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Energy Drink With Protein (All To Know)

A man drinking protein from the shaker in a gym
Energy drinks and protein drinks are two different kinds of energy drinks

Energy drink is an immense market that creates all kinds of energy drinks. However, one common thing is that these drinks aren’t big on protein contents, there’re very few energy drinks that contain protein including Muscle Monster, Bang, Boost, Bipro Protein water, V8+, and many more.

Protein is one of the most crucial nutrients for muscle growth, while there’re drinks that are high in protein, which are known as protein powders, energy drinks, on the other hand, include quite low or zero protein contents.

Energy drinks mostly focus on increasing strength and endurance and include ingredients that can provide that, I haven’t seen many energy drinks that are high in protein. Moreover, there isn’t only one reason for consuming energy drinks, almost every person consumes at least one can of energy drink in a day.

You can consume these energy drinks in the morning to get rid of sleepiness, mid-day in the office, or before and during a workout session.

One thing every energy drink has in common is caffeine content, it won’t be an energy drink if there isn’t caffeine in it, however, caffeine must not be consumed in high content as it can cause side effects.

Keep on reading to find out the benefits as well as the side effects of consuming energy drinks.

What Is The Best Protein Drink For Energy?

A woman in white t-shirt adding a scoop of powder in a blender
Personally, I like Bang – Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee as it has 20 g of protein, 130 calories, and only 1 g of sugar

As I said, energy drink is a huge market, you can find almost all kinds of energy drinks, so there’re a few energy drinks that contain a fair amount of protein.

The most popular energy drinks that include protein are Muscle Monster, Bang Keto Coffee, Bipro energy drink, and Boost energy drink.

These energy drinks are specifically created for people who’re looking to build muscle. No matter what fitness goal or preference you have, you can find energy drinks for every aspect.

Let’s not drift away and keep our focus on energy drinks with protein, learn more about those above-listed energy drinks with protein to understand them better.

Muscle Monster

Muscle Monster may just be the energy drink with the highest contents of protein, you’ll get 25 g of protein per can. Along with that, it contains 210 calories, 16 g of sugar, and all the essential vitamins.

Muscle Monster is the best option for athletes, gym freaks, or anyone who needs to increase their physical stamina and endurance.

While Muscle Monster will give you enough protein to achieve muscle gain, it’ll also keep you healthy as it’s packed with vitamins.

Bang – Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee

Bang never fails to impress its consumers, it includes moderate contents of almost all the ingredients. Bang – Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee energy includes 20 g of protein, 130 calories, and only 1 g of sugar.

What I like most about Bang Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee is that it doesn’t include too much sugar, unlike Muscle Monster.

Even if you’re consuming Bang Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee every day, it shouldn’t be bad for you, it’ll provide you with a healthy boost of strength and endurance without any crashes.

Bipro Protein Water

Bipro Protein Water is unique to staying hydrated and consuming your protein at the same time. Bipro Protein Water includes 20 g of protein and 90 calories with zero sugar, if that doesn’t scream healthy, then nothing would.

Bipro Protein Water is extremely healthy, there won’t be any side effects from consuming it, and it’ll solely provide a sufficient boost of energy, strength, and endurance while keeping you hydrated.

Boost – High Protein Nutritional Energy Drink

Boost – High Protein Nutritional Energy Drink can be a good source of protein, as it includes 15 g of protein and is packed with almost all the vitamins. However, what I don’t really like about it is that it contains 15 of sugar and 240 calories.

I can’t say that you won’t experience mild sugar crashes after its consumption, so either only consume half a serving or go for other energy drinks with protein content.

Moreover, it’s also high in sodium which can increase your chances of heart disease, especially if consumed in a chronic manner.

Those are the energy drinks with the highest protein contents, however, there’re other energy drinks that contain protein, which include:

Energy DrinksProtein content
Muscle Monster Chocolate Energy Shake27 g
High 5 Energy Drink19 g
Red Bull0.6 g
Reign Total Body Fuel1.1 g
Protein contents of energy drinks

Check out this video to know how you should be choosing your protein drink:

Are protein drinks healthy?

