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Can You Drink Xyience Every Day? (Explained)

In 2009, Xyience became the face of Canadian convenience stores, beating established energy drink giants Monster and Rockstar.

How did this originally supplement-focused company manage to do so? 

Xyience became affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and released a limited energy drink line featuring UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. The Xenergy Cherry Lime paved the way for the already growing Xyience beverage lineup.

Filled with five helpful vitamins and protein-building amino acids, Xyience Energy Drink energizes you to last throughout the day while maintaining a diet-friendly formulation. 

But with all its fancy reputation and eye-catching content, can you drink Xyience regularly? 

Every can contains 176g of caffeine, and it is not advisable to consume this much caffeine regularly. Drinking Xyience Energy Drink every day can be unsafe and may result in serious health problems.  

So what’s the right balance in consuming Xyience? Let’s find out!

Xyience Energy Drink History

Xyience was established in 2004 as a sports supplement company in Las Vegas. They cater to fitness buffs and gym sharks who need additional nutrition through their vast product lines. 

They hit the jackpot with their Xenergy line, which is advertised as an ultra-premium drink without sugar and is calorie-free. 

The aim is to provide the consumers an excellent fizzy drink experience that boasts of its great taste with a unique line of flavors – all while being packed with a plethora of vitamins and nutrients! 

Xenergy was on the path to world domination when it hit a slump in the early 2010s. Two years later, Big Red Inc. bought the company and revamped its energy drink lineup.

Xyience is now back and better than ever – with new formulations that can cater to each drinker’s flavor preferences! 

Ingredients of Xyience

Here is the list of ingredients of Xyience Energy Drinks:

Ingredient CategoryIngredients (Per Can; 16 FL. Oz)
EnergizersCaffeine, Glucuronolactone, Ginseng Root Extract, Guarana Seed Extract
Acid NeutralizersSodium Citrate
AcidsCitric Acid
VitaminsB5 (Calcium D Pantothenate), B3 (Niacinamide), Inositol, B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), B12(Cyanocobalamin)
PreservativesPotassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate
WaterCarbonated water
Additional FlavorsNatural flavors
EmulsifierGum Arabic, Ester Gum
Amino AcidsTaurine, L-Carnitine, L-Theanine
Artificial SweetenersAcesulfame Potassium, Sucralose
Ingredients of Xyience Energy Drinks

Caffeine in Xyience

Xyience Energy Drinks have 176mg of caffeine content, which is naturally sourced from guarana seeds

Guarana is a natural stimulant found in the Amazon. Aside from its caffeine content, it has many other benefits such as weight loss, learning and memory, pain relief, and reducing skin irritation. 

A healthy adult can have a maximum daily caffeine intake of about 400 milligrams. This means that Xyience Energy Drinks is entirely within the consumption limit, even if it holds nearly half of the said intake. 

However, this is only plausible if you’re sure of your caffeine consumption. Taking excessive amounts of Xyience Energy Drink daily can lead to various health problems, including caffeine overdosage

How is this possible even if Xyience does not take the whole recommended caffeine limit? 

This is because most of our food items have caffeine, and we consume the majority of them unconsciously. Total all of these, including Xyience’s caffeine content – you can see just how risky it is to take it on a daily basis. 

Another stimulant to be wary of, especially when combined with caffeine, is the ginseng root extract. As an adaptogen, it significantly boosts caffeine effects which restrict the adenosine receptors in the body. Blocking off these neurotransmitters can stave off tiredness, fatigue and promote alertness. 

Aside from caffeine overdosage, other health risks include the following: 

  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Caffeine addiction

Vitamins in Xyience

Xyience Energy Drink contains Vitamin B complex that speeds up the breakdown of food and its conversion to energy. However, the list of benefits does not end there.  

Vitamin B5 stimulates the production of blood cells and makes your skin healthy and glowing. Pantothenic acid is also known for its digestive tract benefits and liver regulation. 

Vitamin B3  cleanses your bloodstream of unnecessary fat. This combination of niacin and niacinamide is also made into a popular skin serum with oil regulation, UV protection, and hyperpigmentation treatment. Blood sugar function can also be improved with vitamin B3. 

Vitamin B6 neutralizes the imbalance of vital amino acids and reduces the risk of cell damage. Also known in the industry as Pyrixodine hydrochloride, it also keeps your nerves healthy.

Vitamin B12 contributes to cellular growth. This synthetic vitamin is called cyanocobalamin, which maintains metabolism. 

Amino Acids in Xyience

The triple amino acids in Xyience Energy Drinks are also note-worthy. 

Taurine has now become one of the most prevalent amino acids in energy drinks. This is for good reason since it significantly boosts exercise capacity and physical performance. 

L-Carnitine is present in the human body as a natural chemical in charge of turning fat into energy. It’s proven to be effective for heart and blood conditions as well as brain function and muscle movements. 

L-Theanine is mainly used for anxiety and stress relief. It is also an amino acid used widely to promote alertness, focus, and immunity. Aside from this, it can also manage blood pressure levels to a healthy degree. 

Nutrition Facts of Xyience

Here are the nutrition facts of Xyience Energy Drinks:

Nutrition Facts of Xyience
Nutrition Facts of Xyience
CategoryDaily Value (%DV)
Fat (0g)0%
Sodium (160mg)7%
Carbohydrate (2g)1%
Protein (0mg)0%
Potassium (15mg)0%
Added Sugar (0g)0%
Vitamin B1280%
Vitamin B6100%
Pantothenic Acid500%
Nutrition Facts of Xyience Energy Drinks

As you can see, this drink is low in calories and has no added sugar as well. To compensate for the lack of natural sugar, artificial sweeteners are added to the mix.

