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GG Gamer Supps Review (Thoughts)

I’ve always loved rich desserts. I know it may seem unrelated, but I’ll explain later on why I mentioned this, but this is one of the factors why I’m giving it a 7.5 out of 10 in terms of rating.

Most of you are here to learn more about my personal experience with GG Gamer Supps. You may be looking for the perfect energy drink or you’re an enthusiast like me who just loves to research and try out different products.

Either way, I’m here to give you insights about GG Gamer Supps. In this article, I’ll be talking about GG Gamer Supp’s overview, its ingredients, some components, the flavors, the price, and many more. I’ll also be talking about how similar my experience is between rich chocolate cake and GG Gamer Supps.

Maybe through this, you’ll be given an insight into just what GG Gamer Supps can offer. Let’s get started.

Ingredients of GG Gamer Supps

These are the ingredients of GG Gamer Supps.
Carbohydrates<1 g
Calories<1 g
Organic Erythritol<1 g
Vitamin C100 mg
Vitamin B65 mg
Vitamin B12200 mcg
Vitamin H100 mcg
Nootropics159,000 mcg
CaffeineNot Stated
L-TheanineNot Stated
L-TyrosineNot Stated
Choline L-BitartrateNot Stated
LuteinNot Stated
Natural AstaxanthinNot Stated
Coenzyme Q10Not Stated
Acai Berry ExtractNot Stated
Mangosteen ExtractNot Stated
Gogi Berry ExtractNot Stated
Ginseng Root ExtractNot Stated
Citric AcidNot Stated
Organic ErythritolNot Stated
Malic AcidNot Stated
Natural and Artificial FlavorsNot Stated
SilicaNot Stated
SucraloseNot Stated
Acesulfame KNot Stated
ColoringNot Stated
Here’s the list of ingredients of GG Gamer Supps.

This is the list of the ingredients of GG Gamer Supps. Now that you have seen this, we can move on to the three main components of this section.

Caffeine of GG Gamer Supps

GG Gamer Supps has 100 mg of organic caffeine. If you look closely, GG Gamer Supps did not disclose the amount of coffee they have. This information was seen through their own sources.

A vital piece of information to know about caffeine is that too much of it can make you feel sick. Caffeine overdose can happen to anyone.

These are the symptoms associated with caffeine overdose:

  • Immense pain in the head
  • Inability to fall asleep
  • Overwhelming anxiety
  • Temper and anxiety issues
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Heartbeat instability
  • Involuntary muscle movements
  • Shaking of hands and other limbs.

To avoid this, you’ll have to follow the FDA standard to drink only 400 mg of caffeine every day.

Calories of GG Gamer Supps

GG Gamer Supps contains less than one calorie, meaning it doesn’t affect your weight, unlike high-calorie food and drinks. I was very happy to learn about this initially, being conscious of my health.

In my opinion, depending on the activity you have for the day, you’ll have to assess whether you’ll need more calories or less. I’d rather stick with less for health reasons.

Sugar of GG Gamer Supps

GG Gamer Supps has very little sugar content.

GG has less than a gram of sugar, compensating with sweetness from erythritol and acesulfame potassium. You might be familiar with erythritol through its common name, Stevia.

As for acesulfame potassium, you may need to look out for this one. Not enough testing was done to prove and justify your body’s need for it, how much you can handle, and many more.

Different Flavors Offered by GG Gamer Supps

These are the flavors I got from GG Gamer Supps.

GG Game Supps has a moderate variety to choose from. It’s quite a lot, in my opinion, but if you don’t want the same thing over and over again, you might enjoy it.

GG Gamer Supps Flavors:

  • Guacamole Gamer
  • Pineapple Cocktail
  • Waifu Candy
  • Misfit Melon
  • Mango Meta
  • Citrus Lemonade
  • Blue Razz
  • Dragonfruit Punch
  • Acai Blueberry
  • Strawberry Burst
  • Lemon Limeade
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Sour Apple

I tasted Mango Meta for your convenience. It had the same experience with a really rich chocolate cake. I know what you might be thinking that’s a good thing, but I’ll explain why I know it’s not all great.

That being said, my experience might be different from yours, so always take my input with a grain of salt. I’ve heard a lot of people enjoying the drink to the last drop, so I might just have a different taste from them.

There’s also the flavor factor. I tried Mago Meta, though Blue Razz is good. You can find out more about that in this article.

Rich Chocolate Cake: GG Gamer Supps Summed Up

If you’ve ever had something so good and rich, you’ll probably find yourself only being served the significantly small portion. In my opinion, I think that’s the best way to enjoy the good food and drinks life has to offer.

The moment you eat something really good, you start to crave more after the small serving. You might get another one, or binge on bigger servings, only to find yourself hating the taste more and more.

It’s not that it’s bad. It’s that it becomes too much.

