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Is Baya Energy Drink Vegan? (Find Out) 

Short answer: Yes, Baya Energy Drink is vegan.

Do you know what can help you get an instant boost of energy on a tiring day? 

The answer is Baya Energy Drink, which has been introduced by Starbucks. It comes in three different fruity flavors. With 160 mg of caffeine, it is a carbonated energy drink to make you feel refreshed.

One thing that many people are curious about in energy drinks is whether they are vegan or not. And if you are one of them and want to know if all the ingredients in the Baya energy drink are vegan or not, continue reading this article till the end. 

Let’s Dive In!

Baya energy drink
Baya Energy Drink

Ingredients of Baya Energy Drink 

Baya Energy Drink comprises coffee berries that give its consumers a significant energy boost and has many health benefits too. It also includes Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin C is a natural compound known as Ascorbic Acid, which is found in plants, vegetables, and fruits. It has antioxidants properties making it ideal for avoiding cellular dehydration and enhancing the cell’s immunity against diseases.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the ingredients of Baya Energy Drink to find out if they are vegan;

  • Carbonated Water  
  • White Grape Juice
  • Cane Sugar
  • Natural Flavors
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Beta-Carotene (Color)
  • Citric Acid
  • Coffee Fruit Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Nutritional Information of Baya Energy Drink

It is always preferable to check the nutritional facts of any energy drink before purchasing them;

Nutritional facts
Nutritional information on Baya Energy Drink Can

Nutritional facts about Baya Energy Drink are given in the table below;

NutritionAmount Per Serving
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate23g
Total Sugar23g
Added Sugar17g
Vitamin C90 mg
Nutritional information about Baya

Does Baya Energy Drink have Caffeine in it? 

Yes! Like other energy drinks, Baya Energy Drink has 160 mg of caffeine per can. 

Considering this caffeine content, you can easily consume this energy drink daily because it will not surpass the daily limit of caffeine.

A healthy person can take 400 mg of caffeine per day. However, if you are a teenager or a caffeine-sensitive person, you should consider its caffeine content before consuming it.

Even if you are not a caffeine-sensitive person, you should always keep track of your daily caffeine intake to avoid overdosing on it.

You are likely to ingest caffeine through other sources as well, such as coffee, tea, etc. If you are not taking caffeine from any other source in your diet, then you can even enjoy two cans of Baya Energy Drink in a day.

Does Baya Energy Drink have Calories in it? 

Yes! Baya Energy Drink contains 90 calories in a 12-ounce can. 

Calories help to give energy to your body. The number of calories you consume also determines the amount of energy your body will get.

Moreover, taking extra calories may harm your health, but if you exercise side by side, then consuming calories will not be harmful to your health. 

Our body uses calories according to its needs. The extra calories left will be stored in the body in the form of fat, resulting in weight gain or obesity. 

The daily calorie intake of men and women differs from each other. Men are likely to perform greater physical tasks than women, so their recommended daily calorie intake is 2500, while women’s recommended daily calorie intake is 2000, almost 500 calories less than men. 

So considering the calorie limit, there are no worries about consuming Baya Energy Drink daily.

How Much Is Sugar In Baya Energy Drink? 

The sugar content of Baya Energy Drink is about 30 g (23 g of sugar and 17 g of added sugar). 

Baya Energy Drink contains a high sugar content as the recommended daily limit of sugar intake for men is 36 g while it’s 24 g for women. 

From this, we can conclude that men can take a whole can of Baya Energy Drink, but it is recommended that women should consume only half a can of Baya Energy Drink in a day to avoid surpassing the recommended limit of sugar consumption. 

You will encounter the following side effects if you take excessive sugar. 

  • Tooth problems 
  • Inflammation 
  • Obesity 
  • Liver problems 
  • Diabetes 
  • Unusual blood pressure 

It is best to consume every energy drink in moderation, and if you are a woman and are worried about your health and weight then I’ll suggest you consume sugar-free energy drinks or the ones with lesser sugar content.

