Best Energy Drinks for Old Age (Age Gracefully)

If you’re one of the lucky few who are gradually approaching their twilight years, then you may start to miss all the perks of being young. Strength, stamina, and above all, boundless, inexhaustible energy.

This may put a damper on your retirement plans, especially if you have a long bucket list that you want to get through before you, well, kick the bucket.

Your sunset years don’t have to be spent indoors, not when you have energy drinks.

While regular old coffee may seem like the safest and best option for a body that may no longer be well-suited to processing complex ingredients and supplements, there may be some alternatives that can give you the energy you need, without making the whole affair too monotonous.

However, most energy drinks contain upwards of 300mg of caffeine per serving, which may pose an unnecessary risk to you if you’re a senior citizen. So a good energy drink for those who are considered elderly, should contain only a moderate amount of caffeine.

From my research I have found that the best energy drinks for senior citizens are AMP Energy Sugar-Free, Game Fuel Zero Sugar, Red Bull Zero/Sugar-Free and Aspire Energy. Some newer brands you want to try out include MatchaBar, Arcane, Raizin.

To find out more about the relationship between caffeine and old age as well as the benefits and dangers of caffeine to senior citizens, read on.

Caffeine and Old Age

Because caffeine is a powerful stimulant, too much of it at once may be dangerous for the elderly, especially those approaching their sixties and seventies. However, in moderate amounts caffeine offers a plethora of benefits that may help you sail the waters of retirement with vitality and grace.  

Moreover, if you’ve been drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks for most of your adulthood, your chances of developing age-related illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s later in life are significantly reduced.

Drinking caffeine in your youth can protect you from mental decline when you eventually reach old age.

Aside from preventing diabetes, dementia, depression, cancer, and liver problems, people who drank 1-4 cups of coffee a day were also less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

According to one study, 50-100mg of caffeine a day is usually safe for seniors. However, for those with impaired liver function, it is best to opt for decaffeinated beverages instead because these individuals are unable to tolerate caffeine, even in small doses.

Senior citizens who have already developed underlying conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, incontinence, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases should avoid caffeine as it has been known to aggravate symptoms.

How does caffeine prevent Alzheimer’s? Watch this video to find out.

Drug interactions

Many seniors are on medication for various health issues and this may prevent them from using caffeine to keep their energy levels up for daily activities and errands.

If you are taking the following types of medications, then I strongly urge you to avoid caffeine at all costs in order to prevent any life-threatening interactions:

  • Anticoagulants
  • Antidepressants
  • Diabetes medication
  • Asthma medication
  • Antibiotics

Are Energy Drinks Safe For The Elderly?

Many energy drinks contain inordinate amounts of sugar, so caffeine isn’t the only problem you have to contend with if you’re a senior citizen currently on the market for an energy drink that won’t decrease your lifespan.

According to a survey, over 26.8% or 1.4 million seniors aged 65 and above in America have diabetes and over 28.5% are obese. While poor lifestyle choices are to blame, sugar is also the main contributor to these concerning numbers.

Sugar in Energy Drinks

It goes without saying that if you’re over the age of 60, eating sugar, even if you don’t have any underlying conditions is generally a bad idea. But don’t fret, just because normal sugar is off the table doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth.

Seniors should ideally stay away from sugar in order to reduce their likelihood for developing diabetes.

Many energy drinks nowadays are formulated with artificial sweeteners that are completely safe for human consumption. Moreover, they do not raise your blood sugar level, make you fat or give you diabetes.

While a lot of people have pointed out the dangers of sucralose, erythritol and aspartame, you can still opt for botanical sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit extract which are calorie-free and sweeter than normal sugar.

Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Just as much as it is dangerous for young people, caffeine is equally if not more dangerous for the elderly. One of the reasons is because as you get older, your ability to metabolize caffeine gradually decreases.

Caffeine should only be consumed in doses between 50-100mg if you are over the age of 60.

Because of this declining metabolism, your body is more likely to hold on to any lingering caffeine much longer than a young person, sometimes well into the night, which may affect your sleep.

Fortunately, there are many new energy drink brands that have switched out normal coffee-based caffeine for better alternatives like guayusa, matcha and yerba mate.

So if you look for energy drinks with these ingredients, assuming the overall caffeine content is under 100mg per serving, then you will experience a more long-lasting, sustained energy, instead of a huge energy surge and a terrible crash afterward.

Is There an Age Limit for Energy Drinks?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when your body simply stops working the way it normally does and when it comes to energy old age, there are many things you must forego to lead a longer, healthier life. Unfortunately, one of those things may be energy drinks.

Many energy drinks in the market today have sugar-free options, so sugar is no longer a problem. But caffeine sure is.

When you get older, your ability to metabolize caffeine decreases, which means, it tends to linger on in your body for long periods of time. And since energy drinks are chock-full of caffeine, elders may suffer from sleep problems if they consume any too late in the evening.

Moreover, a lot of energy drinks contain certain supplements like taurine and B-vitamins that have unknown effects on the elderly. So if you’re past your prime, it’s better to avoid energy drinks altogether.

