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Best Non-Carbonated Energy Drinks (Top Picks)

When it comes to keeping yourself hydrated, drinks have the same importance as what you eat. Before a good workout, you may want to gulp down a can of energy drink for a boost in physical performance and hydration.

But make sure to read the label and opt for the non-carbonated ones because carbonation can give you a gassy, bloated feeling that is not pleasing.

The market is full of non-carbonated options. If you want to look for a pleasant refreshing taste and nutrients, you can keep yourself running without bloating.

In this article, I’ll be discussing non-carbonated energy drinks and my top picks! Continue reading to find out.

What Energy Drinks are Not Carbonated?

Energy drinks are often carbonated, but that doesn’t have to be the case for every drink.

A few energy drinks on the market today don’t use carbonation. They’re a good option for those who don’t like the bubbly sensation, or for people who prefer to limit their intake of carbonated drinks in general. 

One of the disadvantages of carbonated beverages is that they can make people feel bloated and gassy. This can be especially true if a person drinks too many carbonated beverages or drinks them on an empty stomach.

 If you’re buying cans and bottles of your favorite energy drink, just opt for the non-carbonated version. You might be surprised to find out that some brands offer this option.

There are many beverages that claim to offer energy, but they’re not all carbonated. Here’s a list of some non-carbonated options on the market:

a man taking an energy drink from fridge in a store
  • C4 Energy (Bottles)
  • Monster Hydro
  • Monster Java
  • Redline Xtreme
  • Celsius
  • Monster Rehab
  • Rockstar Recovery
  • Bang Tea
  • Starbucks Double Shot
  • X2
  • Monster Dragon Tea
  • Starbucks Triple Shot
  • Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew

If you want natural alternatives, then you can have:

  • Smoothies 
  • Coconut water 
  • Watermelon water 
  • 100% fruit juices
  • Tea or herbal infusions
  • Coffee
  • Vegetable juice 
  • Flavored water 
  • Milk or plant-based alternatives

Is There a Non-Carbonated Red Bull?

Yes, there is a non-carbonated version of Red Bull. It is called Krating Daeng, and it is only sold in certain Asian countries.

It was first introduced to Thailand in 1975 by Chaleo Yoovidhya, the founder of Red Bull. Krating Daeng means “red gaur” or “red buffalo” in Thai and is named after the Asiatic gaur (Bos gaurus), also known as Indian bison, which is present on the logo.

Krating Daeng is not officially distributed outside its domestic market but can be found in some other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Which Rockstar Drinks are Non-Carbonated?

Rockstar contains 160 mg of caffeine per 16 oz can and 240 mg per 34 oz can. It contains electrolytes and various vitamins that can help you during your workouts.

There are some non-carbonated Rockstar drinks available in the market:

  • Orange
  • Lemonade
  • 2 Flavor Combo

Which Monster Energy Drink Brands are Non-Carbonated?

Monster is yet another classic energy drink brand. It contains 160 mg of caffeine and 27 g of sugar. The caffeine content is slightly above average while the sugar content is quite substantial so be careful of how many cans you drink.

These are a few non-carbonated Monster energy drinks:

  • Monster Java
  • Monster Dragon Tea
  • Monster Rehab
  • Monster Hydro

Non-Carbonated Energy Drink Recommendations

Many consumers don’t know much about non-carbonated energy drinks and are keen to try something different.

Make sure you’re getting the right one, search for the term sparkling on the can, or check the ingredients for carbonated water on the labels of the can.

Menwhile, here are my top picks for non-carbonated energy drinks!

C4 Energy (Bottles)

C4 Energy is a non-carbonated energy drink free of sugar, artificial colors, and additives.

It does include caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and a unique energy combination that works well for energy supply.

C4 Energy Drinks are not like other energy drinks on the market. The idea for this drink came from C4 supplements, which people typically use before strenuous exercise.

C4 Energy, which contains CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, BetaPower Betaine, and other important components, provides explosive energy, hydration, and performance that you can carry with you everywhere.

2 flavours of C4 Energy drink

Bang Tea

Bang Triple Threat “Tea” energy drinks are non-carbonated tea-based energy drinks with 300 mg of caffeine. Now, Bang is pretty famous for its high caffeine content and there are some reports of it causing adverse side effects.

Because of this, I don’t recommend Bang drinks for those who low caffeine tolerance or those who are just trying out energy drink brands for the first.

But for your information, Bang Tea is sugar-free, zero-calorie, and zero-carb. It is offered in Lemon Drop Sweet Tea and Georgia Peach Sweet Tea.


Celsius Energy Drink is marketed as a stimulant fat loss drink.

Non-carbonated Celsius is ideal for “swift chuggers” because the flavors are thinner and less full-bodied. The creators cite research that Celsius burns calories by speeding up your metabolism.

Each drink is said to help you burn up to 100 additional calories. Celsius Energy Drink has a caffeine content of 16.67 mg per fl oz (56.36 mg per 100 ml). A 12 fl oz can contain 200 mg of caffeine.

Celsius has no artificial preservatives or flavors, no aspartame or high fructose corn syrup, and has a low salt content.

Assorted flavor Celsius live fit sparkling water
Celsius different flavors

Monster Dragon Tea White Tea

Monster Dragon Tea White Tea has done a fantastic job combining the best tea elements into a delightful energy drink.

It’s an energy drink for when you want caffeine but doesn’t want it delivered in a loud, aggressive container or flavor.

It has a light water-based flavor in contrast to most energy drinks. White Tea has 155 mg of caffeine, which is somewhat greater than its sibling line of energy drinks.

It’s rather potent, given how light and nearly watery the flavor is. It’s more of a substitute for several cups of tea.

Monster’s Hydro

Monster’s Hydro sports drink range, Blue Streak, and Red Dawg, are the two varieties offered.

They have electrolytes, as do many sports drinks, but they also contain 200 mg of sweet, sweet caffeine and 1000 mg of BCAAs, which may be what makes them “super”.

The Blue Ice flavor is my personal favorite. It tastes like blue raspberry and is not too sweet. And since it’s non-carbonated it’s very smooth too!

Monster Java

Monster Beverages’ Java Monster is a non-carbonated hybrid coffee+energy drink.

The Java Monster coffee drinks have about the same nutritional values as their colorful Monster Energy Drink cousins, with 120 calories, 2.5 g of fat, 1.5 g of saturated fat, 20 g of carbs, 19 g of sugar, 4 g of protein, 20% of calcium, and 100% of your recommended daily allowances of vitamin C, riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.

Redline Xtreme

Redline has 250 mg of caffeine, sucralose, and minerals, including salt, potassium, and magnesium.

Redline Xtreme is another caffeine heavyweight and I strongly advise you from taking it excessively since it can cause adverse side effects like rapid heart rate, anxiety, and insomnia.

redline extreme

Rockstar recovery

Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink has the regular energy combination, with 3% juice and no carbonation.

The ingredients are quite similar to those of a regular Rockstar. Rockstar recovery has Taurine, caffeine, ginseng, Milk Thistle with electrolytes to help you “recover” from whatever you require “recovering” from, and just 20 calories per can.

Other Notable Mentions


The most prominent brands of carbonated energy drinks are probably all known to the average customer. However, the market is moving towards a healthier brand image, leading us to seek new brands and new tastes.

While soda and other carbonated beverages have been linked to negative health effects, carbonation is not inherently dangerous. Because carbonated drinks contain CO2 gas, the bubbles in the fizzy drinks can produce burping, bloating, and other gas sensations.

If you want a boost of energy without harming your health then you can read about the healthiest energy drinks you can drink.

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