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How Many Ghost Gamer Can You Drink in a Day? (Revealed)

You’re probably wondering how much of this beverage is enough for you to keep going. Here’s a quick answer;

Considering the moderate dosage of caffeine and other stimulants, you should keep your daily intake to a maximum of two scoops. Zero sugar content is also what makes this beverage an ideal fit for many.

If you’ve recently started gaming or want to switch to another power drink, Ghost Gamer might not disappoint you. Throughout this article, you’ll know what goes into this drink. Also, I will answer all your queries regarding this supplement.

Let’s explore!

Ingredients of Ghost Gamer

Here’s what goes into each serving of Ghost Gamer;

  • nooLVL
  • Natural and artificial flavor
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Citric acid
  • Malic acid
  • Coconut water powder
  • Calcium silicate
  • Tartaric acid
  • AstraGin
  • Sucralose

Nutritional Information

Nutritional InformationPer Serving (5 g)
Natural Caffeine75 mg
Taurine500 mg
L-Tyrosine500 mg
AstraGin25 mg
Energy18 KJ/4 kcal
Carbohydrates1 g
Sugar0 g
Theobromine20 mg
Cognizin Citicoline250 mg
Nutrition Facts of Ghost Gamer

The amount of all active ingredients is listed to make sure you are taking the correct dosage by keeping the daily requirements of all ingredients in mind.

Ghost Gamer: Caffeine

Ghost Gamer has a low level of caffeine.

With 75 mg of natural caffeine from coffee beans, one serving of this beverage might not work for avid caffeine consumers. Therefore, you should mix at least two scoops with 8-10 oz water. If you like carbonated drinks, you can use seltzer (sparkling) water instead of regular.

Additionally, natural caffeine comes with fewer negative effects than other types of caffeine.

The dose of caffeine in two servings (125 mg) is below the suggested dose. The FDA recommends keeping your daily caffeine intake below 400 mg. But you must keep in mind that we take caffeine from other sources too during the day. If your daily intake of caffeine surpass the daily limit you may end up getting the following symptoms;

Interestingly, you might not experience any such problem with this drink. If you’re looking for a coffee replacement, it might be worth considering. You can also consider other non-caffeinated energy drinks to enhance alertness and reduce fatigue.

Other Stimulants 

Caffeine is not the only nootropic; a few others also help you get through the day. The best thing about this gaming variant of Ghost is that the label carries information regarding the number of active ingredients in the beverage.

Let’s have a look at what those stimulants are and what functions they perform;

nooLVL (800 mg)

A recent study examined the effects of this active ingredient on cognitive performance and mood in gamers. 

The dose given to each group was 1500 mg. It was interesting to see that the energy levels of the eGamers increased just with one dose. Overall, there was an increase in reaction time and a decrease in anger.

Overall, this active ingredient improves your mood and cognitive function. 

Cognizin (250 mg)

According to NCBI, the usual dose of Citicoline is between 1000 and 2000 mg if taken to improve thinking skills. 

According to WebMD, it’s effective to increase memory in individuals above 50. You can say cognizin is a treatment for memory problems. Interestingly, you get a safe dose in Ghost that may not affect your brain negatively.

Astragin (25 mg)

This active compound is also known as astragalus. According to Healthline, the safe dose of astragalus is 60 mg, ensuring the dose present in the beverage will not cause adverse effects. The benefits of astragin include:

This ingredient may cause side effects for pregnant and nursing women.

Sugar Levels in Ghost Gamer

sugar grounds
Ghost Gamer is almost a sugar-free gaming formula.

Two scoops containing less than 0.5 grams of table sugar make it a valid option for a wide range of consumers. There will be zero sugar in your drink if you add only one scoop.

Also, the carb level (2.1 g/two servings) won’t add much to your daily carb intake. Some flavors of Ghost, interestingly, come with zero sugar and carbs. So, you might want to consider them if you’re sensitive to sugar or a weight freak. 

Let me tell you that there are limited options for sugar-free beverages in the market. Taking them daily will not make your sugar level go sky-high but they can make you gain weight in a fairly short amount of time.

Sugar Substitute: Sucralose

When there’s no sugar in the drinks, you’ll get a bland and unsweetened taste that you might not find tolerable. This is when a calorie-free sugar substitute, sucralose, comes into play. 

Energy brands use this as a sugar substitute to add a sweet taste to energy drinks. 

It’s important to note that it’s FDA approved and is less harmful than added sugar. On top of that, it’s way sweeter than the sugar you take daily. If you’re not a regular consumer of this artificial sugar, you may experience a rise in blood levels. 


This cognitive formula contains both active and inactive ingredients. When it comes to vitamins, you’ll see plenty of them. Each has different doses and performs numerous functions.

