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Is Aspire Energy Drink Bad For You? (Truth)

We all know that energy drinks can be loaded with too much sugar and preservatives, resulting in some nasty side effects. It’s enough to turn most of us off from drinking them.

But what if there’s a better alternative? Aspire Energy drink claims to be the healthier option because of its plant-based ingredients and nutritional value.

Let’s take a closer look: Aspire Energy is zero-calorie, sugar-free, and has only 80mg of caffeine in it. So, to answer the question, Aspire isn’t that bad as long as you consume it in moderation.

But what else sets the brand apart?

Read on to find out!

Ingredients in Aspire Energy 

Aspire is an innovative blend of active natural ingredients such as slow-releasing caffeine, guarana seed extract, and green tea extract.

Apart from these key ingredients, the energy drink also contains the following; 

Aspire can
Aspire Ingredients as per the back of the can.
Ingredient TypeIngredient
EnergizersCaffeine, Guarana Seed Extract,
Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Calcium Lactate
AcidCitric Acid, Malic Acid
Amino AcidsTaurine
VitaminsVitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C
WaterCarbonated Water
Artificial FlavorsSucralose
Additional FlavorsNatural Flavours
Acidity RegulatorSodium Citrate
StimulantsGreen Tea Extract, Choline Bitartrate

Nutritional Contents of Aspire

Given below is a table of all the nutritional contents available in a 355mL can of Aspire energy drink with zero calories.

NutritionAmount% Daily Value
Total Fat0g0%
Total Carbs0g0%
Total Sugars0g0%
Vitamin C63mg70%
Vitamin B63.4mg200%
Vitamin B121.7mcg70%
Pantothenic Acid4mg80%

Caffeine in Aspire

Aspire Energy drink contains 80mg of natural and slow-releasing caffeine that is 100% plant-based.

The energy drink does not contain synthetic caffeine and hence, does not cause harmful side effects such as anxiety, sudden crash in energy, heart tremors, jitteriness, etc.

According to the FDA, 400mg of caffeine is the maximum amount a healthy adult can take per day. Any amount eaten over that level may cause significant adverse effects.

Sugar in Aspire

Aspire does not contain traditional sugar for health reasons. Instead, it contains 1/100th gram of Sucralose, which is a derivative of natural sugar.

This calorie-free artificial sweetener will not affect your blood sugar levels, making it suitable for diabetics or those who want to watch their sugar intake.

Moreover, the AHA recommends a daily sugar intake of only 25 grams for women and 36 grams for men.

Calorie Content of Aspire

Make sure to stick to the recommended daily limit.

Aspire, essentially, contains zero calories. Not only that but, it also comes with calorie-burning properties, thanks to its active natural ingredients.

The Guarana Seed Extracts enhance your metabolism, so you’ll be able to burn more calories when you sweat in the gym!

Moreover, if you’re also on a calorie-restricted diet, you won’t have to worry about Aspire since it’s calorie-free.

How Many Cans of Aspire Can You Drink in a Day?

I suggest that you stick to one or two Aspire cans a day even though it doesn’t really have high caffeine content.

Aspire contains 80mg of natural caffeine, which is far from the maximum recommended daily limit. But bear in mind that caffeine affects us all differently, and you may be more sensitive to it than others so best to err on the side of caution!

Since Aspire does not contain any calories, we can mark off obesity as our main concern too.

All in all, compared to other energy drink brands, you won’t really encounter many side effects after drinking Aspire, but of course, you still need to watch your intake.

Pros & Cons of Aspire Energy Drink

Aspire can
Get to know the benefits of Aspire!

Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons of Aspire.


  • It is low in caffeine content.
  • It is sugar-free and zero-calorie.
  • It does not cause harmful side effects as long as consumed in moderation.


  • When consumed too much, it may lead to cardiovascular or neurological diseases.
  • Despite the absence of natural sugar, you can still have sugar cravings if you consume excessively.
  • May cause anxiety and sleep disruptions.

