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Do Energy Drinks Make You Skinny? (Researched)

Whether or not energy drinks will make you skinny depends on how many calories you’re ingesting from one can of energy beverage. Additionally, you need to carefully redesign your eating plan to achieve the desired results. 

Most people don’t read the label, so they aren’t aware of how many calories they are consuming throughout the day. It’s essential to keep a check on your daily calorie intake. 

If you follow Mayo Clinic instructions, you will lose weight by burning more calories than what you consume each day. 

The calories in versus calories out formula works. Therefore, you cannot expect an energy drink to do quick magic without any additional physical effort.

This article intends to examine the effects of energy drinks on your weight. Additionally, I’ll let you know if sugar-free beverages have any contribution towards making your body lean. 

So, let’s jump into it…

Caffeine And Weight Loss

Since caffeine is the most essential component of energy beverages, it’s important to know what effects it will leave on your weight. 

If you look at the results of a recent study, it shows that an increase in caffeine intake has an association with weight reduction. 

This is one of the reasons why caffeine is present in most weight loss supplements. However, there is no solid evidence to support the claims that caffeine promotes weight loss. 

It is not recommended to completely rely on this nootropic for weight loss. The number of calories you ingest from other sources also plays a key role. 

If you consume caffeine consistently, you’ll find it more helpful in weight maintenance rather than its reduction. 

However, you shouldn’t ignore the side effects that come along with higher doses of caffeine. The FDA recommends keeping your caffeine intake below 400 mg. Taking too much caffeine might cause you the following health issues:

  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration
  • Sleeplessness

Keep in mind that overconsumption of anything will negatively affect your health. 

Energy Drinks With High Level Of Caffeine

Here’s the list of energy drinks that contain high calorie content;

Energy drinksCaffeine level
Spike Hardcore (16  fl. oz)350 mg
Redline (8 fl. oz)316 mg
Bang Energy (16 fl. oz)300 mg
Raze (16 fl. oz)300 mg
Energy drinks with high caffeine

Calories And Sugar 

How do sugar and carbohydrates affect your weight?
How do sugar and carbohydrates affect your weight?

Sugar is a sweet source in power beverages that contributes to your daily calorie intake. Power drinks usually contain only sugar, which accounts for their calories.

Except for sugar, carbohydrates also have a major contribution to the calorie content of energy beverages. A 12 fl. oz serving of your favorite Red Bull comes with 39 grams of sugar and 40 grams of carbohydrates. 

The AHA recommends men and women keep their daily intake below 36 g and 24 g respectively. In case you don’t know, let me tell you that 1 gram of sugar has 4 calories. Meaning energy drinks with higher sugar and carbs will promote weight gain and obesity. 

It’s worth noting that sugar doesn’t add any nutritional value to your daily diet. Therefore, cutting down on sugar will not do any harm. 

Do You Gain Weight With Energy Drinks?

Do energy drinks make you gain weight?
Energy drinks lead to weight gain and obesity.

With higher doses of sugar and carbs, there are high chances that energy beverages will cause you to put on weight. In my opinion, you shouldn’t consume energy beverages regularly as you’ll be increasing your daily calorie intake. 

You’re more likely to become overweight when you’re not noticing and cutting calories from other sources. Each energy drink brand comes with a varying amount of sugar and calories. So, you’ll see them working differently when it comes to making you gain weight.

Research also supports these claims and makes energy drinks a threat to your physical well-being.

Do You Gain Weight With Zero-Calorie Energy Beverages?

Since sugar is what mainly contributes to the calorie content of the drinks, you’re probably wondering if zero-calorie drinks make you gain weight. 

Market dominating energy drink brands have a range of both sugary and zero-sugar drinks. Those with diabetes or following a low-calorie diet can go for zero-calorie beverages. 

As you possibly know, energy drinks containing no sugar come with artificial sweeteners. Apparently, most commonly used artificial sweeteners are FDA-approved and are not associated with any negative effects. 

However, there are mixed reviews on if there’s any association between weight gain or sugar substitutes. 

By taking artificially sweetened energy beverages, the chances of gaining weight will be increased with appetite stimulation. 

Do You Lose Your Appetite By Consuming Energy Drinks?

Do energy drinks make you lose your appetite?
Energy Drinks And Appetite

A general adapted fact is that appetite is reduced when energy drinks are consumed. Caffeine, the most common ingredient in energy drinks, is an appetite suppressant and makes you lose appetite. As per a recent study, taking caffeine a few hours before a meal makes you less hungry. 

If you have eating disorders, you’re more likely to consume caffeinated beverages. It’s worth noting that caffeine is addictive due to its stimulant effects. 

When you start consuming energy drinks, it’ll make you lose your appetite while increasing your energy levels. 

Relationship Between Metabolism and Energy Drinks

There are few ingredients in energy beverages that speed up your metabolism. Caffeine is a widely used nootropic that gives your energy levels a boost. 

Facts also show that you’ll experience an increase in metabolic rate with the use of caffeine. However, you shouldn’t ignore the downsides of energy drinks. 

Most energy beverages come with a lot of artificial chemicals and unnecessary ingredients which may leave negative effects on both mental and physical health. You can try out healthy ways such as exercise to boost your metabolism. 

Does Red Bull Help You Lose Weight?

Does Red Bull Make You Lose Weight?
Can you lose weight with Red Bull?

Keeping the high calorie and sugar content of Red Bull in mind, you shouldn’t expect that it would help you get in shape. Especially when you’re not indulging in any physical activities, you’ll watch your weight increase.

In my experience, it does make you less hungry by increasing your energy levels for the short term but weight gain is one of the negative effects you’ll experience with this beverage. A high dose of sugar may destroy your tooth enamel. Overall, Red Bull isn’t a healthy choice for those who want to lose fat.

Do Energy Drinks Cause You To Become Skinny?

The amount of calories you take from an energy drink decides whether you’ll become skinny or not. No matter how many calories are in a power drink, it won’t make you lose weight unless you change your diet. 

Caffeinated drinks can reduce the feeling of hunger. The myth about energy drinks is that they help you get into shape, which is entirely wrong.

The target audience for these types of beverages is athletes and they remain engaged in exercises. That might be the secret sauce behind their fit body.

In other words, you should never rely on energy drinks for weight loss or gain. If you wanna learn about the other possible side effects of energy drinks, I’d recommend watching this video.

Are energy drinks good or bad?


People associate the use of energy drinks with a lot of misconceptions, and weight loss is one of them. Taking a zero-calorie drink won’t contribute anything to your weight loss journey. Instead, you need to rethink your nutrition schedule and manage it to a low-calorie one. 

Losing weight can only be accomplished by reducing calorie intake and engaging in physical activity. You might get a little metabolic boost that may further burn some calories. However, you might watch an increase in your weight with the consumption of a high caloric drink. 

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