VitaminsSafe DoseFunctions
C (250 mg)90 mg (Men),75 mg (Women)Effective for vision loss and lowers the risks of getting AMD. 
D (25 mcg)10-20 mcgImproves your immune system, possibly effectively enhances mood, and reduces depression.
E (7.5 mg)15-19 mgNot only brain health but your vision will benefit from this vitamin.
Niacin (10 mg)35 mgIt reduces blood pressure and keeps your brain cells from being damaged.
B6 (0.85 mg)1.7 mgA betterment in brain health and boost in mood is done by B6 like other B vitamins.
B12 (3 mcg)2.4 mcgIt is responsible for healthy nerve cells.
Vitamins in Ghost Gamer

Amino Acids

nutrients in energy drinks
Amino Acids in Ghost Gamer

The amino acids in this powdered supplement include taurine and tyrosine. Here’s how they benefit you;

Taurine (500 mg)

NCBI study suggested the effective dose for taurine below 3 grams. Since this amino acid is sedative, it may leave you feeling very calm. According to research, when taken in larger doses than caffeine, it intends to promote sleep. 

As you probably know, caffeine is a nootropic that blocks adenosine. Power drinks contain taurine to counterbalance the stimulant effects of caffeine and other nootropics. 

Tyrosine (500 mg)

An article published by WebMD has indicated to keep tyrosine intake below 150 mg per kg of your body weight to not experience any negative symptoms. 

Here are some benefits of this amino acid;

  • Give alertness
  • Improve mood in stressful situations
  • Increase brain chemicals

There’s no evidence of it improving your memory. If you use it while you’re on medication, tyrosine may interfere with it. Therefore, you should consult a physician before adding it to your diet.

Watch this video to learn about more benefits of L-Tyrosine.

This video explains the benefits of L-Tyrosine.

How Many Ghost Gamer Should You Drink Each Day?

I would recommend sticking to two servings a day if you want this drink to enhance your concentration for several hours. It’s a perfect dose for those who do a lot of brain-intensive work. 

If your brain doesn’t get the focus you need to get through the day, the reason might be your high tolerance. Once you’ve built a high stimulation, you’ll need a high dose of nootropics to feel an increase in energy levels. 

It’ll only work if you’re not a frequent consumer of energy beverages. The best part is that it won’t cause jitters or crashes. 

How Long Does a Ghost Gamer Last?

If you ask about the effects of this gaming formula, it’ll give you a mental boost that may stay for 1 to 2 hours. The effects might last for 3 to 5 hours with other energy beverages.

There are a few reasons why you wouldn’t experience long-lasting effects with this one. The first one is its low levels of caffeine. The caffeine in energy drinks determines how long they’re going to last.

Another reason behind this is that Ghosts’ ingredients impact your cognitive functions. Meaning you won’t see any physical energy boost.

How long a tub lasts depends on how much power you consume. If you take two servings every day, each 40 serving tub will last for 20 days. Sticking to one serving will make this tub last for more than a month.

Is Ghost Gamer Safe For Everyone?

No, this powder beverage isn’t suitable for all consumers.

The label clearly indicates that you should consult your doctor before taking this supplement. Also, this formula isn’t a healthy option for those under 18, pregnant, or nursing women. 

Furthermore, if you experience any unpleasant effects such as anxiety or headaches, you should discontinue using it. However, it’s safe for those with sugar and caffeine sensitivity due to no sugar and low caffeine factor.

I’d recommend checking the label carefully to ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredient.

Ghost Gamer: Gaming or Pre-workout Supplement?

If you’re planning to take it as a pre-workout, let me tell you that it might not work for you. There’s no energizer except caffeine that will provide you with physical energy. Additionally, the low caffeine dose won’t make a significant impact if you’ve a tolerance for caffeine.

Workout makes you sweat and lose water which further leads to dehydration. Pre-workout drinks, therefore, contain adequate amounts of electrolytes, such as sodium to maintain fluid balance. However, Ghost has no such ingredients.

All the ingredients, including amino acids and nooLVL, improve your concentration and cognitive function, making it a great gaming formula. But if the goal is to increase your workout capacity I’d advise you not to rely on this drink.

Best Time To Drink Ghost Gamer

tiny clock
What’s the best time to take Ghost Gamer?

The best time to take this drink is four hours before going to bed. Keep in mind that taking it at night will disrupt your sleep and keep you awake till 1 a.m. 

The effects you get from this powder are not strong. However, caffeine may work differently for everyone. There’s a possibility that some individuals may not experience any sleeplessness. But it’s always better to consider your bedtime when taking it.


This low caffeine and no sugar formula is perfect for daily consumption. You can add 1 serving to water or any other beverage. For more stimulant results, you can increase this dose to two servings. 

You can keep this tiny tub on your desk and take it whenever you want to beat an epic gaming session. 

It’s important to note that this is not a pre-workout and won’t work for that cause. It’ll only provide you with more cognitive energy than physical. 

The fact that it’s vegan makes it an ideal option for those following a particular diet. Give it a try to boost your gaming experience!

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