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Glitch Energy Drink Review (Summarized)

It doesn’t matter if you want to stay awake all night studying for exams or if you want to play games for hours, Glitch will keep you going. This dietary supplement provides you both energy and a focus with no adverse effects. 

Interestingly, this sugar-free powdered beverage has a fusion of nootropics and nutrients which are below the doses that health authorities regulate. The caffeine dose is also not overpowering and won’t make you crash. 

You’re probably wondering if this beverage is suitable for those following certain diets. This article intends to answer all your queries, so stick around.

Let’s explore!!!


Here are the ingredients of Glitch energy supplements:

  • Natural flavor
  • Citric acid
  • Malic acid
  • Calcium silicate
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Xanthan gum
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Turmeric root powder

Nutritional Information

IngredientsAmount per serving
Total Carbohydrates1 g
Natural caffeine150 mg
Taurine2000 mg
Methylliberine (as Dynamine)100 mg
Nutrition Facts of Glitch Energy Drink

The best part about Glitch is that its label carries the information regarding the amount of all active ingredients. It helps you know whether or not you’re consuming the safe dosages. 

Glitch: Caffeine Levels

Each serving of Glitch, containing 150 milligrams of caffeine, will provide you with enough stimulation. On top of that, the caffeine in the beverage is natural. 

Now the question arises; is natural caffeine is any different from the synthetic version of caffeine! In terms of effects, natural caffeine might stay in your system two times longer than its other counterparts. This is what some brands claim, however, no study supports these claims. 

Coffee beans
Glitch energy supplement contains an adequate dose of caffeine

Research shows when you take a combination of caffeine, teacrine, and dynamine, it improves your brain functions without causing anxiety and other symptoms associated with solo intake of caffeine. So, it’s evident that a fusion of caffeine and dynamine works better than caffeine alone. 

It’s important to note that the FDA suggests keeping your caffeine intake below 400 milligrams. Taking more caffeine than this dose might cause serious health issues like:

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dependence
  • Dehydration

When taking this beverage, you shouldn’t take caffeine from other sources. 

What Does Taurine Do in Glitch?

You’ll find Taurine a common ingredient in gaming or pre-workout beverages. Interestingly, it leaves very subtle and clean effects on you. A 2 grams dose in each serving is safe and below the recommended dosage. The approved dose for taurine is below 3 grams. 

A study shows that caffeine and taurine-containing beverages help improve cognitive performance. Moreover, you experience a positive impact on your mood. 

Taurine is mainly found in animal-based foods such as meat and dairy. So, vegans need to supplement this active ingredient from plant sources. 

Let me tell you that energy beverages use the synthetic variant of taurine. With all the benefits in mind, you can take this beverage to boost your mental and physical health. 

Is Glitch Energy Drink Sugar-free?

This gaming supplement contains zero grams of added sugar therefore, those with diabetes and sugar sensitivity might not experience any sugar spikes. It’s no surprise that sugar-infused drinks increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. So, it’s always wise to regulate your daily sugar intake and keep it under check. 

As per AHA guidelines, men should keep their consumption levels below 36 grams, while the safe dose for women is below 24 grams. 

Sugar Cubes
Glitch is not one of the drinks that are loaded with sugar

Additionally, drinks without sugar would taste bitter if there’s no sugar replacement. In Glitch, there are two sugar substitutes, sucralose, and acesulfame. However, you can’t expect a natural taste in the presence of these artificial sugars. You can expect a sweeter taste than you would have with regular sugar. 

The best part about these sweeteners is that they are low in calories and are FDA-approved. In comparison with added sugar, these are less harmful and unlikely to affect your blood sugar levels. 

Other Nootropics

Other than caffeine and taurine, there are other active ingredients as well. Luckily, the label carries the information regarding the amount present in the beverage. 

