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Can You Drink Alani Nu Energy Every Day? (Truth)

Having no sugar, 10 calories, and 200 milligrams of caffeine along with other essential ingredients, Alani Nu is, without a doubt, a great energy drink.

According to them, the last set or rep of a workout is the most important. And most of your gains stem from that. Therefore, they have designed all of their supplements, including their Alani Nu energy drink, with these goals in mind:

To help you find the strength inside and give you only what you need and nothing that you don’t.

That is all well and good, but some people may be wondering, “Can you drink Alani Nu energy drink every day?”

A short answer to that would be: You can drink Alani Nu every day, but only if you’re careful with your consumption.

I’ll elaborate on that later on, so be sure to read this article to the end. But first, let’s talk a bit about Alani Nu’s ingredients and its nutritional facts.

Let’s go…

Alani Nu Energy Ingredients

Alani Nu is safe for most people, except caffeine sensitive people
The ingredients are mentioned in a cool, easily readable font on the can.

Here is a list of the ingredients that go into an Alani Nu energy drink:

  • Caffeine
  • Carbonated Water
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3)
  • Calcium D Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)
  • Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12).
  • Sucralose
  • Citric Acid
  • Erythritol
  • Taurine
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Natural Flavor
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Vegetable Juice for Color
  • Gum Acacia
  • D-Glucuronolactone
  • Inositol
  • Beta Carotene for Color
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)
  • Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)

Alani Nu Energy Nutritional Facts

Alani Nu fulfills your daily requirements of several essential nutrients
Alani Nu Energy’s nutritional values.

Here are the nutritional values of a 12 ounce Alani Nu energy drink:

NutrientsAmount Used% Of Daily Value*
Total Fat0g0%
Saturated Fat0g0%
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates6g2%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Total Sugars0g
Added Sugars0g0%
Sugar Alcohol2g
Vitamin D0mcg0%
Vitamin B61.8mg110%
Vitamin B122.5mcg100%
Pantothenic Acid5mg100%
The nutritional label can also be found on the Alani Nu website.

Caffeine in Alani Nu Energy

Alani Nu might not be ideal for people with higher sensitivity to caffeine
Alani Nu energy is a highly caffeinated energy drink.

Alani Nu energy drink contains 200 milligrams of caffeine per 12 fluid ounces.

Compared to other brands like Red Bull, and even the likes of Monster Energy, I would say that Alani Nu is quite a strong energy drink.

But the high amount of caffeine makes sense in this case, as Alani Nu is meant to help you with workouts, and the extra boost will come in handy in that case.

Aside from providing a boost to your physical performance, caffeine has a ton of other benefits as well. However, not all of the benefits have been proven by science as of now.

  • Promote weight loss or prevent weight gain
  • Reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Improves brain function
  • Improve alertness
  • It makes you feel less tired
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

That said, 200 mg is half of the 400mg safe limit of caffeine, as recommended by the FDA. And people with higher sensitivity to caffeine might find this amount too much for them.

Even people who can tolerate this caffeine should keep track of their intake from other sources like tea or coffee. Otherwise, they might find themselves going over the caffeine limit, which can have the following side effects:

  • Insomnia, or trouble with sleeping
  • Caffeine dependence
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness and jitters
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Increased or abnormal heart rate

Therefore, it is best to be aware of how much caffeine you’re putting into your body to avoid any negative effects and avail all the benefits of the Alani Nu energy drink.

Calories in Alani Nu Energy

Alani Nu Energy has 10 calories per 12-oz serving, which is pretty much a negligible number.

Generally, the recommended caloric intake in the US is 2500 calories for men, and 2000 calories for women. Many energy drinks or beverages contain a significant percentage of this amount and are very likely to leave you in a caloric surplus.

A caloric surplus happens when your body gets more calories than it burns, and the excess energy gets stored as fats, which leads to weight gain over time.

Calorie-filled beverages also might not be so attractive to people trying to lose weight, as they would need to consume fewer calories than what they need to lose that weight.

Whether you want to avoid gaining weight or lose some of your current weight, Alani Nu will be a great energy drink for both cases. And as mentioned a bit earlier, the caffeine in it might even make the process a bit easier.

Sugar in Alani Nu Energy

Alani Nu energy is completely sugar-free
Sugary energy drinks can make you crash during your workouts.

Alani Nu is a sugar-free energy drink.

High sugar contents are probably the most concerning aspect of some energy drinks, but not for Alani Nu because they don’t have any sugar.

While sugar may be sweet and delicious, consuming too much of it too often can cause concern because of its health implications. But aside from that, there’s also the matter of sugar crashes.

The AHA recommends up to 36 grams of sugar for men, and 25 grams for women and any more than that might lead to these side effects:

  • Fatigue due to sudden rises and falls in energy
  • Hunger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Bloating

If you’re someone who consumes a lot of energy drinks, then choosing a sugar-free option goes a long way.

Alani Nu provides you with clean, potent energy without the risk of experiencing a crash when you’re doing something important. It also reduces your chances of overdosing on sugar, thereby protecting you from the abovementioned side effects.

