Maintaining your energy and weight may be two areas where you may discover that investing in long-term objectives rather than fast remedies is the key to success.

Drinking Red Bull at different times of the day is not going to help you lose weight. Red Bull may aid weight loss if consumed before to exercise since it speeds up the body’s metabolism, causing it to burn more fat.

Does Celsius burn body fat?                                             

Unfortunately, the caffeine in energy drinks does not work to immediately reduce fat stores in the body. The Celsius energy drink, in particular, is not a quick fix for losing weight. Instead, it’s a sugar-free thermogenic energy drink with a proprietary combination of chemicals shown to promote metabolic rate increase and calorie expenditure.

However, there are many who maintain that the drink’s effects assist them maintain concentration, mental clarity, and physical vitality. In this way, they were able to go about their daily lives and professional responsibilities with enthusiasm and determination.

How To Pick The Best Energy Drinks For Weight Loss?

As for picking out the best energy drinks for weight loss, here are some core nutrition facts you should check up on the back of the can before buying the energy drink you’re interested in.

Calorie Content

If you plan on losing weight, it’s best to pick out energy drinks with low to zero-calorie content, so they don’t add any significant calories into your diet.

Foods with calories
Your meals already have plenty of calories present, so try and opt for lower-calorie energy drinks

A calorie is a type of measurement of how much you get from the food you eat. Take, for example, a slice of pizza, and it contains 285 calories per slice; what would happen if you eat one box with six pieces? You’ve consumed 1,710 calories in just one eating.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggested a 2 000 average calorie intake daily. However, it does vary from age, gender, weight, and height.

So if you plan on losing weight, you need to know how to balance your daily meals, and that means not going for the more sugary sweet energy drinks out there, and only having sugar-free and low-calorie energy drinks.

Caffeine Content

For the best weight loss effects, it’s best to pick out an energy drink with some significant caffeine content, so long as it’s well within your tolerances.

In 2017, a study by the Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology stated that caffeine can increase the amount of calorie a person burns and decreases the amount of calorie that a person intakes.

As such, heavy caffeine may help with weight loss, but it’s only effective when you’re actually exercising, so be sure to use the caffeine in your energy drinks to its fullest potential by getting ga quick gym session in before the caffeine wears off.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cites that the safe caffeine intake daily is 400mg, and having any more than that, or going over your personal caffeine tolerance, can and will cause side effects ranging from mild headaches to rapid heart rate.

Sugar Content

If you plan on losing weight, stay away from the more popular, sugary energy drinks you can find off the shelf, as they can’t do much in helping you lose weight, and may even be detrimental to your whole weight loss process,

Sugar is perhaps one of the significant contributors to gaining weight. The more sugar you eat, the more likely you crave it, thus heightening your calorie intake and putting on the extra pounds.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a maximum sugar intake of 36g(9 teaspoons) a day for men and no more than 24g (6 teaspoons) a day for women

Consistently consuming an excessive amount of sugar can have detrimental effects on your health, such as:

  • Increased hunger and weight gain
  • Moody and irritable
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Acne and wrinkles
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Dental problems
  • Brain fog

As such, if you’re serious about losing weight, it’s time to put down that can of Monster and go for the sugar-free version instead, as all those extra calories aren’t going to benefit you in the slightest.

Diet-Friendly Foods and Beverages

Healthy food
Eating healthy and nutritious foods and beverage keeps us from potential health risks

There are a lot of foods and beverages that are considered diet-friendly. However, you need to check the nutrition facts in the food package you eat or be mindful of how many calories and sugar your food has.

So, to run it down, here are a few lists of diet-friendly foods and beverages:

Whole EggsWater
Vegetables and FruitsCoffee
Salmon and TunaTea
Beans and LegumesApple Cider Vinegar Drinks
CheeseGinger Tea
NutsHigh Protein Drinks
Whole GrainVegetable and Fruit Smoothies

Aside from these, some sugar-free and gluten-free beverages will also aid you in your weight loss journey, energy drinks. These drinks are full of vitamins and nutritious compounds.

Best Energy Drinks For Weight Loss

These are my top picks for energy drinks that can aid you in your diet and fitness regimen!

Energy DrinksCaloriesSugar ContentCaffeine Content
Rogue Energy
(16 fl. oz)
0-5 calories0g175-300mg
(12 fl. oz)
10 calories0g200mg
Adrenaline Shoc
(16 fl. oz)
0 calories0g300mg

Rogue Energy Drink

Rogue Energy
Rogue Energy Drink

Although marketed as a gaming energy drink, Rogue can definitely be worth a shot if you want an energy drink powder to mix in with your standard bottle of water.

Each serving of Rogue Energy will net you just 5 calories, no added sugar, and 175mg of caffeine, making it an ideal drink to keep your energy levels high, without compromising your calorie intake for the day.

If you want to ramp things up, there’s also Rogue’s Extreme line of energy powders, where the caffeine content is cranked up to 300mg per serving, It’s definitely a bigger boost but be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.

For more information on Rogue Energy and what exactly you can get out of each serving, check out my Rogue Energy Nutrition Facts article for a detailed look at the drink.



If you’re looking for a healthy and clean-tasting energy drink, CELSIUS might be worth a look at.

Each 12 fl. oz serving of CELSIUS has 10 calories, no added sugar, and 200mg of caffeine, and it’s advertised as being able to both ‘accelerate metabolism’ and ‘burn body fat’, which is definitely an attractive prospect.

That being said, do take that advertising spiel with a grain of salt, as having a can of CELSIUS every day isn’t too viable as a weight loss program if that’s all you do.

If you want to know if CELSIUS’ advertising has some ring of truth to it, have a look at my Does CELSIUS Actually Work Article; it’s got all you need to figure out whether there’s truth in the advertising.

Adrenaline Shoc

Adrenaline Shoc
Adrenaline Shoc energy drink

If you’re a bit of a hipster and don’t like partaking in big named brands, then Adrenaline Shoc will serve as a good alternative to the more popular highly-caffeinated energy drinks such as Reign and Bang.

Each 16 fl. oz serving of Adrenaline Shoc will net you zero calories, no sugar, and 300mg of caffeine, making it a very potent caffeine boost, if you can handle the high caffeine content of course.

For further details, my Adrenaline Shoc Review article goes a lot more in-depth into the drink than this short blurb, so check it out if you’re considering Adrenaline Shoc as a weight-loss companion.

Other Notable Mentions


Weight loss and energy drinks may not seem like the most obvious combination, but so long as the energy drink is high in caffeine and low on sugar and calories, they can definitely be a beneficial addition to your weight-loss regimen.

Remember, just drinking an energy drink isn’t enough to help you lose weight; you’re going to have to use the caffeine boost given to actually do some exercise, or else all that caffeine is just going to leave you pretty wired for the rest of the day.

But, with a combination of a healthy diet, decent exercise, and the occasional caffeine boost, you’ll definitely have your hard work pay off down the line.

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