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Caffeine and Ingredients of Baya Energy Drink (Deep Dive)

Are you feeling low on energy? Don’t worry; Starbucks will provide you with the energy boost you need. Starbucks has introduced an energy drink named “Baya Energy” that delivers a refreshing, fruity flavor and energy burst to all their caffeine-thirsty folks.

This energy drink will give you the same amount of caffeine as coffee but in different fruity flavors. It has 160 mg of caffeine and 90 calories and is carbonated.

Baya Energy Drink comes in three fruity flavors; Mango Guava, Raspberry Lime, and Pineapple Passionfruit. You can easily find this energy drink in convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores.

Baya Energy Drink
Baya Energy Drink.

What are the ingredients of Baya? What’s its caffeine and sugar content? Is this energy drink safe to consume? And a comparison of Baya with other energy drinks.

In this article, I’ll discuss all these things and many more about Starbucks Baya Energy Drink.

So let’s get into it!

Ingredients of Baya Energy Drink

This energy drink is made with natural caffeine from coffee berries to give its consumers an energy boost and vitamin C to support the immune system. Let’s look at the other ingredients of Baya Energy Drink;

  • Carbonated Water
  • White Grape Juice From Concentrate
  • Cane Sugar
  • Natural Flavors
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Beta-Carotene (Color)
  • Citric Acid
  • Coffee Fruit Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

The ingredients of Baya Energy Drink are the same for all the variants, except for the types of fruit juice used in each flavor.

  • Pineapple Juice From Concentrate in Pineapple Passionfruit
  • Mango Juice From Concentrate in Mango Guava
  • Lemon Juice From Concentrate, Raspberry Juice From Concentrate, and Lime Juice From Concentrate in Raspberry Lime

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional information of Baya
The nutrition label on the back of Baya energy drink’s can

The following table shows the Nutritional Facts of Baya Energy Drink;

NutritionAmount Per Serving
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate23g
Total Sugar23g
Added Sugar 17g
Vitamin C 90 mg
Nutritional Facts of Baya Energy Drink

Baya Energy Drink Caffeine Content

A single can of Baya Energy Drink contains 160 mg of caffeine.

Rather than getting caffeine from Ginseng and Guarana, Baya Energy Drink uses its caffeine from beans and coffee berries and has 90 mg of vitamin C.

But if you have already consumed 2 to 3 cups of coffee, then consuming this energy drink isn’t a good choice.

For reference, a single cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine while Starbucks’ Baya includes 160 mg of caffeine, and the FDA’s daily caffeine intake is 400 mg. So, if you consume Baya within a limit, you won’t have to face any caffeine jitters and crashes.

How Many Calories are in Baya Energy Drink?

Baya Energy Drink has 90 calories in a single 12-ounce can (all from sugar).

Baya contains 22g of cane sugar, which contributes to most of its calories. How many calories do you consume determines the amount of energy it’ll provide. Calories are essential for your body to function correctly.

Although the daily calorie intake for men is 2500 and for women is 2000 calories. Consuming them won’t be harmful as long as you drink them according to your body’s needs.

It is also essential to burn the calories you consume; otherwise, you can gain weight.

Does Baya Contain Sugar?

Excessive sugar intake can have adverse effects on your health.

Baya Energy Drink contains 23g of sugar and 17g of added sugar.

This sugar content is high as it also contains added sugar. According to AHA, women should only consume 24g of sugar and men 36g of sugar daily. Consuming an excess of sugar can prompt the following side effects;

  • Tooth decay
  • Weight gain
  • Inflammation
  • Fatty liver
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

So if you have any desire to keep your sugar intake in check, consume sugar in moderation or go for drinks that are sugar-free such as tea.

Green Coffee Bean Extract in Baya Energy Drink

Green Coffee Bean Extract is considered a health and weight loss supplement. These are unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are green, but roasting makes them brown.

Some research also shows that green coffee beans extract many health benefits, such as improving cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It also helps in shielding the liver and heart and has antioxidants properties.