Do Protein Drinks Help With Energy?

Energy drinks that are high in protein are also high in calories, and calories are supposed to determine your energy levels, basically the most calories you consume, the greater energy levels you’ll have in your body.

In addition, these kinds of drinks also contain large contents of sugar, and sugar is considered to lift energy levels and improve your mood, however, I wouldn’t recommend you consume sugar over the limit.

The AHA recommends women and men keep an intake of 24 g (6 teaspoons) and 36 g (9 teaspoons) of sugar per day, more than that will certainly increase your chances of experiencing sugar-related side effects which include:

  • Headaches.
  • Irritability.
  • Fatigue.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Feeling jittery.
  • Having anxiety.
  • Feeling shaky.
  • Dizziness.
  • Acne.
  • Hunger.
  • Bloating.

Whereas in serious cases, sugar can also cause:

  • Higher blood pressure levels.
  • Inflammation.
  • Weight gain.
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Fatty liver disease.
  • Increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

Therefore, you should be careful with how much sugar your protein drink contains, if it’s over the recommended limit, I say you steer clear of such drinks.

Why Are Protein Energy Drinks Good?

Protein-energy drinks are created by combining substantial contents of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other phytochemicals, all of these can only provide benefits for the human body. While protein contents will help you to gain muscle, vitamins and minerals can keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Every human body requires protein, however too much protein can cause headaches and constipation, thus you need to check the protein contents of energy drinks that you’re consuming.

A balanced amount of protein can maintain a healthy weight, reduce muscle loss, speeds recovery after a hardcore workout, and can fuel your body with energy.

Do Protein Drinks Help with Energy?

A woman doing crunches in orange leggings and white top
The large calorie and sugar contents can lift your energy levels, however, excess sugar may also give you energy crashes

Protein-energy drinks are marketed as a way to increase energy levels and improve sports performance, these drinks include high protein and sugar contents, along with too many calories which can increase significantly increase your energy levels.

Protein is mostly consumed to maintain healthy muscle gain, mostly consumed by athletes and gym freaks. In addition, protein energy drinks also include several vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and hydrated throughout your physical performance.

In addition, protein also speeds muscle recovery after a hardcore workout, it won’t let your body lose any weight or muscle.

They’re a bunch of protein energy drinks that can provide all the above-mentioned benefits. Personally, I think Bang – Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee is the best option because it doesn’t include any unnecessary content of sugar and calories, which means the only thing that it’ll provide you is a healthy boost in your energy levels, strength, and endurance.

Alternatives To Energy Drinks With Protein

Energy drinks with protein contents can help you gain muscle, however, you need a sufficient source of energy that protein drinks may not be able to provide.

Thus, check out the list below for some amazing and effective energy drinks:


  • The energy drink industry is incredibly huge, so it would be rude to not create energy drinks with protein contents, while energy drinks generally don’t have protein, there’re protein drinks like Muscle Monster, Bang, Boost, Bipro Protein water, and V8+, that include large protein contents.
  • Protein is important for your body and especially for muscle gain, however even if you aren’t big on gaining muscle, your body requires a certain dose of protein to stay healthy.
  • Protein drinks may include vitamins and healthy protein sources, but they also include large sugar content, which can be bad for your health.
  • The only protein drink that seemed healthy is Bang – Heavenly Hazelnut Keto Coffee as it includes 20 g of protein, 130 calories, and only 1 g of sugar, Muscle Monster, on the other hand, has 25 g of protein, 210 calories, and 16 g of sugar.
  • Protein drinks can increase your energy levels, as they include too many calories and high sugar contents, which may contribute to lifting your energy levels.
  • However, if you need a sufficient source of energy, I suggest you go with energy drinks like Celsius, G Fuel, and Bang.

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