Let’s have look at the safe doses and functions of all the active ingredients;

Ingredients Safe doseFunctions
L-Citrulline (1000 mg)3-6 grams This amino acid might increase blood flow in your body. Taking this supplement multiple times might increase your endurance. 
L-Tyrosine (1000 mg)150 mg/kgMost energy supplements contain this amino acid due to its mood-improving properties. It also intends to provide you with attention and focus. Additionally, it works in stressful situations. 
Green tea Leaf extract (150 mg)250 mg – 500 mgIt’s the most healthy tea that people use worldwide. The antioxidants in the tea are useful for brain cognitive functions. It also helps burn the fat. 
Methylliberine (as Dynamine) (100 mg)When you take a combination of caffeine and dynamine, it has been shown to improve brain functions with no interference with mood. 
Functions of all the active ingredients of Glitch energy supplement

Nutrients in Glitch Energy Drink

There is a combination of four different groups of vitamins
There is a combination of four different groups of vitamins

There’s a moderate contribution of nutrients in Glitch to provide you with clean and natural energy. There’s a combination of all types of vitamins. Let’s see how they work in your body:

VitaminsRecommended DoseFunctions
Vitamin C (90 mg) 90 mg (men)75 mg (women)Whether it’s about the functioning of the immune system or improving eyesight, this vitamin can do both. It also lowers your blood pressure. 
Vitamin D (25 mcg)400-800 mcgCalcium absorption is the prime function of the D vitamin. The best way to take this vitamin is through supplements. Being deficient in this vitamin might cause muscle pain. 
Vitamin E (86 mg)1000 mgIt’s uncommon to see energy drinks containing this vitamin. If you maintain vitamin E levels in your body, it might help improve your memory. 
Vitamin B12 (12 mcg)2.4 mcgBeing a stress reliever this vitamin is present in quite a lot of energy beverages. So, you can take it to regulate your mood. 
The table shows functions of vitamins

Is Glitch Energy Drink Safe For Everyone?

If you’ve caffeine sensitivity, I wouldn’t recommend taking this or any other drink containing caffeine. Caffeine is also unsuitable for those under 18, pregnant, or nursing women. 

Most energy supplements are loaded with sugar, which makes them unsuitable for diabetics. Since this supplement is sugar-free, you won’t experience any rise in sugar levels. 

Overall, this energy drink is a safe option as a gaming or pre-workout supplement. The doses of active ingredients and nutrients are also below the safe doses. 

However, you shouldn’t go beyond one serving to not experience any side effects. 

Is Glitch Energy Suitable For Vegans?

Luckily, those following vegan diets can safely have this drink. The brand advertises its drinks as a vegan. 

Glitch is a vegan gaming supplement

For those who’re not familiar with this diet, it’s a diet that doesn’t contain animal-based products. Everything you eat in this diet comes from fruits and vegetables.

This drink doesn’t contain any such ingredient that is sourced from animals. Some individuals believe taurine comes from animals, which isn’t true. 

An ingredient in energy drinks that vegans should never take is deer antler. This ingredient is non-vegan and makes drinks containing this unsuitable. However, there’s no such case with Glitch energy supplement. 

Is Glitch Energy Gluten-free?

As per the brand, all their supplements don’t come with grains containing gluten and are gluten-free. Some individuals are allergic to a protein specifically found in wheat and other grains. When they consume this protein, they face serious problems such as bloating or headaches. 

Some people ignore the signs and keep consuming this protein which keeps causing these problems. If you encounter any such problem, you should consult your physician. In the case of Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, following a gluten-free diet would help only.  

Glitch Energy Drink Review

Watch this video to see the first reaction to this supplement.

Review of Glitch energy supplement

Glitch energy supplement comes with numerous benefits and there are only a few downsides to it. Let’s have a look at both pros and cons. 


  • It contains no sugar and won’t raise blood sugar levels.
  • It comes with a moderate dosage of caffeine and wouldn’t cause crashes.
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Nutrients in the supplement help regulate your mood.
  • Provides you with focus and energy.


  • Comes with a long list of ingredients.
  • Caffeine dose might cause dependency.
  • Not suitable for those with caffeine sensitivity.
  • Might leave an aftertaste.
  • Artificial sweet taste.

Are Two Servings of Glitch Safe? 

In my honest opinion, you should never go beyond one serving of Glitch. All the active ingredients and nutrients are in safe dosages and will not cause any side effects. 

However, when you take more than one serving, you’ll definitely build caffeine tolerance. You’ll then need to consume the same high dosage of caffeine every time to feel more alert and focused. 

The taurine dosage is already 2 grams and taking two servings will exceed the daily recommended limit. 


I would rate this beverage a 7 out of 10.

Overall, it’s a better-tasting drink that helps you stay focused and alert for several hours. Containing a moderate dosage of caffeine and no sugar, it would be suitable for a wide range of individuals. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend buying a tub upfront, you should instead try their starter sachets. It’ll help you choose the flavor that suits your taste buds. 

There’s no better way than Glitch to uplift your gaming experience.

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