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What are the Best Energy Drinks for Libido? (Tried & Tested)

You might be considering energy drinks to boost your stamina and performance in bed but do you know which drinks will help you and which won’t?

There are a lot of energy drinks out there but not all are right for you to help you increase your libido.

Let us look into some of the factors that boost our libido and the drinks which are appropriate for yourself.

What is libido?

Libido is another term for “sex drive”.

It refers to sexual desire or the feeling and mental energy identified with sex.

Your sex drive is influenced by:

  • biological factors, such as estrogen levels and testosterone
  • psychological factors, such as stress levels
  • social factors, such as intimate relationships

The high drive is hard to characterize since the pattern for “normal” libido relies upon the individual. It’s diverse for everyone.

One individual’s “normal” might be a longing for sex regularly, while another person’s “normal” is having zero sex drive.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the significant sex chemical in men and plays various significant roles, for example:

  • The development of the penis and testes
  • The deepening of the voice during puberty
  • May play a role in balding of the the appearance of facial and pubic hair starting at puberty later in life
  • Muscle size and strength
  • Bone growth and strength
  • Sex drive (libido)
  • Sperm production

Burning through caffeinated beverages can build your testosterone levels because of the caffeine content.

What is estrogen?

Estrogen is one of two fundamental sex chemicals that women have. The other one is progesterone. Estrogen is liable for female physical features and reproduction.

Men have estrogen, as well, yet in more modest sums.

Estrogen achieves the actual changes that transform the physical features of a girl into a lady. These progressions include:

  • Growth of the breasts
  • Growth of pubic and underarm hair
  • Start of menstrual cycles

Now that you have a working understanding of the hormones in the body that affect sex drive, let’s go into the main question right away.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Any substance or food that increases sexual desire, behavior, arousal, performance, or pleasure is known as an aphrodisiac.

Some different types of aphrodisiacs include:

  • Natural supplements containing ingredients such as Yohimbine, Ambrien, ginseng and horny goat weed
  • Food such as oysters and dark chocolate
  • Herbs including cloves and sage
 Pomegranate acts as an aphrodisiac
Pomegranate acts as an aphrodisiac.

Food that is reported to act as aphrodisiacs include:

  • Pomegranate
  • Figs
  • Pine nuts, almonds, walnuts
  • Maca
  • Pumpkin
  • Asparagus
  • Watermelon
  • Celery
  • Bananas
  • Garlic
  • Salmon
  • Coffee
  • Saffron
  • Avocados
  • Honey
  • Strawberries

What are the common ingredients in Energy Drinks?


Caffeine is the fundamental energy-boosting ingredient in caffeinated drinks that gives a lift to your energy levels. Likewise, a cerebrum energizer can make better readiness and even capacities as a mood booster.

Caffeinated drinks are incredible not exclusively to keep you alert, yet additionally to upgrade physical performance. That is actually why you should consider caffeinated beverages to help your libido.

Is Caffeine good for libido?

Caffeine content

Indeed, a certain amount of caffeine can increase your libido.

In case you’re somebody with a higher caffeine resistance, or you track down the right measurement, it can assist with your stamina and set your mood for the night.

But it actually depends on your caffeine tolerance. If you have low caffeine tolerance then taking highly caffeinated drinks can cause side effects and can kill your libido.

Hence taking the right amount of caffeine that is suitable for your health is very important for the caffeine to boost your libido.

An examination by the University of Texas has discovered that men who drank two cups every day were 42% more averse to experience the ill effects of erectile dysfunction compared with men who didn’t.

The study also concluded that two cups of coffee daily could drastically further develop your sex life.

For an article in the American science diary PLOS ONE, researchers considered 4,000 men drinking energized drinks including espresso, tea, bubbly, and sports beverages and discovered the outcome was the equivalent regardless of weight, age, or blood pressure.

The study proved that having two to three cups of coffee daily can enhance your performance in bed regardless of whatever your weight or age might be.


