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Does Runa Clean Energy Actually Work?(Facts Revealed)

Yes, Runa Clean is an effective energy drink that enhances your physical and mental power with the help of organic ingredients. Moreover, energy provided by natural caffeine maintains for a longer period of time. You don’t get sugar crashes associated with regular table sugar.

Whenever possible, I prefer drinks that do not contain chemical additives, as long as they are not overused. Additionally, the amount of caffeine in the beverage should not be excessive.

Considering that it contains moderate amounts of caffeine, Runa Clean Energy can be considered a somewhat useful product.

 In addition to being environmentally friendly, this product is suitable for vegans and gluten-free diets as well.

Moreover, it does not have any harmful ingredients.

Although it contains sugar, as discussed in the following section, Runa Energy has a very minimal amount in comparison to the recommended dose.

 Let’s get into it.

Runa Clean Energy Ingredients

A table with the ingredients and amounts in various sizes of Runa Clean Energy drinks can be found here.

Ingredients12 fl.oz8 fl.oz
Added Sugar2g1g
Ingredients and different dosage packaging

Healthy Ingredients of Runa Clean

If you’re looking for an energy beverage without negative consequences, this drink is the ideal choice. It contains no fat, vitamins, or potassium. The sodium content is also low

Drinking a large 12-ounce or 16-ounce carbonated beverage all at once can be difficult since it’s so big. An 8 fl. oz version of Runa Clean is also available. 

What Does Runa Clean Include?

As I mentioned in my previous paragraph, Runa Clean Energy uses Guayusa Tea which is an Amazonian plant rich in caffeine. Sadly, energy drink manufacturers don’t have easy access to this plant. For this reason, most energy drinks usually include guarana and ginger extract for their caffeine content.

As such, it’s classified as a tea, similar to yerba mate, of course.

Guayusa leaves contain a lower level of tannin, so the taste of guayusa is generally better. It is for this reason that there is relatively less sugar added to it.

However, the experience will still be different because it’s organic as well. You can read more about Runa Clean Energy in the following paragraphs.

Dietary Guidelines For Runa Clean Energy

Nutritional information about Runa Clean is provided below.

Nutritional Facts of Runa Clean
Nutrition Facts Label
NutrientsAmount Per Serving- 1 Can (12 fl. oz)
Nutritional Information

RUNA is a healthier alternative to energy drinks of today, as it contains fewer calories and sugars. Caffeine is naturally obtained from the Guayusa leaf, an Amazonian super leaf full of antioxidants and caffeine.

In addition to controlling blood pressure and reducing inflammation, Runa nutrients have many benefits for the body. They have been recommended as healthier alternatives to traditional fizzy drinks.

Caffeine Content Of Runa Clean

Each 12 fl. oz serving of Runa Energy contains 150mg of natural caffeine, which is more caffeine than you would receive from two espresso drinks. 

The amount of each serving varies.

Natural caffeine in Runa Clean Energy
Moderate Caffeine Content

You should pick a drink that contains the caffeine dosage you prefer. Your tolerance to caffeine will determine your selection.

If you take Runa Clean Energy’s standard size, which is 12 ounces, this much caffeine may be manageable. If you are using an 8 fl. oz serving with 105mg of caffeine, then it might be a better choice.

It is important that the caffeine content in each size of the beverage is below the recommended level. According to the FDA, you can consume 400mg of caffeine per day.

Symptoms of excessive caffeine consumption include:

  • Foggy brain
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Dependence on caffeine
  • Troubled sleep
  • Dehydration

Taking Runa Clean Energy in moderation may not result in any undesirable side effects since it doesn’t contain any synthetic caffeine.

Benefits of Guayusa leaves tea

Guayusa-The Vital Ingredient

Taking the Amazonian leaf Guayusa will keep you awake for several hours. The best way to get the most benefits is to consume Runa Clean energy drinks or teas.

Other than caffeine, this leaf contains L-Theanine. Beta-alanine, taurine, and BCAAs do not have any unpleasant effects.

In Runa Energy, Guayusa will only stimulate your mind and body, so you will not crash. However, excessive use may cause headaches or anxiety if taken too frequently.

Some advantages of Guayusa leaves:

  • Provides a healthier boost
  • Keeps you alert
  • Elevates your mood
  • Lowers chances of heart diseases and diabetes

Is Runa Clean Drink High In Sugar?

No. As a matter of fact, Runa Clean Energy contains just 2g of organic sugar obtained from natural sources. However, there is no sugar-free version of Runa Clean Energy.

This is the amount of sugar you get in a 12-ounce serving. The sugar content of energy drinks varies depending on their size.

In your body, carbohydrates also act like sugar. 