With only 2 grams per serving, Xyience is an ideal low-calorie drink that can cater to various lifestyles, including Keto and vegan diets. 

Is Xyience Vegan?

Yes, Xyience Energy Drinks are 100% vegan-friendly.

How can I say that Xyience belongs on the list of fizzy beverages that are vegan?

This beverage’s caffeine content comes mainly from guarana seeds. Its other stimulants are also plant-based, such as Korean ginseng. Xyience’s sugary sweetness also comes from its natural fruit extracts and artificial sweeteners that do not come from animal exploitation of any kind.

This leaves me to one particular vegan risk: Xyience Energy Drinks’ food coloring. However, their excellent coloring comes from naturally extracted hues from fruits. They do not come from animal-based pigments, which is a common coloring additive for most beverages in the market.

I can assure you that Xyience beverages are 100% vegan-friendly, and all the notable ingredients are either plant-based or artificial. No need to mix your daily caffeine fix!

Does Xyience Really Work?

With 176mg of caffeine, Xyience does provide that much-needed energy and focus advertised on their website.

They took it up a notch by providing vitamins in the mix that elevates this bad boy to a whole other level! Aside from the caffeine fix that makes you alert, Xyience doubles as a supplement drink with yummy flavors to boot.

Personally, I’d like to consume Xyience Energy Drinks on days I am experiencing downtime. It helps me clear my mind, gives me that much-needed focus, and, most of all, provides me with a yummy boost of energy!

Can You Drink Xyience Every Day?

Compared to the FDA‘s 400mg maximum daily caffeine intake, Xyience caffeine content is well within its daily limits. The 176mg caffeine is less than half the healthy daily consumption level, but there are inevitable factors to consider.

One of these factors is the caffeine content hidden within our daily nutrition. Cereals, chocolate chip cookies, ice creams, ice teas, and Oreos are some of the foods that unknowingly contain caffeine.

Another is the number of artificial sweeteners in Xyience Energy Drinks – mainly Acesulfame potassium and Sucralose.

Sucralose is a chemically enhanced artificial additive that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. While it is calorie-free, there are certain drawbacks to consuming this particular sweetener on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Increased blood and insulin levels
  • Negative effects in the immune system
  • Upsets microbiome balance
  • Weight gain

Acesulfame potassium is 200 times sweeter than Sucralose and is a legal flavor enhancer in many countries. Unknown to most people, this artificial sweetener falls under the carcinogen category – it contains methylene chloride that causes cancer, nausea, depression, liver and kidney diseases.

Drinking Xyience Energy Drink daily is not ideal because it heightens these health risks. Make sure you consume Xyience moderately!

Is Xyience Good For Workouts?

As a pre-workout drink that is consumed moderately, Xyience can give your cells the jumpstart it needs to function without making you feel sluggish.

On gym days and extreme training sessions, burning calories is a process easily done especially if you persevere. Energy drinks like Xyience can make you more alert, focused, and ready to take on several circuits of push-ups without collapsing on the floor!

While Xyience supports me in my exhausting workouts, I always ensure that I don’t overexert myself. How do I take Xyience on workout days, you ask?

Well, I’ve read that energy drinks work best 45 minutes before working out. The time gap enables the caffeine in the body to do its work of blocking off adenosine, the receptor in your brain that triggers fatigue and sleepiness.

The first buzz of energy you feel with drinking these particular thirst quenchers is not a sign to immediately start doing the rounds – so don’t start working out as soon as you finish the can! Give the caffeine some headstart, and I find it more energizing that way.

How Many Cans of Xyience Can You Drink in a Day?

For me, it is not healthy to drink Xyience (or any energy drink!) daily.

Due to its 176mg of caffeine which does not exceed the recommended daily caffeine intake, drinking one can of Xyience Energy Drink is possible. However, as I’ve said before, there are a lot of factors that affect this consumption rate.

But if you really must, try to keep it to one can a day. Additionally, make sure that the food and drink you consume aside from energy drinks do not contain much caffeine.

Can You Drink Xyience at Night?

As I have previously mentioned, Xyience has a high caffeine content compared to other brands in the market. Its 176mg of caffeine is enough to make you jumpy at night.

Thus, I do not recommend taking this fizzy beverage at night because it will interfere with your usual bedtime – except when you’re on a graveyard shift or just have an important engagement to keep you awake.

Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant present in almost all of our food products. Aside from keeping you awake, it has other side effects when consumed excessively, such as:

  • Increases body temperature
  • Dehydration
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Anxiety and Restlessness

To know better how caffeine works, see the video below:

How does caffeine affect your brain?

Caffeine works as a nerve stimulator. It blocks the adenosine receptors so that you won’t feel sleepy or tired. While this is a great feeling at the start, the effects come back tenfold after the caffeine wears off.

For me, consuming large amounts of caffeine at night makes me jittery, and the extra brain activity is not helpful when I want to sleep.

Take note that staying up until the wee hours of the morning has drastic effects on your health, so eat a balanced diet and sleep when you can.

Xyience Energy Alternatives

The alternatives to Xyience Energy Drinks are:

Other notable mentions:

Final Thoughts

Xyience Energy Drink is an excellent fizzy beverage that has the benefits of added vitamins while being low on calories. Aside from giving you the energy to tackle necessary events, it also has a whole lot of flavors you can choose from!

However, I strongly urge you to consume it in moderation and refrain from drinking it daily.

I only drink Xyience on days where I need that extra boost of focus and energy – while still ensuring that my caffeine intake does not exceed the daily limit.

As an energy drink enthusiast, keeping track of my diet is vital to ensure I won’t be affected by caffeine overdose and other side effects.

Take note of all these tips, and drinking Xyience will be a smooth ride!

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