Can You Drink GG Gamer Supps Every Day? (Answered)

If you’re one of the few people who love gaming, then GG Gamer Supps might be for you. A lot of people have been happy to know that electronic gaming has become a sport.

Now, not only physically active people have specially formulated drinks to help in exhausting sporting events, but so do the eSport gamers.

This is where GG Gamer Supps come in–a drink designed specifically for athletes in front of their gadgets, energizing them as they play their missions into success. If you’re a gamer, then this might be for you.

The real question stands, though. Yes, GG Gamer Supps can give you a ton of energy with a lot of benefits, but can you drink it every day? What are the good and bad sides of GG Gamer Supps?

And most importantly, what happens if you drink way too much GG Gamer Supps?

Let’s dive in.

What is GG Gamer Supps?

These are sachets of GG Gamer Supps.

GG Gamer Supps is an energy drink specifically designed and marketed to gamers and some athletes. It claims to be the most effective and healthiest option in the market, helping people achieve their full potential in the most crucial moments.

It claims to have zero calories and sugar, suitable for a ketogenic diet, containing nootropics, organic caffeine, six important vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and has no fillers. You can find all these claims at their official site here.

If these claims are true, then we have ourselves a perfect drink. But just to be sure, let’s look closer.

GG Gamer Supps Ingredients and Supplement Facts

GG Gamer Supps’ Supplement Facts at the back of the packets.

In my opinion, the way GG Gamer Supps wrote their ingredients at the back of their serving packets is a bit lacking in proper formatting. It’s a little hard to read, which is why I’ll make this easy for you.

Carbohydrates<1 g
Calories<1 g
Organic Erythritol<1 g
Vitamin C100 mg
Vitamin B65 mg
Vitamin B12200 mcg
Vitamin H100 mcg
Nootropics159,000 mcg
CaffeineNot Stated
L-Theanine Not Stated
L-Tyrosine Not Stated
Choline L-BitartrateNot Stated
LuteinNot Stated
Natural AstaxanthinNot Stated
Coenzyme Q10Not Stated
Acai Berry ExtractNot Stated
Mangosteen ExtractNot Stated
Gogi Berry ExtractNot Stated
Ginseng Root ExtractNot Stated
Citric AcidNot Stated
Organic ErythritolNot Stated
Malic AcidNot Stated
Natural and Artificial FlavorsNot Stated
SilicaNot Stated
SucraloseNot Stated
Acesulfame KNot Stated
ColoringNot Stated
A Closer Look on GG Gamer Supp Ingredients

You’ll notice here that there seem to be a lot of unstated ingredients in the packet of GG Gamer Supps. It can be frustrating for those who are being careful about their diet and nutrition.

Personally, I find this part extremely difficult to navigate. They left out one of the key components, which is caffeine. I found that left-out information a little later in my research on their website, but that’s a topic for later.

GG Gamer Supps Key Ingredients

Let’s talk about some chosen supplements in the section above. I’m deeply interested in the 5 vitamins they have namely C, D3, B6, B12, H.

I’ll also be talking about Nootropics, caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Choline L-Bitartrate, and Phosphatidylserine.

You’ll notice that some of the vitamins I mentioned above don’t seem to be part of the list. This is because we found this information here, at the official site of Gamer Supps.

You’ll also notice that the company claims to have 6 vitamins, but only 5 were presented. There aren’t any pieces of evidence leading to the 6th vitamin, so we’ll focus on the 5.

GG Gamer Supps Vitamins

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
    • Helps bones and muscles become stronger.
  • Vitamin B6
    • Helps your digestion and nervous system.
  • Vitamin B12
    • Helps your nervous and cardiovascular system, particularly blood. It also helps make your genetic material.
  • Vitamin H
    • Important for liver health. This is also known as Biotin. Some people use this a supplement to make their skin, hair, and nails healthy.

Nootripics, Mind, and Body Enhancements

  • Organic Caffeine
    • This will lead you to the actual source of caffeine used in GG Gamer Supps. It’s a natural, non-GMO caffeine extract.
  • L-Theanine
    • This helps you remain calm while being focused.
  • L-Tyrosine
    • This helps you make protein while helping your nerves kind of “talk” or communicate with each other.
  • Choline L-Bitartrate
  • Phosphatidylserine
    • A kind of phospholipid that helps your brain send messages, making your memory sharper.

GG Gamer Supps Caffeine

Unlike usual coffee beans, GG Gamer Supps use non-GMO, organic caffeine.

Apparently, a serving of GG Gamer Supps is 100 mg. I found the quantity here in their FAQs. They’ve also stated that this is equal to at least a cup of coffee.

I think it’s a bit suspicious why GG Gamer Supps don’t state in their packaging how much caffeine is in one serving. As someone primarily concerned about how much caffeine I get in a day, I did a bit of digging.

This is a lot less than other energy drinks like Bang which has 300 mg of caffeine. That’s considered a whole lot of caffeine, in my opinion.

GG Gamer Supps Calories

One thing I like about GG Gamer Supps is the less than a gram’s worth of calories. For people who want to keep their weight to a minimum, this won’t affect your diet at all.

GG Gamer Supps Sugar

GG Gamer Supps don’t contain a gram of sugar.

The sugar in GG Gamer Supps is also less than a gram.

