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Blue Rebel Review (The Truth)

Recently, Dutch Bros (a famous coffee chain in the USA) has introduced their new Energy Drink “Blue Rebel” with a motto “Get Up Early. Stay Up Late. Change The World.” Blue Rebel Energy Drink is available in both sugar-free and original versions, having almost similar ingredients and taste as Red Bull.

Just to give you a quick review of the product, I would rate the drink 7/10 because of its moderate amount of caffeine and calorie content, the remaining points are deducted due to the high amount of sugar that it contains.

Blue Rebel not only gives you a great taste but also a quick boost of energy with 80 mg of caffeine. So if you want a detailed review of Blue Rebel Energy Drink, I suggest you keep on reading this article till the end.

Blue Rebel

Pros and Cons Of Blue Rebel


The pros of consuming Blue Rebel Energy Drink are listed below:

  1. It can boost your energy level.
  2. It can help you maximize your workouts.
  3. It’s a convenient drink to replenish your energy.


The potential cons of consuming Blue Rebel in excess amount include:

  1. Sleep disorders.
  2. Cardiovascular Problems.
  3. Anxiety and nervousness.
  4. Problems related to high intake of sugar.

Ingredients of Blue Rebel Energy Drink

A can of Dutch Bros Blue Rebel Energy Drink contains the following ingredients;

  1. Carbonated Water 
  2. Natural & Artificial Flavors 
  3. D-Glucuronolactone 
  4. Sodium Citrate 
  5. Caramel Color 
  6. Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate) 
  7. Inositol 
  8. Dextrose 
  9. Citric Acid 
  10. Taurine 
  11. Sugar 
  12. Caffeine
  13. Niacinamide
  14. Pyridoxine HCL
  15. D-calcium
  16. Pantothenate
  17. Yellow 5
  18. Vitamin B12 

Blue Rebel Nutritional Facts

Following are the nutritional facts of Blue Rebel. However, they are also listed on the back of the can.

Nutritional Facts of Blue Rebel
Nutritional Facts of Blue Rebel
Nutritional Facts Amount Per Serving
Calories 160
Total Fat 0g
Total Carbohydrate39g
Total Sugar37g
Added Sugar37g
Protein 1g
Vitamin B67. 1mg
Vitamin B12 6. 8mcg
Pantothenic Acid 7mg
Nutritional breakdown of Blue Rebel.

Flavors of Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel Energy Drink has many different flavors, which are;

  1. Electric Berry
  2. Aftershock
  3. Shark Attack
  4. Unicorn’s Blood
  5. Red, White & Blue
  6. Passion Water
  7. Pink Flamingo
  8. Gummy Bear
  9. Ray of Sunshine
  10. Double Rainbro
  11. Hawaiian
  12. Palm Beach
  13. Peach Ring
  14. Rocky Point
  15. Starry Night
  16. Palm Tree
  17. Tricky Tree
  18. Orangesicle
  19. Astronaut
  20. Stop Light
  21. Bubblegum
  22. Galaxy Fish
  23. Dragon Slayer
  24. Dinosaur Egg
  25. Eclipse
  26. Fire Lizard
  27. Freedom
  28. Dutch Mojito
  29. Aquaberry
  30. Gem Berry
  31. HyperChrome
  32. Marmalade
  33. Majestic Forest
  34. OG Gummy Bear
  35. Sweet Sunrise
  36. Laser Cat
  37. Peach
  38. Trixie
  39. Midnight

Taste of Blue Rebel

People who have tasted Blue Rebel say that it tastes like grown-up Fanta Soda with an Italian Soda impression.

While its original flavor carries a standard taste that is similar to the taste of other drinks of this kind, you can always go for its other flavors if you are looking for a refreshing fruity hint in your drink.

The company keeps updating its flavors and up til now, it has launched over 40 flavors of Blue Rebel that let you enjoy a tasty drink without making you jittery and anxious.

15 Best Flavors of Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Sweet Sunrise

Sweet Sunrise has a savory and unique taste, a combination of banana, orange, peach, and passion fruit flavor.

When I first tried this flavor, I was not too fond of it as it was too powerful. However, when I tried it for the second time, I liked it and it is now included in my list.

Double Rainbro

Do you like fruity and super sweet beverages? Double Rainbro will be an excellent option for starting your day with an energy booster. It’s quite refreshing and sweet in taste.

It comprises strawberry, coconut, and peach, giving you a sweetened fruity flavor. However, it also contains some artificial flavors but is worth a try.

OG Gummy Bear

This one is my favorite. It is a perfect blend of pomegranate, watermelon, passion fruit, and grapefruit syrups that is added to the sparkling soda water and topped with rich whipped cream.

It surely gives you an explosion of taste and energy.

Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine consists of a blend of blackberry, grapefruit, and peach flavor and carries a bit more tartness than other flavors that tend to be on the sweeter side.

So if you like to have something tart, I suggest adding this flavor to your list.


This is probably the most popular flavor of Blue Rebel.

It consists of a great blend of raspberry syrup, strawberry syrup, lime, and blackberry syrup. The combination of these fruity syrups gives it a rare taste that is very unique and different from the other flavors.