Sugar additionally helps your energy levels, however, a lot of sugar is unhealthy.

You’ll presumably experience the ill effects of a sugar crash subsequently, leaving you torpid. Not actually the ideal formula for a bedroom performance with somebody unique.

The probability of a sugar crash alongside the entirety of the other potential negative wellbeing impacts from sugar implies that you ought to pick a caffeinated drink that contains almost no sugar.

Is Sugar good for libido?

Sugar is bad for libido
Having too much sugar will hinder your libido.

Sugar can hinder your libido.

Too much sugar can wreck your sexual coexistence, principally through the manner in which sugar can prompt hormonal awkwardness. (That includes sugar in “healthy” food varieties like wheat flour, which converts to sugar.)

Sugar raises insulin and makes a hormonal domino effect. In this way, high insulin antagonistically influences different chemicals.

Sugar additionally brings down testosterone, a chemical profoundly attached to sex drive. Out-of-balance levels can decrease desire, increment muscle to fat ratio, lower muscle mass, and create fuzzy memory.

Sugar can likewise increment leptin obstruction, and examination suggests leptin opposition is additionally connected to bring down testosterone. Besides, sugar is connected to increase stress and decreases in energy.

Basically, decreasing sugar and artificial sugars can assist you with feeling energized and maintain a healthy libido. Sugar lifts insulin, and when you standardize insulin levels, different chemicals likewise become all-good.


Ginseng is another common ingredient in energy drinks that may help improve libido.

Ginseng is a very good aphrodisiac. It is widely used to treat sexual dysfunction as well as to enhance sexual behavior.

Does energy drinks make you last longer in bed?

Energy drinks contain some ingredients which help boost stamina and also boost your energy which helps you last longer in bed.

Components like caffeine and ginseng help to boost energy and increases stamina. Therefore, having an energy drink will make you last longer in bed.

But it is also very important that you do not take caffeine which is out of your tolerance level, because instead of helping, it may degrade your performance in bed.

Also, keep in mind to have a drink that is low in sugar content, as too much sugar also affects your sexual performance negatively.

What energy drinks help you last longer in bed?

Here are some of the drinks that can be good before a passionate night with your special one.

These beverages contain a sensible amount of caffeine, zero to low sugar levels, and moderate calories. This will keep you energized without feeling bloated.

Energy Drink CaffeineSugar Calories Price
(per can)
Amino Energy100mg05$2.3
Advocare Spark Energy Drink120mg015(10.5 Ounce)
Guru Organic Energy Drink100mg21g80$2.5
Celsius Energy Drink200-300mg010$2.9
3D Energy Drink200mg015$2.1
List of some drinks which may help with libido.

Amino Energy

With an optimal measure of caffeine at 100mg and no sugar, Amino Energy is unquestionably worth a shot.

It’s made with green tea and green coffee concentrates to give you the caffeine kick you’ll require and is known to increase sex drive.

Likewise, there’s 5g of micronized amino acids, including BCAAs. You have invigorating options of flavors to appreciate as well.

You should consider the calories per drink, however. All things considered, the cost is typically very moderate.

A packet of 12 Amino Energy for 12 fl oz., costs $27.98 amounting to $2.3 per can. The prices may vary depending on the flavor.

Advocare Spark Energy Drink

This is a blend-it-yourself caffeinated drink powder that arrives in a sachet. As it were, it’s simple for you to carry around and blend as is when you need it.

Advocare Spark’s caffeine content is extensively not as much as Celsius, which ought to be a superior fit for you in case you’re not enthusiastic about caffeine.

Advocare Spark Energy Drink containing 120mg of caffeine helps your performance in bed as caffeine is known to be a good booster of libido.

Advocare Spark Energy Drink comes in a powdered form 10.5 Ounces per packet costs $65.95.