For diabetic people, this might be a good energy drink for you. The main sweetener used here is erythritol, which we’ll be talking about in a bit.

Sugar is still an important part of someone’s diet, though. It provides your body with enough energy to keep going, but some people don’t process sugar normally. It really depends on what your body needs.

GG Gamer Supps Artificial Sugar

Erythritol, in GG Gamer Supp’s case, an organic one, is a non-GMO sugar alternative that does not have any insulin effect. It has a 0 GI index.

It is about 70% as sweet as sugar. It contains 0 calories and is friendly for diabetic people and people who are going through a ketogenic diet.

Can you drink GG Gamer Supps every day?

Yes, you can drink GG Gamer Supps every day.

I would say a serving of GG Gamer Supps would have to be just the same as one cup of coffee.

Still, I really wouldn’t recommend drinking more than a serving. If you do, you may experience caffeine dependency which will then lead to a variety of effects you wouldn’t want to experience.

These effects include an increase in heart rate, heightened blood pressure, palpitations of the heart, sleeplessness or insomnia, dehydration or lack of water, and restlessness.

How many GG Gamer Supps can you drink in a day?

I would say since the maximum amount of caffeine a normal person can tolerate is about 400 mg of caffeine a day, I think it would be best to limit yourself to a maximum of 3 servings.

This is because you also get caffeine from other products like coffee, chocolates, some nuts, and even chewing gum.

I remember baking a cake as a child. It was very tedious, but from what I learned from my instructor, caffeine, specifically coffee, is usually snuck in chocolate cakes to alleviate flavor. With the rise of small businesses in the food and drink industry that doesn’t exactly mention their ingredients, it’s safe to limit yourself to just a little bit of GG Gamer Supps to make room for some that may have caffeine.

I personally wouldn’t recommend more than one serving, though. I live by the saying, “take only what’s necessary.” Too much of something is not always the best.

If you want to know an extreme, true to life case, of what can happen if you overdo energy drinks, you might enjoy this video.

Don’t do what this guy did!

Who shouldn’t drink GG Gamer Supps?

Children, pregnant women, and people suffering from diseases that can be heightened with caffeine shouldn’t drink GG Gamer Supps.

GG Gamer Supps is indirectly targeted at younger people who are more technologically experienced and should not be drinking caffeine. These kids from ages 11-16 are more active in the eSport gaming world, making them easy targets for advertisements that could help them enhance their games.

Because of this, more children become caffeine dependent at a young age. GG Gamer Supps may not have that much sugar, but it does have a lot of caffeine. While GG Gamer Supps is mostly for gamers, it still contains pre-workout supplements that may not be suitable for a developing body.

A lot of high-level stimulants can put you in a state where your adrenal system can be strained, leading to the system’s fatigue. This can make cortisol levels skyrocket, causing irregular hormones.

If you want more about this, you can read a related article here.

GG Gamer Supps Flavors

So far, GG Gamer Supps has 13 flavors to choose from with a variety of ranges. Most are fruit-based, with one being sweet-based. Here’s the list for you:

  • Guacamole Gamer
  • Pineapple Cocktail
  • Waifu Candy
  • Misfit Melon
  • Mango Meta
  • Citrus Lemonade
  • Blue Razz
  • Dragonfruit Punc
  • Acai Blueberry
  • Strawberry Burst
  • Lemon Limeade
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Sour Apple

I tried out the Mango Meta but didn’t like how it finished. It tasted good at the first sip, but as I went through with it, I found myself disliking the taste.

There are other flavors to try, though!

The Pros and Cons of GG Gamer Supps

GG Gamer Supps is not too bad, nor is it too good. In this part, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of GG Gamer Supps for you to see whether it’s worth drinking every day.


  • It doesn’t have sugar. This means you won’t have to suffer the effects of sugar crashes. If you’re diabetic, this is good for you, too.
  • It doesn’t have calories. It won’t affect your weight, it won’t accumulate over time, and it doesn’t mess up your diet.
  • It has a good list of vitamins enough to keep your nervous system in shape.
  • It contains a modest amount of caffeine. 100 mg isn’t a number too big in terms of caffeine. As long as you drink only what’s necessary, it won’t give you the negative effects I mentioned above.


  • The packaging isn’t clear. There should be a separate list for nutrition facts and ingredients.
  • The taste isn’t too good, in my opinion. The Mango Meta flavor tasted really good at the start, and then it just decreased in taste as I went through with the drink.

Overall I think it’s a pretty decent drink, but it has a lot to work on. With its claims, the packaging and flavors should follow. In my opinion, it could have had more to it.

GG Gamer Supps Every Day (The Conclusion)

Yes, you can drink GG Gamer Supps every day!

It’s not as damaging as other energy drinks in terms of sugar so you won’t get the crash after drinking it.

I think GG Gamer Supps is an okay drink, overall. I like how it didn’t contain much sugar or calories, and that it doesn’t contain an absurd amount of caffeine.

There’s a lot more to improve on in terms of the packaging of the product, mainly the ingredients list with questionable quantities. I feel like everything should be listed for people who are label-conscious.

The taste could also be improved. That was ultimately what personally set me off, but it could be different for other people.

To keep things simple, if you want a daily energy drink with just the caffeine and no sugar, you wouldn’t need to get yourself bitter, unsweetened coffee.

GG Gamer Supps can give you that kick without sacrificing your diet!

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