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Is Blue Rebel Vegan? (Explore)

Short answer: Blue Rebel is not vegan as it includes caramel.

Being fond of energy drinks and being able to find a suitable energy drink when you’re a vegan are two different things. Sometimes it becomes very hard to find a “vegan” energy drink because there are not many options available in the market.

Dutch Bros Coffee, a well-known coffee franchise in the United States, manufactures Blue Rebel Energy Drink. This private label Energy Drink is only offered in Dutch Bros locations.

Blue Rebel has a total of 160 calories, 37g of sugar, and 80 mg of caffeine per serve. It tastes and has the same ingredients as Red Bull, and it comes in original and sugar-free varieties.

Dutch Bros is well known for providing a variety of options for vegans. So, is “Blue Rebel” their only energy drink brand that is vegan as well?

Read more to find out!

Blue rebel
Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Flavors Of Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel offers great flavor combos like:

  • Aftershock
  • Double Rainbro
  • Electric Berry
  • Peach
  • Shark Attack

Ingredients in Blue Rebel

Dutch Bros uses the following Ingredients in the Blue Rebel Energy drink:

  • Carbonated water
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Citric acid
  • Taurine
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • D-Glucuronolactone
  • Sodium citrate
  • Caramel
  • Caffeine
  • Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)
  • Potasium Sorbate (Preservative)
  • Inositol
  • Niacinamide Pyrodoxine HCL
  • D-Calcium
  • Pantothenate
  • Yellow 5
  • Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)

Nutritional Facts of Blue Rebel

Always read out the food labels to know what is getting into your body through this food product. Food labels help you use the nutrition labels to make quick and informed food choices that will help you select a healthy diet.

Here is the table of nutritional facts about the Blue Rebel energy drink.

Blue Rebel nutrition facts
Blue Rebel nutrition facts
Nutrition FactsAmount Per ServingRecommended Daily Intake
Calories1602000-2400 calories
Total Fat0g65g
Total Carbohydrate39g300g
Total Sugar37g50g
Includes Added Sugar37g50g
Vitamin B67.1mg2mg
Vitamin B126.8mcg6mcg
Pantothenic Acid7mg10mg
Nutritional Facts of Blue rebel energy drink

Other than carbs, calories, and sugar, Blue Rebel also includes some micronutrients and protein to anchor your energy the right way.

Here is a review of Blue Rebel Energy Drink. Watch the video to find out more;

Review of Blue Rebel Energy Drink

How many calories are in the Blue Rebel Energy drink?

An 8 fl. oz. can of Blue Rebel contains 116 calories. Also, they may vary depending upon the size and flavor of the drink.

While Blue Rebel has a lot of calories, they are fairly low in comparison to the recommended daily calorie intake for women and men, which is 2000-2400 calories and 2000-3000 calories, respectively.

To stay fit you need to balance the calories you eat with the calories you burn. If you do not burn every calorie that enters your body, you may gain weight, and develop obesity and other health problems.

This is why you must monitor your calorie intake as well as whether or not you are burning them appropriately.

You can still enjoy Blue Rebel even If you’re on a calorie-restricted diet. There are sugar-free options too that have lesser calories due to no sugar.

How much caffeine does Blue Rebel have?

Blue Rebel offers 80 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

FDA approves 400 milligrams of caffeine as a daily safe limit. Keeping this in mind you can easily have two 8.4 fl. oz cans of blue rebel energy drink in a day.

But before you chug in, you should be aware of your caffeine tolerance. Knowing how much caffeine your body can withstand can assist you in avoiding any adverse effects.

Caffeine is the primary ingredient in every energy drink. it is a stimulant and works by absorbing into your system. It masks the fatigue signal of your body by binding with the adenosine receptors. Thus making you feel less tired and more alert and energetic.

If you are going for a second can of a Blue rebel, opt for the sugar-free version to avoid the added sugar.

Sugar in Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel has 37g of sugar per serving, although sugar can be deleted from the formula because it is also available in a sugar-free version.

Sugar is the second most common ingredient in energy drinks, trailing only water. When compared to cola drinks, energy drinks include about 41g of sugar per 12-ounce can.

According to the American Heart Association, women should take no more than 24 g of sugar per day and men should consume no more than 36 g per day. Also, individuals with medical conditions should ask their doctors before consuming anything rich in sugar.

As you can see, even a single can of Blue Rebel with 37g of sugar exceeds the AHA’s sugar consumption limit. To avoid the negative effects of high sugar intake, it is necessary to drink Blue Rebel in moderation, not regularly.

Is Blue Rebel Vegan Friendly?