Guru Organic Energy Drink

In spite of an optimal measure of caffeine, an amount that will probably assist with your libido with no incidental effects, the sugar and calories in a can of Guru keep me away from recommending it.

A lot of sugar isn’t useful for your sexual activities, or your overall wellbeing and prosperity.

Guru Energy Drink markets itself as “natural”, with regular fixings like green tea extracts, Panax ginseng root concentrate, and echinacea bloom.

Guru Organic Energy Drink comes in a packet of 12 cans of 12 fl oz at $30.

Celsius Energy Drink

This is a decent alternative for you assuming you need the high caffeine kick, as the caffeine goes from 200 to 300mg per 12 fl. oz can, contingent upon which one you pick.

300mg of caffeine per can place Celsius among the world’s strongest caffeinated drinks.

Although caffeine is a good booster of libido, you’ll need to consider whether that much caffeine is ideal for you and ponder its effect on your libido. I would lean toward less caffeine, yet check whether you believe it’s appropriate for you.

Celsius Energy Drink comes in a packet of 12 can of 12 fl oz pricing at $34.77.


Bing isn’t actually a modest deal. However, there’s an extraordinary thing about this one.

It contains a genuine cherry squeeze that comes from Bing cherries. Hence, the name. They make extraordinary sexual wellbeing supplements also.

Each serving has 9g of sugar, 40 calories, and 120mg of caffeine.

It’s pretty costly, yet in case you’re not very pricey-sensitive, it may very well be an ideal beverage for you.

One case of Bing with 9 cans costs $45.90, which is 12 fl. oz.

3D Energy Drink

3D Energy Drinks are without sugar refreshments, with 15 calories. The calories could be something for you to consider in your eating routine.

However, inside the cutting-edge-looking jars are invigorating flavors, simply holding back to entice your tastebuds. Additionally, 3D Energy being a less-carbonated beverage departs a smooth, clean persistent flavor in your mouth.

One case of 3D Energy Drink costs $23.89 16 Fluid Ounces per can.

Foods that increase libido instantly

Other than energy drinks, there are several foods that may help increase libido.


There is not much evidence showing that certain food increases libido but you can always try different things.

Figs, bananas, and avocados, for instance, are viewed as libido-boosting food varieties, or aphrodisiacs.

These food sources likewise give significant nutrients and minerals that can expand the bloodstream to the genitals and advance a sound sexual coexistence.


Chocolate has been the symbol of the desire for ages as a result of its delicious taste as well as on account of its ability to work on sexual joy.

“Chocolate advances the occurence of the synthetic compounds serotonin and phenethylamine into your body. This can deliver some sexual enhancer and mood-lifting impacts.”

As indicated by a recent report, the effects of chocolate on sexuality are likely more mental than natural.


“Garlic contains significant degrees of allicin, which expands the bloodstream. Having anything basil scented can also help because its smell stimulates the senses.”

Ginkgo biloba is another spice found to treat upper-initiated sexual dysfunction in men, as per research. It’s a concentrate got from the leaf of the Chinese ginkgo tree.

Does Red Bull help your performance in bed?

Yes, a Red Bull energy drink can increase your performance in bed.

Red bull contains 80mg of caffeine which is a very good amount to increase your libido and stamina without any side effects.

Red Bull contains a high measure of sugar, 27g alongside 110 calories.

This could mean a threatening sugar crash later on. It’s also generally unhealthy and might cause erectile dysfunction for having excessively high sugar in your diet.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a healthy life by having a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the safest way to perform well in bed.

There is no doubt that energy drinks will boost your stamina and keep you going for a longer time.

Having said so, it is always important to consult with a doctor because every individual has a different caffeine tolerance therefore, taking too much or too little caffeine might be of no help at all.

In my opinion, relying completely on energy drinks can cause you harm, because then you would be taking these drinks regularly. Energy drinks can be consumed occasionally to boost libido, but making it a routine would have an adverse effect on your health.

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