It contains a chlorogenic acid which is a group of antioxidants blends. Researchers believe that, and according to review studies, chlorogenic acids are responsible for many health effects, including;

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antihypertensive

Does green coffee bean actually work for weight loss? check out the video below to know.

Does green coffee bean actually work?

Comparison With Other Energy Drinks

Baya Energy

The following table will show you the examination of Baya Energy Drink with other energy drinks.

ComparisonStarbucks Baya (Pineapple Mango)Red Bull (Original)MonsterRockstarCelsius (Mango Passionfruit)
Size12 oz12 oz16 oz16 oz12 oz
Caffeine160 mg114 mg160 mg (120 mg) 160 mg (120 mg) 200 mg
Calories90160230 (173)270 (203)10
Sugar23g39g54g (41g)63g (47g)0g
Carbs23g40g58g (44g)63g2g
Comparison of Baya with some popular energy drinks

In terms of caffeine content, Baya Energy Drink has more caffeine than others (except for Celsius) and fewer calories and sugar than Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull energy drinks.

Does Baya contain Vitamin C?

The nutritional facts label says that this energy drink includes almost 100% of your daily Vitamin C recommended intake.

In any case, as demonstrated by a review distributed in the American College of Cardiology Journal, it is better to consume vitamins from food sources.

As when you go for energy drinks, you miss all other nutritional supplements that come with consuming whole food. Your body needs water and fiber to help absorb vitamins, and vegetables and fruits most often contain these.

Did Starbucks Previously Have Energy Drinks?

Yes, Starbucks had their energy drinks (Refreshers) in 2012. Although, they are not the same as Baya Energy Drink.

The main difference between Refreshers and Baya is that Refreshers contain less caffeine. A 12 oz can of Baya has 160 mg of caffeine, while a 12 oz can of Refreshers contains 35 mg of caffeine.

However, Starbucks already offers RTD (Ready-to-drink) energy drinks which are usually cold coffee drinks like their canned Doubleshot and bottled Frappuccino. So Baya Energy Drink is an addition to their already existing beverages.

Is Baya Safe to Consume?

Baya energy drink
Energy Drinks should be consumed in moderation.

Baya Energy Drink is safe to consume as long as you drink it responsibly.

Starbucks claims that their energy drink Baya is made with caffeine found naturally in a coffee cherry. Another plus point is that they haven’t added too many preservatives and chemicals to Baya.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that Baya contains cane sugar in its ingredient, which you can also see in the nutritional facts label that 17 of 23g of sugar is added sugar.

This means that this energy drink is not healthy for excessive use and should be consumed moderately.


Bang Energy

Bang Energy drink contains a high amount of caffeine, its sugar-free, and has zero calories. Although Bang Energy might provide you benefits, consuming it in the long term may be harmful to you.

Bang Energy Drink is an excellent drink to consume before doing intense workouts due to its high caffeine content of 300 mg. So during your intense workout sessions, I would recommend Bang Energy.

3D Energy

3D energy drinks have been popular since they were launched. It is sugar-free and has 200g of caffeine and low calories. It also contains many other ingredients that give you the extra push to get through the day.

Not only this, 3D is an excellent option for people following vegan-diet and gluten-free diets. It also contains essential B-vitamins and minerals.


Razorwire Energy Drink consists of 150 mg of caffeine, approximately equal to 1 large cup of coffee or two small cups. It has no sugar, making it an excellent alternative to Baya Energy Drink.

Razorwire has a unique formula designed to improve performance, and with the blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes, it keeps you hydrated.

Other notable mentions

G Fuel

XS Energy

Final Thoughts

Baya Energy Drink is marketed as “feel-good energy” that comes in three flavors, with 160 mg of caffeine and 90 calories per 12 ounces can and will provide you with an instant boost of energy with a high dose of Vitamin C.

Starbucks’ new Baya Energy Drink is comparable in terms of caffeine. Just make sure not to consume this energy drink daily, as it contains a high amount of sugar, which can cause many side effects if not consumed in moderation.

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