Runa Clean Energy’s label indicates that it has organic cane sugar. To accelerate the growth of organic sugar cane, no chemicals are used.

Their healthier nature makes them safer than regular sugar. The sugar boosts mood and energy while enhancing memory. 

There is no doubt that Runa Clean Energy is a low-sugar drink.

A person should not consume more than 36 grams of sugar (men) and 24 grams (women).

Consult your physician before taking this drink if you have diabetes or other health issues.

The Taste Of Runa Clean Is Bitter. What Makes It So?

This product’s main advantage is the absence of artificial flavors and sweeteners. It may appear bitter to you due to its unsweetened nature. 

Brands use artificial sugar in the production of their drinks and supplements to enhance their taste. This is why sucralose can be found in beverages such as Zoa Energy drinks.

Runa Clean’s products are made with only clean ingredients. Choosing a natural energy source without artificial sweeteners could be the right choice for you if you’re seeking a healthy alternative. 

Health-conscious people should take note. Because the drink contains added sugars, I would recommend limiting consumption to one serving a day.

Sodium Content in Runa Clean Energy Drink

This energy drink contains 10mg of sodium but does not contain any additional calories. As opposed to other energy drinks, it’s not loaded with sodium, making it taste salty. It contains significantly more sodium than Celsius energy drinks.

According to the FDA, Americans consume too much sodium in their diets. When taken in any form, sodium can cause high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease.

Almost everything contains sodium, including junk food and energy drinks, so avoiding it is an almost impossible task. But try to keep your sodium intake within limits.

Due to Runa Clean Energy’s lower sodium content, it is within the recommended dosage. The safest dosage is 1500mg. 10mg of this is provided by Runa Clean Energy.

Runa Clean Energy has 10 calories
Healthy Blend Of Runa Clean Energy

Calorie Content Of Runa Clean

For those who prefer low-calorie beverages, Runa Clean Energy might be the right choice. Sugar and carbohydrates are mainly the sources of calories in energy drinks. 

A Runa Clean energy drink contains sugar and carbohydrates. A drink that contains 3 grams of carbohydrates will provide you with 12 calories since each gram of carbohydrate contains four calories.

Other Ingredients

Runa Energy also contains both malic and citric acids. The drink does not have any chemicals. That is a benefit.

These acids are free from harmful side effects when derived from natural sources. Many supplements and drinks contain artificial substitutes for these acids.

The chances of these causing an allergic reaction are extremely less.

Is Runa Energy Good for Your Health?

Yes! It is quite good for your health. The product contains all-natural ingredients that are beneficial for your overall wellness.

The guayusa leaves are rich in caffeine and antioxidants. Their moderate intake can prevent you from different diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases.

Moreover, you get a natural boost of energy without any jitters or crashes. Your cognitive powers will be enhanced and you’ll be more focused.

Pre-Workout Drink: Runa Clean Energy

You might not regret choosing this drink before working out. Find out why.

Unlike other stimulant dietary supplements and beverages, this one contains only Guayusa. Among these ingredients are caffeine and L-Theanine. There is no synthetic version of either.

This beverage is notable for not containing guarana, another source of caffeine.150mg of caffeine is present in each serving. Furthermore, it contains organically prepared versions as well.

The caffeine content of this drink is similar to two cups of espresso. The added bonus of this energy drink is that you won’t be jittery or crashing after your workout.

L-Theanine is also present in it. This ingredient eases stress and anxiety.

The organic blend of caffeine and L-theanine in the drink is the key to having focus and energy while working out.

Runa Clean Drink: Energy-Friendly Flavors

Is There A Way To Get Runa Clean?

This big leaf energy drink may be found in stores near you. Online shopping for these drinks is easiest and safest through Amazon.

Purchasing the brand’s products isn’t possible on its official website. Upon clicking the shop icon, you’re redirected to Amazon. 

Walmart is another place where these drinks can be purchased. Before buying a case, make sure you sample a few flavors first. It is best to try a few flavors before deciding on one.



Runa Clean works effectively for all types of consumers. Whether you are a vegan or follow a gluten-free diet, it is perfect for everyone.

Providing 150mg of caffeine per 12 oz. package, Runa may be just what the energy drink addict needs. In order not to consume more than 100mg of caffeine a day, choose an 8 fl. oz can. 

Coffee or tea can also be substituted for it. Runa drinks contain Guayusa, a plant that gives you a long-lasting energy boost and ensures that you don’t feel nervous.

Beta-alanine is absent in Runa Clean, so the anti-tingling properties are guaranteed. Because this drink is made from plant-derived antioxidants, it is suitable for vegans. 

The low sodium content of this beverage is another bonus, along with its moderate amount of carbs, and calories. Pregnant women and diabetics should avoid this drink because it contains too much caffeine and sugar.

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