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Energy Drinks with Stevia (Explained)

Stevia, a plant species native to Brazil and Paraguay, is a natural sweetener and sugar alternative extracted from the leaves of the plant. Steviol glycosides are the main ingredients; they are around 50-300 times sweeter than sugar, are stable to heat and pH, and cannot be fermented.

Stevia leaves are collected and dried when they are at their sweetest. To release the sweetest, best-tasting component of the dried stevia leaf, it is necessary to soak the leaves in water. Following that, this extract is filtered, refined, dried, and crystallized.

Stevia is frequently promoted as a secure and beneficial sugar alternative that may be used to sweeten meals without the risks to one’s health associated with refined sugar. Additionally, it has been linked to a number of remarkable health advantages, including lowering blood sugar levels, calorie consumption, and cavity risk.

What is Stevia?

The leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, which is native to Paraguay and Brazil, are used to make stevia, a natural sweetener, and sugar alternative. Steviol glycosides are active chemicals, and they have around 50 to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, are heat-stable, pH-stable, and are not fermentable.

Is Stevia Healthy?

Yes, the flavor of the natural sweetener is approximately two hundred to three hundred times sweeter than the flavor of conventional sugar. Because a single serving of stevia contains so few calories, the sweetener is commonly referred to as “calorie-free.” Stevia is grown in South America. It has shown potential health advantages as a healthier alternative to sugar for diabetic patients, and so may be beneficial to their health.

What Does Stevia Consist of?

Sugar substitute Fermentation of the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant results in the production of stevia. However, it does not include any carbohydrates, calories, or other chemical additives, despite the fact that it is between one hundred and three hundred times sweeter than table sugar.

Some people find that they need time to get used to the flavor. Others describe the flavor as having a hint of menthol, despite the fact that some people find it to have an unpleasant aftertaste.

The 3 Best Stevia Energy Drinks of 2022:

If you’re interested in Energy Drinks with Stevia, here are my top 3 picks:

Before going ahead here’s a video for you on What is Stevia?

1. “Zevia Zero Calorie Stevia Energy Drink”

Zevia Zero Calorie Stevia Energy Drink
Zevia Zero Calorie Stevia Energy Drink

Zevia Zero Calorie Energy Drink is a stevia-sweetened energy drink that is available in 14 different flavors. You get 120 mg of pure, natural caffeine in each serving. This carbonated beverage includes caffeine, stevia leaf extract, citric acid, and tartaric acid.

Zevia energy drinks are sold in 12-packs and available in either a 12 or 16-fluid-ounce thin container. Zevia excels in providing its goods in a variety of formats. This includes mixers, organic Zevia tea, effervescent Zevia water, and even a Zevia beverage for children. You may offer this drink to your kids without worrying about it being artificial because it contains nothing at all.

2. Feel Natural Stevia Energy Drink

Feel Natural Stevia Energy Drink
Feel Natural Stevia Energy Drink

Feel Natural Energy Drink is a natural energy beverage without artificial sweeteners. Guarana, taurine, sugar alcohols, colorings, or flavorings are not present. The beverage comes in a variety of tastes and has a low carbonation level. Each drink has just 15 calories and 4 grams of carbs.

This energy drink has a special combination of sweeteners that is entirely composed of plants. 4 grams of pure sugar cane and stevia are combined in each can. Additionally, five B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C and E are included in each dose of Feel energy drink. Each may have 100 mg of caffeine. This is made from green coffee beans and offers a pure, caffeinated supply without a crash. This is comparable to the quantity in a cup of coffee.

Feel natural energy drinks come in the five flavors listed below:

  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Dragon fruit lemon
  • Mango passionfruit
  • BlackBerry pomegranate

3. Cellucor C4 Natural Stevia Energy Drink

Cellucor C4 Natural Stevia Energy Drink
Cellucor C4 Natural Stevia Energy Drink

A well-known brand of nutritional supplements for bodybuilders is Cellucor. They provide a variety of stimulant-containing pre-workout energy beverages. Their entirely clean substitute is Cellucor C4 Energy’s natural zero-clean energy drink.

It includes naturally occurring caffeine derived from coffee berries, giving you access to one of the purest types of caffeine accessible. Tyrosine and taurine are additional ingredients in this supplement that can help you grow muscle, increase your energy, and speeds up the burning of body fat that has been accumulated.

Additionally, Cognizin, a patented version of citicoline, is a component of Cellucor. This substance has been demonstrated to improve cognitive function, which will improve your mental clarity and concentration before your workout. This stevia-flavored, all-natural energy drink comes in three flavors: cherry limeade, blueberry lemonade, and strawberry coconut.

Slimline 12- and 16-oz cans of Cellucor C4 Energy Natural Zero Clean Energy Drink are available.