Free Scrabble Tiles in Blue Ceramic Plate Stock Photo
Scrabble Tiles in Blue Ceramic Plate

Most of the ingredients in Blue Rebel come from a plant-based source but it is definitely not vegan.

A vegan-friendly diet excludes meat, eggs, dairy, and any other animal-derived product. Many vegans also avoid foods containing animal by-products, such as refined white sugar and certain wines.

Although Vegans are being accommodated by Dutch Bros in small measures. Plant-based milk was introduced by Dutch Bros such as almond, oat, and coconut, increasing the possibilities.

But some drinks, are yet to become vegan friendly because their principal ingredient is dairy. Blue Rebel contains Taurine and caramel in it.

Caramel comes from dairy sources and can become a point of debate for vegans. Traditionally Butter is added to it but it can be excluded.

But another point is that It is frequently filtered with bone char (from cow bones). So, even though there is no animal product in the final product it is still a controversial product for vegans.

What is Taurine in Blue Rebel?

Taurine gets its name from the fact that it was first isolated from ox bile. Taurine is found naturally in many animals. Thankfully, it is now synthesized in the labs as well without the use of any animal products.

When it comes to energy drinks, you can be confident that all of the major brands, and most likely all of the other brands as well, use vegan-friendly taurine.

Taurine is required by the body for a variety of tasks, including central nervous system neuromodulation, cardiovascular function, and bile acid conjugation. The human body, on the other hand, can synthesize taurine from methionine and cysteine with the help of vitamin B6.

Most nuts and beans are high in taurine, and cysteine can also be found in those foods, as well as seeds, oats, lentils, and most whole grains. As a result, most vegans who consume a well-balanced diet are unlikely to require taurine supplements.

What to avoid in energy drinks as a vegan?

It depends on how strictly you follow a vegetarian diet. There are various ingredients in popular energy drinks that you may find problematic or want to avoid. Some of them may include;

  • Artificial colors: The majority of synthetic colors have been tested on animals.
  • Glycerol: It can be produced from animal fats.
  • Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin: While this food additive is derived from plants, it may contain animal ingredients.
  • White Sugar: Animal bone char may be utilized in the sugar refining process.
  • BCAAs: Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) can be resourced from animals.
  • Sucralose: It is a low-calorie sweetener that is frequently tested on animals.

Pros and Cons Of Rebel Energy Drink

Keep these points in mind when determining whether or not to drink Blue Rebel. Drink it in moderation and stay away from anything that makes you overdose on caffeine.

Here are some pros and cons of drinking Blue Rebel energy drink:


  • Blue rebel boosts up your energy levels.
  • It enhances workout efficiency.
  • It is convenient and a ready-to-drink source of energy.


  • The added sugar calories in the original version can lead to weight gain.
  • Overdosing on Blue Rebel can cause heart problems
  • You can experience jitters, anxiety, and irritability due to overdose.

Vegan-Friendly Alternatives to Blue Rebel Energy drink


Emerge is a carbonated energy drink with mixed fruit flavors that contains taurine, caffeine, B vitamins, sugar, and sweeteners.

Emerge is a delicious energy drink designed to energize your body when you need it the most. Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12 all help to reduce tiredness and exhaustion.

Vegetarians and vegans can consume all versions of Emerge. Ensuring that there are no traces of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, insects, gelatine, animal rennet, stock, or fat from animals in Emerge.


Lucozade began as a soft drink made with carbonated water and glucose. Lucozade Energy drink is marketed as a basic pick-me-up drink that can help provide your body with energy when it is needed.

Caffeine, fruit juice concentrates, and carbonated water is among the ingredients in Lucozade energy drinks. A 330ml can of Lucozade Orange Energy drink contains 116 calories and 14.9g of sugar.

A 380ml bottle of Lucozade Energy contains approximately 46mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a cup of tea. This, in my opinion, is a very modest amount that should not result in any negative side effects.


On average, a typical 16 fl. oz. can of Monster Energy contains 210 calories, which is quite a lot. Monster Energy affirms that it uses vegan-friendly ingredients. The company has confirmed that the taurine and L-carnitine ingredients they use are vegan-friendly. It’s because Monster Energy is made with synthetic or plant-based ingredients.

Final Verdict

After analyzing all the ingredients in Blue Rebel, I can conclude that Blue rebel is not vegan. Dutch Bros’ caramel contains dairy which is a no-go area for vegans.

Many energy drinks appear to be vegan, yet they frequently contain some type of animal product. For example, thickeners like gelatin are derived from animals. You should read the label carefully.

Other than that, If you are not vegan then you can drink Blue rebel without worrying. You can get a decent energy boost plus there is a zero-sugar version for people looking for sugar-free energy drinks.

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