I will suggest you give Aftershock flavor a try if you enjoy fruity and tart flavors.

Electric Berry

If you like raspberry and lime flavors, I suggest you try this flavor too. It gives you a vibrant and refreshing feeling that will energize you while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time.


You will like the Dutch Bros Peach flavor if you are a peach lover. It has a slightly sweet and fruity peach taste blended with a savory punch of Blue Rebel Energy Drink.

Laser Cat

Dutch Bros offers an essential, easy-to-drink, simple flavor, Laser Cat, which tastes like coconut fruit and raspberry. However, it is not as weird as it sounds.

Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a mixture of coconut, lime, a drizzle of pomegranate, and blue raspberry. Don’t be scared off by its name; it is a delicious flavor that you should surely try.


This one is another favorite flavor of Rebel drinkers. It consists of a tasty combination of strawberry, banana, peach, and orange. This one is my favorite too, and you will also enjoy its delightful fresh fruity taste.

Unicorn’s Blood

This flavor is also a must-try, especially for those who are new to Blue Rebel drinks. It contains a refreshing combination of coconut and strawberry that creates a balanced sweet taste to please your palate.

Stop Light

Stop Light is a mixture of passion fruit, pomegranate, and kiwi and is simple yet an excellent flavor to go for, especially when you are trying Blue Rebel for the first time.


Midnight has a strong and intense flavor that will not only energize you in the daytime but will help you stay active for long hours at night too. It is a blend of pomegranate and blackberry.


Astronaut gets its flavor by combining almond, blackberry, and raspberry together. It does not only taste good but offers a great energy burst at the same time.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach combines the flavors of peach and pomegranate and lets you enjoy a tropical experience while keeping you refreshed and energized.

How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros Blue Rebel?

An 8.40 fl. oz can of Blue Rebel Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine.

If we compare this amount of caffeine with other energy drinks, I can say that Blue Rebel contains a moderate amount of caffeine.

FDA’s set limit for daily caffeine consumption is a maximum of 400 mg. So you can even have two cans of Dutch Bros Blue Rebel in a day.

However, you shouldn’t go for the second can unless you are consuming the sugar-free version, because though having another can of Blue Rebel wouldn’t cross the set limit of daily caffeine consumption, it would still contain way more sugar than your body should be taking in a day.

According to a study, caffeine is a stimulant, which is when consumed in moderation, benefits you by;

  1. Supporting your brain health
  2. Improving memory
  3. Reducing fatigue
  4. Improving alertness

If you cross the limit, it can cause caffeine overdose that affects your health adversely. You can also go for non-caffeinated energy drinks to get an instant boost of energy without worrying about overdoing caffeine.

Blue Rebel Energy Drink Sugar Content

Blue Rebel Energy Drink contains 37g of sugar in a single serving. This amount of sugar is quite high, however, Blue Rebel sugar-free versions are also available.

According to AHA, a healthy male can consume up to 36g of sugar in a day, and a healthy female can consume a maximum of 26g of sugar per day.

Since this energy drink contains 37g of sugar, you should give it a second thought before gulping on it as sugar can lead to the following side effects;

  1. Obesity
  2. Kidney damage
  3. Tooth decay
  4. High blood pressure

However, moderate sugar intake can also benefit you by;

  1. Providing an immediate boost of energy
  2. Improving your mood
  3. Improving thinking skills

Calories in Dutch Bros Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel

A can of Blue Rebel Energy Drink contains 160 calories.

Calories are vital for your body because they help to keep your lungs breathing and your heart beating.

However, the number of calories in Blue Rebel is quite lower than the recommended calorie intake, which is 1600-2400 calories for women and 2000-3000 calories for men per day.

Therefore, if you are going through a calorie-restricted diet, you can still enjoy Blue Rebel in moderation.

Is Blue Rebel and Red Bull the same?

Though they do share some similarities, Blue Rebel and Redbull are not entirely the same.

Blue Rebel Energy Drink comes in sugar-free and original versions, which have the same ingredients as Red Bull and ironically tastes more like Red Bull.

However, Blue Rebel has over 40 different flavors, and Red Bull comes in just 6 flavors.

Also, Red Bull’s sugar and caffeine content are lower than Blue Rebel.

You might be surprised to know that you can create a Blue Rebel drink at your home using Red Bull. If you are interested to know how to make that, watch this video:

How to make Rebel drinks at home?


Here are some alternatives to Blue Rebel Energy Drink;

Bang Energy


Raze Energy Drink

Other notable mentions


28 Black

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros Blue Rebel Energy Drink gets a solid 7/10 from me because I really feel it’s a nice addition to the options of energy drinks available in the market.

It contains a mixture of Dutch Bros propriety energy drink, flavored syrup, and ice, creating a sweet fruity drink with 80 mg of caffeine that gives you a significant boost of energy.

This energy drink (privately labeled) is only available at the Dutch Bros outlets.

So among the other energy drinks brands, Dutch Bros is also a good choice, as it has the qualities to improve physical and mental performance while offering you a variety of flavors.

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