Energy Drink Sweeteners: Stevia vs. Sugar

In a very short period of time, stevia has gained enormous popularity as a sugar substitute. It’s not strange to understand why when you realize that it is entirely calorie-free and plant-based. Many individuals also choose stevia over aspartame and sucralose since it is entirely natural. Since stevia contains no carbohydrates, it also prevents the insulin surges that come with consuming sugar.

Stevia has 250–300 times the sweetness of sugar. You just need to take it in little amounts, so to speak. Stevia is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a sugar alternative who is attempting to lose weight because it has no calories. A recipe becomes substantially healthier when stevia is used in place of sugar. You also lower the food’s glycemic index rating.

It’s important to keep in mind that stevia may somewhat alter the flavor of a dish when sugar is totally substituted. Experimenting to determine what works best for you might be beneficial. Some people may also experience a very little aftertaste from stevia.

How Do I Choose an Energy Drink With Stevia?

Stevia is the best option available when seeking a healthy substitute for an energy drink that contains sugar. Find a beverage that contains stevia leaf extract. The stevia rebaudiana plant should be used to produce the stevia glycosides. Most energy drinks won’t utilize 100% stevia to sweeten their product since this kind of pure stevia is harsh.

You should thus carefully consider what the other 50% is. While some manufacturers employ artificial sweeteners, others utilize sugar. But you should seek an energizing beverage that combines stevia with another similarly healthful ingredient, such as agave nectar.

FAQs about Stevia

Here are some FAQs about stevia.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a sugar substitute made from natural plants. It comes from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia has been used for many centuries as both a herbal treatment for high blood sugar and a natural sweetener. Stevia is astonishingly up to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. The steviol glycoside molecules in stevia are what give it its sweetness. The leaves of the stevia plant must be cleaned of these glycosides. The dried leaves are first steeped in water in this procedure, which results in the isolation of the glycosides.

The extract that is left is spray-dried before being transformed into a sweetener. Either a concentrated drink or a single-serve stevia packet is the product that ends up on the store shelf.

The majority of stevia products you can buy off the shelf contain fillers like maltodextrin. They may be substituted 1:1 in recipes and are frequently offered as sugar-based substitutes.

Stevia has no calories or carbohydrates. Some of the items on the shelves do, however, include additional components. To balance the flavor, they might contain sugar alcohols and other sweeteners. To be sure you are purchasing truly pure stevia extract, we advise you to carefully read the label on the product.

Is it Safe to Use Stevia?

Let us look at whether Stevia is safe for consumption.

Yes, for the great majority of individuals, stevia is safe to use. It is a totally natural, plant-based alternative to sugar and synthetic sugar substitutes. Stevia glycosides are approved as safe by the US FDA. It does not presently recognize entire stevia leaves or raw stevia extracts.

There has been some worry voiced that certain people with Type 2 Diabetes may have issues with specific varieties of stevia. However, this can be because a product also contains other sweeteners in addition to stevia.

The use of stevia during pregnancy has also sparked some controversy. We advise pregnant women to stick to foods that have received FDA approval.

It is well known that stevia is child-safe. In fact, it’s a great sugar replacement for kids that can help them maintain a healthy weight.

Stevia consumption often has no negative side effects, although one research found that it could affect good intestinal bacteria.

Is Stevia Prohibited in the US?

Stevia is now not prohibited in the US, despite having been. As a food additive, stevia glycosides are now permitted.

Is Stevia a Good Substitute for Sugar?

Is Stevia a Good Substitute for Sugar? Lets answer this question.

Stevia nutrition factsLiquid or powdered stevia extract is sweeter than sugar. The extract has few calories, carbs, and minerals.
Benefits and potential downsidesStevia may help control weight and blood sugar, and animal studies suggest it may reduce heart disease risk. It’s a sweetener with health risks.
Is it healthier than sugar?Stevia has a lower GI than table sugar and may help you cut calories and added sugar. Less than 10% of daily calories should come from added sugars.
Is it a good substitute for sugar?Stevia has a harsh flavor and lacks sugar’s cooking characteristics. It’s a good sugar alternative when combined with sugar.
Sugar vs Stevia.


  • You can get a terrific pick-me-up from energy drinks, enabling you to persevere throughout the day. The majority of energy drinks available, however, are so high in sugar that they will make you nervous and result in an unavoidable energy drop.
  • Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from plants and has no calories.
  • When used in place of sugar, it may lower calorie consumption, which would be beneficial for blood sugar regulation and the health of the heart. However, these advantages have not been completely demonstrated, and there is a paucity of studies on the impact it has over the long run.
  • Reb-A stevia products are suitable for pregnant women and diabetics. Weight management, diabetes, and other health conditions need additional investigation.
  • Stevia is sweeter than sugar, so use less.
  • You can cultivate whole-leaf stevia for personal use, but not commercially. Despite a paucity of data, many individuals think whole-leaf stevia is harmless.
  • If you’re pregnant, don’t add raw stevia to your tea.
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