Do aspire drinks burn calories?

Although Aspire Energy includes fat-burning chemicals, it is ineffective for weight reduction when used without a nutritious diet and regular physical activity. The company claims that the high quality and natural components will aid increase your metabolic rate and make it simpler to burn off those extra calories.

Scientific studies demonstrate that for every serving of Aspire consumed, approximately 200 calories were burnt. Another benefit of using Aspire is that it enables you to empty your stomach contents directly into the water closet or the kitchen sink. During an ambition, you lose an average of 30% of the calories you ingest.

Do aspire drinks break a fast?

While artificial, calorie-free liquids won’t technically “break” your fast, they will raise your risk for a wide range of serious health problems.

When fasting, caffeine may be ingested. Coffee, tea, and other beverages often recommended for fasting contain caffeine. Black coffee, which contains more caffeine than any other beverage, is a popular way to get the benefits of fasting without breaking the fast.

What kind of drink is aspire?

Aspire is an innovative energy drink that combines a proprietary combination of vitamins, minerals, and other critical ingredients with a wonderful taste and a focus on health.

Moreover, it is a healthy energy drink that tastes excellent, is mildly carbonated, and has no calories, sugar, or carbohydrates. ASPIRE, which contains 80 milligrams of genuine green tea along with additional plant-based B and C vitamins and minerals, provides a steady stream of energy that lasts all day without the usual jitters or crash that accompany caffeine.”

Who Can Drink Aspire?

Aspire is recommended for healthy adults and those who are on vegan and gluten-free diets.

If you’re caffeine-sensitive, pregnant, or breastfeeding, Aspire energy drink may be harmful to you.

As for minors, the FDA‘s official recommendation is a 100mg daily limit on caffeine. While Aspire does come in within this limit, caffeine, in general, can be harmful to the development of children.

Plus, kids can regularly consume caffeine-laden products like chocolate and soda, so if you add Aspire to that, they can quickly go over the limit.

Is Aspire Good For You?

Your body will not experience any adverse effects as long as you drink Aspire in moderation.

Its clever combination of ingredients will give your body the boost it craves. It’s also refreshing, so it’s an excellent way to start the day.

Compared to other energy drinks, Aspire’s ingredients can be a good fit for most lifestyles and dietary needs. Additionally, the caffeine level of 80mg is a reasonable quantity.

Furthermore, if you are trying to lose weight and need an energy drink to keep you going, Aspire can help you burn calories. However, you should not rely entirely on Aspire or any other energy drink.

Can Aspire Supply the Daily Recommended Nutrients?

Aspire contains a good blend of beneficial nutrients. It pumps you up for the day and can even provide you with a good set of nutrients.

However, it can’t replace food and the daily recommended nutrients necessary to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Is Aspire Addictive?

Aspire does not have high caffeine content which is the main cause behind addiction to energy drinks.

Long-term consumption, on the other hand, may raise your chances of becoming addicted to caffeine. This can become potentially hazardous to your bodily and emotional wellbeing.

As a result, if you’re going to drink Aspire energy drink every day, you should do it responsibly.

If you experience any caffeine-related problems afterward, you should immediately stop consuming Aspire and consult a medical professional.

Aspire Energy Alternatives

There are many energy drink brands in the market that offer similar benefits to Aspire Energy. If Aspire doesn’t suit your taste and preference then you may want to try any of this:

Some other notable energy drinks are:

Final Verdict

Aspire is not bad for you especially if consumed in moderation.

The caffeine components are not alarmingly high; it is just enough to pump you up without releasing any harmful side effects.

Moreover, there is barely any sugar, and the drink can, without a doubt, claim to have zero calories.

After going through all the aspects of this drink, it can be concluded that Aspire energy drink lives up to its claims and is not bad for you. Quite the opposite, actually, so don’t be afraid to enjoy Aspire!

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