Is Baya Energy Drink Vegan?

Yes, Baya Energy Drink is vegan.

Baya energy drink is vegan.

All the ingredients contained in Baya Energy Drink are vegan-friendly. However, Baya has natural flavors in its ingredient. Natural Flavors are often vegan but could be animal-derived too. 

Although the best way to find this out is to check the product’s official website and find out in their FAQs whether it is vegan or not.

Another way to do that is to find out whether each ingredient in Baya or any other energy drink falls in the vegan category. The following table lists the ingredients of Baya and whether they are vegan or not.

Ingredients Is It Vegan Or Not?
Carbonated WaterYes
White Grape Juice From ConcreteYes
Cane SugarYes
Natural FlavorsSometimes
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)Yes
Beta-Carotene (Color)Sometimes
Citric AcidYes
Coffee Fruit ExtractYes
Green Coffee Bean Extract Yes
Table showing whether ingredients of Baya are vegan or not

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract in Baya Vegan?

Green coffee beans extract
Unroasted vs roasted green coffee beans

Yes, Green Coffee Bean Extract in Baya Energy Drink is suitable for vegans. 

A vegan diet includes staying away from all such products that come from animals. Nowadays, most people are following a vegan diet due to many reasons. Some follow this diet because of their health, and some follow it because they don’t want to harm animals. 

But no need to worry! Green Coffee Bean Extract is considered vegan-friendly. So you can consume this energy drink easily and without any concerns. 

Green Coffee Bean Extract is assumed to be a weight loss and health supplement and has antioxidants properties. They are unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are naturally green, but the process of roasting makes them brown. 

Research shows that green coffee bean extract provides many benefits like improving blood pressure and cholesterol level and also helps in protecting the heart. 

Is Ascorbic Acid In Baya Vegan?

Ascorbic acid
Vitamin C in Baya Energy Drink is vegan.

Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C in Baya Energy Drink is vegan. Plant-based foods are adequate sources to obtain ascorbic acid for humans. 

It is a naturally occurring component often sourced from vegetables and fruits. They are not derived from animals. Ascorbic acid is often industrially and commercially produced using two main ingredients; sorbitol and glucose. Both of them are vegan-friendly. 

Although ascorbic acid is vegan, its several applications may not be vegan. Since ascorbic acid takes the form of gum, serum, tablets, drops, and spray, which contains animal-derived ingredients in it. So ascorbic acid, in such a way, won’t be vegan. 


If you are still looking for other energy drinks options which are also vegan-friendly, the following are some alternatives;


Monster Energy Drink has become the most loved and famous energy drink worldwide. A single can of Monster contains 160 mg of caffeine, the same as Baya. So if you want to have a high caffeinated energy drink other than Baya, you can shift to Monster. 

On the other hand, Monster energy drink is also vegan. All of its flavors are vegan, except for Java Monster. However, its original flavor is most famous. 

Xyience Energy Drink 

Xyience energy drink proudly claims to provide you energy without calories, as it contains no sugar and zero calories. However, this energy drink relies on artificial sweeteners for taste. 

Like Monster and Baya, Xyience also contains 160 mg of caffeine and is vegan-friendly. So if you are on a vegan diet or need to cut calories from your diet, this energy drink will be your ideal choice. 


Relentless energy drinks are also famous and have many customers in the UK. This energy drink is also vegan-friendly. 

It has 160 mg of caffeine and uses a blend of artificial and natural sugar to add more flavor to its drinks.

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Final Thoughts 

A 12 fl oz can of Baya Energy Drink is loaded with 160 mg of caffeine, 90 calories, and has three different fruity flavors, giving you an instant boost.

It not only gives you a boost but also contains Vitamin C, which has several health benefits. On the other hand, Baya Energy Drink is vegan-friendly. So people who are following a vegan diet can easily consume this energy drink.

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