Just like rich chocolate cake, you may want another slice, but after that, you’ll have that weird texture in your mouth of thick, slimy, sweetness that can coat your throat.

The dream then becomes a nightmare. You get sick of all the richness and want cleaner flavors. This is all similar to what I experienced with GG Ghost Gamer.

Read on to find out about the price, taste, texture, and more.

The Taste of GG Gamer Supps

The first sip of GG Gamer Supps was great! I was very willing to give it a 9 out of 10, but then as it gets to the end, it just didn’t justify that score.

The last few sips of it, for me at least, didn’t taste good. It came to a point where it didn’t seem edible enough. The richness of the drink was too overpowering in the end, much like rich chocolate cake–the more you have of it, the more it didn’t seem all too great.

The Texture of GG Gamer Supps

In terms of solubility, the start of the drink made it really smooth and surprisingly without the powdery, crystal-like texture. I definitely liked the experience at the start.

That is until I realized that everything settled at the bottom. At that point, I was unsure whether I should still drink it. It was concerning, to say the least.

The Aftertaste of GG Gamer Supps

GG Gamer Supps didn’t leave me with a bad crash to deal with afterwards, which is quite common in terms of sugar-free energy drinks. There wasn’t much caffeine, either.

The aftertaste, though, was a setback for me. While the effects of GG Gamer Supps were definitely astounding, the taste didn’t justify the goodness of the product.

The Price of GG Gamer Supps

My main concern is the price of the drink which is a whopping $28.48 USD for a pack of three sachets, making one packet $9.50 USD. It would have been worth it if the drink was perfect, but it just wasn’t.

Granted, the price has other factors like shipping cost which is about $13.49 added to the price, and the fact that the starter kit costs more, it’s still a pretty big amount for something sold predominantly through e-commerce.

While I understand that nothing is perfect, in my opinion, because I’ve spent most out of an energy drink with GG Gamer Supps, I would expect nothing else but greatness.

Affordable Energy Drinks

I know the price might turn people off from buying GG Gamer Supps, which is why I’ve made some comparisons with other energy drinks just to give you an alternative. Note that prices are subject to change.

GG Gamer Supps$9.50100 mg<1 Calorie<1 g
Reign$1.50300 mg10 Calories3 g
Monster$3160 mg210 Calories59 g
Red Bull$1.2580 mg110 Calories27 g
Celsius$2200 mg10 Calories0 g
Bang$4300 mg0 Calories0 g
This is a comparison of GG Gamer Supps vs. Other Brands.

You’ll find a lot of options above, but each one of them has its own sets of pros and cons. Here’s a short description of each brand based on the chart:

Reign can on a table
This is what Reign looks like.
  • Reign Energy Drinks
    • For just $1.50, you can enjoy Reign Energy, a drink that contains 10 calories and just 3 g of sugar. While these are all justifiable amounts, what’s concerning is the 300 mg caffeine content.
Monster Zero Ultra
This is what Monster looks like.
  • Monster Energy Drink
    • Monster Energy is just $3, with a moderate amount of 160 mg caffeine. What’s disturbing here is the amount of sugar and calories, which are 210 calories and 59 g, respectively.
Red Bull In a Pool
This is what Red Bull looks like.
  • Red Bull Energy Drink
    • Redbull is a very popular drink. It only costs $2 with 80 mg of caffeine, 110 calories, and 27 g of sugar. While the caffeine and sugar content are pretty modest, the amount of calories can be on the higher end of the spectrum.
This is what Celsius looks like.
  • Celsius Energy Drink
    • Celsius costs $2, with 200 mg of caffeine, 10 calories, and no sugar. This has a pretty high amount of caffeine, just 2 servings until the maximum amount a normal person should have. Still, in my opinion, it’s better than 300 mg of caffeine because at least you can have two servings a day if you really need it.
A series of Bang Cans lined up on by the pool
This is what Bang looks like.
  • Bang Energy Drink
    • Lastly, there’s Bang costs $4, with 300 mg of caffeine, no calories, and no sugar. Bang, next to GG Gamer Supps, costs more than the others. It also has a very high amount of caffeine.

I personally would go for Celsius if I’m looking at the price. The drink is just $2, there’s just enough caffeine for my tolerance, and the calories and sugar content aren’t so concerning. It’s the right drink for me, but you may want something else.

In the end, the perfect energy drink should depend on what you need. If anything else, GG Gamer Supps is pretty okay.

The Overall Experience (Conclusion)

I give GG Gamer Supps a 7.5 out of 10 because of inconsistency. It was so good in the beginning, but the end didn’t have the same, great taste.

The price was also concerning. It wasn’t an affordable energy drink at all. The price was way too much, especially if I could just run to a store and buy energy drinks for a cheaper cost and the same effect.

The aftermath, aside from the aftertaste, was a good experience, though. I didn’t crash because of the minimal sugar and caffeine. Overall, for people who aren’t so concerned with price, this is a good product.

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