Is Red Bull Suitable for Old Age?

Red Bull is of the more popular energy drinks in the market. One 12 fl.o. can contain 168 calories, 40g of carbs, 37g of sugar, and 110g of caffeine. I would say with the atrocious amount of sugar isdefinitely not ok for old age.

Even if you are not above the age of 60, the standard Red Bull is not good for you. And if you’ve reached your golden years, drinking Red Bull even occasionally can wreak havoc on your metabolism and health.

While elders can technically still tolerate caffeine in doses up to 100mg per day, the sugar is what you should be worried about if you enjoy drinking Red Bull, or are tempted to try it to keep your energy levels up.

But as an affordable option, Red Bull is on the top of everyone’s list. So if you are on a budget, or are not particularly adventurous, then at least opt for Red Bull Zero or Red Bull Sugarfree.

What’s the difference between the two, you may ask. Well, nothing, except for the type of artificial sweeteners used in both. Red Bull Zero contains Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, and Steviol Glycosides while Red Bull Sugarfree contains Acesulfame K and Aspartame.

What can seniors drink for energy?

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining energy and overall health, especially for seniors. Drinking water throughout the day can help support hydration and prevent dehydration, which can cause fatigue and other negative side effects.

Furthermore, Smoothies made with fruits, vegetables, and protein can provide a balance of nutrients and energy to support health and wellness. Seniors can experiment with different ingredients and flavors to find a combination that works best for them.

What can a 70-year-old take for energy?

Exercise can help increase energy levels and improve overall health. It is recommended that older adults aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, in addition to muscle-strengthening activities.

Furthermore, eating a healthy, balanced diet can provide the necessary nutrients to support energy and overall health. Seniors should focus on consuming whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates.

How can I boost my energy after 60?

Exercise can help increase energy levels and improve overall health. It is recommended that older adults aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, in addition to muscle-strengthening activities.

In addition, stress can contribute to feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. Find ways to manage stress, such as through meditation, deep breathing, or yoga.

Best Energy Drinks for Old Age

The best energy drinks for the elderly should ideally have no more than 100mg of caffeine in a single serving.

Moreover, I believe that opting out regular coffee bean extracts for milder caffeine sources like match and yerba mate are also beneficial because these herbal alternatives are often chock-full of antioxidants, which are great if you want to slow down the signs of aging like mental decline and senescence.

However, for those who are used to regular old coffee-based caffeine, here are some sugar-free options for you to choose from.

AMP Energy Sugar-Free71mg$1.50
Game Fuel Zero Sugar72mg$23
Red Bull Zero/Sugar-Free80mg$2.50
Aspire Energy80mg$24
Low-Caffeine Energy Drinks

However, if you’re looking for something new, then I suggest the following brands:


MatchaBar Hustle is a clean, plant-based energy drink that provides sustained, balanced energy without the crash or jitters. It contains 120mg of caffeine, 5 calories, 4g of sugar.

MatchaBar Unsweetened contains zero sugar. It is vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly. Flavors include Lemon-Lime, Berry, Mint, and Peach. A 12-pack costs $39.

MatchaBar is formulated with ceremonial grade matcha powder which is rich in L-theanine, natural caffeine, and antioxidants (flavonoids, flavonols, and phenolic acids) to supply you with energy and focus. It is sweetened with the botanical sweetener, monk fruit extract.

Arcane Energy

Arcane Energy is formulated with sophisticated plant-based supplements that guarantee to supply you with energy all while being caffeine-free, carefree, sugar-free, and calorie-free. Flavors include Black Raspberry, Watermelon, and Citrus.

Arcane energy contains ginseng, B vitamins, Alpha GPC, L-leucine, L-valine, L-Carnitine, and L-tyrosine to improve memory, physical strength, and performance. It can fight fatigue, increase energy levels, and boost your mood and cognitive functions.

A 12-pack costs around $36.

Raizin Energy

Raizin Energy is a new energy drink made in Japan that is formulated with a plant-based energy booster called enXtra that is extracted from ginger and is similar to caffeine but without all the nasty side effects. It only comes in three flavors, Sakura, Hard Ginger.

Raizin also contains gingko biloba, B vitamins, amino acids histidine and isoleucine, and inositol. It claims to provide the same energy as caffeine as well as boost mental and physical performance. Raizin is caffeine-free, calorie-free, and sugar-free.

One can cost around $5.


Old age can be scary for some. You suddenly get all this time and money, but not enough energy, to do the things that you now have time for. While energy drinks can be a godsend for this purpose, it’s important to choose the right brand so you don’t get an early appointment with the grim reaper.

The ideal energy drink for old age should contain no more than 100mg of caffeine, and absolutely no sugar.

Being old doesn’t mean you stop enjoying the finer things in life, and that goes for energy drinks as well. With sugar substitutes like stevia and monk fruit extract, you can add a little more sweetness to your daily life.

And if coffee-based caffeine is just too strong for you to handle, there is always matcha, yerba mate and guayusa, which are all milder forms of caffeine that can restore that youthful energy that you once had, ensuring a productive day ahead with loved ones.

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