Artificial Sweeteners in Alani Nu Energy

Alani Nu Energy uses Sucralose instead of sugar.

Sucralose is one of the most often used artificial sweeteners out there. It is sold under the name Splenda in the US, and it is free of calories while being several hundred times sweeter than table sugar.

It is mainly partly because of Sucralose that sugar-free beverages can also keep their calorie count low.

Having no sugar means that Alani Nu is safe for diabetic people. But that’s not all. Even the FDA has approved these artificial sweeteners to be safe for consumption in moderate doses.

Although rare, some side effects can occur with the consumption of artificial sweeteners, but most people can safely consume them.

Vitamins in Alani Nu Energy

Alani Nu has 5 B-Vitamins in it, which are:

Vitamin B3 Improves fat blood levels, reduces blood pressure, is suitable for skin, etc.
Vitamin B5 Helps break down nutrients and convert them into energy while also being good for your digestive system and more.
Vitamin B6Promotes brain health and reduces symptoms of depression while preventing clogged arteries, etc.
Vitamin B7 (Biotin)Is good for skin, hair, even nails, etc.
Vitamin B12Promotes red blood cell production, heart health, bone health, mental health, and more.
Vitamins in Alani Nu Energy.

Other Interesting Ingredients

Here are some brief explanations of a few of the other ingredients that you might find interesting:

Panax Ginseng Extract

Panax Ginseng is also known as Korean Ginseng. It is one of the several types of Ginseng grown around the world. It may have the following health benefits:

  • It improves cognitive function
  • Better reaction times
  • It might help with Erectile Dysfunction
  • It has been shown to reduce fatigue in people with a medical condition called Multiple Sclerosis or MS
  • It might be good for common cold or flu

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is a plant whose fruit resembles the coffee berry in size and the human eye in shape. This plant is native to the Amazon basin and has the following health benefits:

  • It is rich in antioxidants
  • Good for your heart
  • It could help you learn better and enhance your focus
  • Reduces fatigue
  • It might promote weight loss
  • May improve the appearance of skin and more


Taurine is an amino acid found naturally in the human body, and it is used in many bodily functions.

Oral ingestion of Taurine supplements can have the following benefits:

  • It might improve exercise performance
  • It could help control blood glucose levels and fight diabetes, although more research is required in this case.
  • May increase fat burning during a workout
  • It might be good for heart health and protect you from cardiovascular diseases

Can you drink Alani Nu Energy every day?

You can drink Alani Nu every day, but it is not something that I would recommend you to do.

Alani Nu is pretty safe, as far as sugar and calories are concerned. But it does have a very significant amount of caffeine in it, which may not be tolerable for some people.

There’s also the fact that by consuming half of the recommended amount of caffeine in one serving, you risk going over the limit easily, especially if you’re someone like me who loves both tea and coffee.

Besides, relying too much on caffeine to get enough energy to get through the day is not a good idea. Soon, your body will become accustomed to its effects and develop a higher tolerance, which means that you’ll need even more caffeine to get the same boost.

Therefore, I would advise you to try not to drink Alani Nu every day, and instead, only consume it when you really crave that energy boost.

But if you plan on drinking it every day, you should keep a close eye on your caffeine intake from other sources so that you can be as safe as possible.

Alani Nu Energy’s Flavors

Alani Nu comes in a wide assortment of flavors, so you won’t have any trouble finding something that suits your palette.

Here is a list of all the flavors:

  • Cosmic Stardust
  • Mimosa
  • Tropsicle
  • BreezeBerry
  • Blue Slush
  • Cherry Slush
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Arctic White
  • Electric Tie-dye
  • Trippy Hippie
  • Witch’s Brew

One of my favorite things about Alani Nu is their can designs, especially the Cosmic Stardust one.

If you want to know what these flavors taste like, here’s a YouTube video for you:

A taste test of Alani Nu Energy.

Where to buy Alani Nu Energy?

You can buy Alani Nu Energy in-store and online.

You could find an Alani Nu at your local departmental store, or you can buy it from their website or Amazon. From both online sources, you can get a 12 pack for 29.99$.

This translates to approximately 2.5$ for a 12 ounce can, which is a bit on the higher side, but I would say it’s worth it.

Additionally, if you’re buying from Alani Nu’s website, you might want to consider a subscription, as you will get 5% off of every shipment.

Alternatives To Alani Nu Energy

Different energy drinks that can be an alternative to Alani Nu.
Other energy drink that can be a great alternative to Alani Nu

Here are some alternatives to Alani Nu Energy:


Alani Nu Energy is a great-tasting, mostly risk-free energy drink that has many healthy and essential ingredients.

It’s sugar-free and has almost no calories, but it has a very high amount of caffeine, which may be suitable for some but bad for others, depending upon their tolerance.

As for drinking it every day, you can surely do that, but you will need to keep track of your caffeine intake, as I said before. I would recommend that if you drink it daily, you should drink half of it at one time and then save the other half for later on in the day.

Remember, the key to living a healthy and fulfilling is to do “everything in moderation, including moderation.”

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