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Can You Drink Hype Every Day? (Answered)

Hype took the market by storm soon after its release. Its popularity has continued to grow, and so has the number of buyers and concerns regarding the drink’s safety.

With all energy drinks, there are certain restrictions you need to place upon yourself to stay clear of any adverse health effects. Hype being a caffeinated energy drink means these apply to it as well.

One concern many have is if they can have Hype every day.

The short and precise answer would be, yes, you can have Hype every day if taken in moderation.

Continue reading for a more detailed answer and insight into other aspects of Hype.

Ingredients in Hype Energy Drink

Hype comes packed with the following ingredients.

Ingredient CategoryIngredient
VitaminsVitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12,
Vitamin B2
AcidifierCitric Acid
WaterCarbonated Water
ColouringCaramel Sugar Syrup
Acidity RegulatorTrisodium Citrate E331
Added FlavoursFlavorings
Flavour EnhancerErythritol
Amino AcidTaurine

Nutritional Contents of Hype

Each 250mL can of Hype contains nutrients given in the table below, along with their quantities.

Hype Nutritional Facts
Vitamins used in Hype
Standard ValuesAmount Per Serving (250mL)
Total Fat0g (0%)
Total Carbohydrates30g (10%)
Sodium65mg (3%)
Calories 43 calories

Vitamins In Hype Energy

Hype comes with five of the eight essential B-Vitamins. I have listed their quantities in the handy guide below.

VitaminAmount Per 100mL
Vitamin B20.56mg (40% RDA)
Vitamin B36.4mg (40% RDA)
Vitamin B51.98mg (33% RDA)
Vitamin B60.56mg (40% RDA)
Vitamin B121.00μg (40% RDA)

B-Vitamins are known for their energy-boosting abilities. Their inclusion in energy drinks is not uncommon.

Five of these in the same drink means the energy boost you will receive will also be more significant than drinks that don’t include these or only add a few.

Does Hype Have A High Amount of Sugar?

Hype contains 28 grams of sugar in each of its 250mL drinks. This is a significantly high amount.

The NHS recommends not exceeding your sugar intake limit to more than 30 grams in a single day to give you a clearer perspective.

Hype also has two sugar-free variants if this amount is too intimidating and you would prefer something less intense in sugar.

However, if you go for the original Hype or any of its other flavors that contain sugar, I do not recommend having more than a can in one day.

Downside of a Sugar Overload

Having large amounts of sugar or more than two cans of Hype back to back may cause a sugar overload.

This can be categorized by the following symptoms.

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Hunger
  • Bloating

Is Hype High in Caffeine?

Each 250mL can of Hype contains 80mg of caffeine. This amount is pretty moderate and not unusually high.

This doesn’t mean Hype is ineffective in any way this should be just enough to get you going and out of completely awake after an afternoon nap.

For a more vital boost, you can even have two cans of Hype sugar-free in a single day, and the caffeine content is still within the 400mg per day limit recommended by experts.

But if you ask me, 80mg hits that sweet spot where you have a solid energy boost without risking side effects.

Side Effects of a Caffeine Overdose

If you exceed the 400mg daily limit, you can expect to face these side effects:

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Abnormal Heart Beat
  • Dehydration

Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation.

Calories in Hype Energy Drink

The calories in Hype depend on the flavor you’re consuming. The original MFP version comes with 43 calories in each 250mL can.

The daily recommended maximum intake of calories is 2500 for men and 2000 for women.

So the amount in Hype should not cause weight gain in healthy individuals. However, other factors determine this and the effects of large or small amounts of calories can vary in different people.

How Long Do the Effects of Hype Last?

The 80mg of caffeine in a single can should last around 6-7 hours.

Caffeine has a half-life of around 3-5 hours, to dumb this down, after 3-5 hours half of the caffeine you have consumed will remain within the body.

In my experience, Hype’s energy boost can last me half a day. But then again, this depends on your caffeine tolerance and your activities for the day.

What are the Long Term Side Effects of Hype?

Having caffeine daily can cause several long-term side effects, I have listed some of these below.

Caffeine Dependency

One of the major problems that are associated with all caffeinated beverages is the risk of getting addicted.

Most teenagers and adults suffer from caffeine dependency, drinking Hype daily, at a specific time can cause this.


High doses of caffeine are known to cause anxiety symptoms.

Caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline which triggers the ‘fight or flight response, the after-effects of this mirrors the symptoms of anxiety.

Hype Energy Drink Alternatives

If Hype doesn’t meet your needs or you don’t like its taste, here are a few other energy drinks I would recommend having instead:

Other Notable Mentions:

Final Verdict

If taken in moderation and not over-consumed, Hype can be taken every day without any issues.

If you go for the sugar-free versions of Hype, you can have two cans on the same day!

So check out the different flavors of Hype and try them out to find your favorite.

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