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Is DVST8 Energy Drink Bad For You (Revealed)

With the revolution of Energy Drinks in the modern world, countless Energy Drinks have been created, each drink unique in its own way, either that be via flavor, ingredients, or the demographic they cater to.

With the recent expansion and ease of access to Energy Drinks, stigmatization, and negative connotation follow suit, and the older generation (i.e our parents and grandparents) are partly to blame, after all, how can something so small be able to bring about positive changes it promises, it’s surely not magical, so how?

Well, it’s all thanks to the especially extracted and carefully measured ingredient concentration of Energy Drinks, ingredients like sugar, caffeine, taurine, and beta-alanine all help serve and live up to the promises of Energy Drink companies, but there must be some drawbacks, right? It just can’t be this good to be true, well yes, there are drawbacks.

Inspired DVST8 Energy is a delightful carbonated energy drink designed to provide an explosive dose of energy at any time and in any place. There’s no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories in this drink; just pure, sustainable energy whenever and wherever you need it.

In all likelihood, this drink isn’t going to harm you, but you’re gonna have to stay wary of the caffeine content, as it’s especially high compared to other major Energy Drink Brands.

Ingredients of DSVT8

Nutritional Info Per Serve 
Energy 0Cal
Fat – Total 0g 
– Saturated 0g 
Carbohydrates – Total 0g 
– Sugars0g 
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)30mg 
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)5mcg 
Beta-Alanine 3.2g 
Betaine Anhydrous 1g
L-Tyrosine 100mg 
Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg
Ingredients of DVST8

Here are some quick details about the special ingredients of this drink:

Beta-Alanine: Aids in the formation of carnosine, which helps to buffer muscular exhaustion and acid buildup after severe exercise.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A caffeine powder that is highly concentrated and has been shown to improve athletic performance.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is required for the conversion of carbs, proteins, lipids, and starches into useful energy. Niacin also aids in the removal of toxins from the body and the increase of healthy cholesterol levels in the blood.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin): Required for the formation of red blood cells, nerve cells, and amino acids, as well as the conversion of carbohydrates into useful energy.


Sugar helps mask the unpleasant flavor of energy drinks.

DVST8 contains exactly 0g of sugar, a safe haven for health freaks.

The American Heart Association advises a maximum sugar consumption of 36g for males and 25g for women. 

Taking this into account, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s preferable to avoid a sugary energy drink if you already have a diet that includes sweet foods and beverages.

Because many of us obtain the appropriate amount of sugar from our meals alone, adding an energy drink with this much sugar isn’t the best idea, because excessive sugar consumption can be harmful to your health.

In addition to that, a sugary energy drink may trigger a sugar crash when the spike wears off, leaving you weary and less energetic than before.

Here’s what happens to your body when you go through a sugar crash or overload:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty with concentrating or focus
  • Headaches
  • Hunger
  • Bloating
  • Shakiness or jitters
  • Being irritable

But you don’t have to worry about any of these while drinking DSVT8.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is a natural stimulant

DVST8 contains 200mg of caffeine per serving. It has approximately 2.5 times more caffeine than major Energy Drinks like Red Bull.

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance that stimulates the central nervous system. Caffeine is the major component in energy drinks because of its ability to increase performance.

This amount of caffeine, in my opinion, is not ideal for casual caffeine/coffee drinkers, jumping from 80mg to 200mg is huge, and there are consequences to consuming excessive caffeine, as with all drugs.

However, if you’re a seasoned veteran, and have a high tolerance, this drink might be good enough for you, it’s definitely more than enough to give you a major boost and revitalize your energy levels.

Caffeine is a two-edged sword in that it is beneficial to productivity in moderation but may be detrimental if used in excess.

However, if used irresponsibly and in levels more than the prescribed 400 mg, the caffeine in energy drinks like DVST8 may combine with caffeine from other sources to drive you over the limit, causing you to experience the following negative effects:

  • Feeling jittery or shaky
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Trouble with concentration
  • Diarrhea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Addiction

As a fair warning, DVST8 has a high concentration, which is why I wouldn’t recommend more than 1 can of this drink.

Caloric Content

DVST8 has 0 calories, which is something that is always welcome, even for people who aren’t on a diet.

Although calories may appear to be nothing more than a source of sickness, they are merely a representation of the energy contained within the food you consume. 

It is an integral part that you should consume in sufficient quantities on a regular basis. As it gives you actual energy to move, breathe, and function.

A healthy individual should consume 2,000 to 2,500 calories each day. This should be enough to support your body without adding excess calories, which would then be stored as fat.

Fortunately, DVST8 is caloriefree, so don’t worry about gaining weight.

Here is a video explaining the various benefits and side effects of consuming DVST8 Energy Drink:



Is DVST8 A Pre-Workout?

Yes! If you look closely at the composition of the drink, it follows more of the chemical makeup of a pre-workout than a standard energy drink (i.e zero sugar, beta-alanine, etc.)

This Energy drink is designed to give you the energy and concentration you need to push past your limits for a longer period of time. 

DVST8, which contains beta-alanine, caffeine, and other important nutrients, can help you push through your exercises or help you carry out those all-nighters.

DVST8 also contains ingredients like beta-alanine and L-citrulline malate to help you get big muscle pumps, so basically it’s a pre-workout in the form of an energy drink, as it’ll make your muscles pop.

They claim that their mix of natural chemicals gives you an exceptional energy boost without the crash or jitters that other pre-workouts have. Which is a pretty big promise.

With 200mg of caffeine anhydrous combined with a whopping 3200mg of beta-alanine, 1000mg of betaine anhydrous, B vitamins, and l-tyrosine, you have an energy drink that will please even the most hulking gym rats.

Is DVST8 bad for you?

Now that we’ve gotten ourselves fairly acquainted with this drink, let’s answer this question.

DVST8 is a safe-to-consume energy drink if you’re drinking it responsibly and with control over your caffeine intake. But for further safety, I would recommend keeping consumption to 1 can per day max.

You see, while it isn’t as much as in heavy hitters like Celsius and Breinfuel, DVST8 still has a significant amount of caffeine in it, so you would have to make adjustments to your caffeine intake to drink it safely.

Furthermore, while it is safe to take it on a regular basis, I would not advocate making DVST8 or any other energy drink a habit. You should only take energy drinks when you desperately need a boost of energy; otherwise, you risk becoming caffeine dependant.

Besides the caffeine content, you need not worry about sugar or calories, as it’s completely sugar-free and has 0 calories.


  • Inspired DVST8 Energy is a delightful carbonated energy drink designed to provide an explosive dose of energy at any time and in any place. There’s no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories in this drink; just pure, sustainable energy whenever and wherever you need it.
  • It has a whopping 200mg of caffeine, so it’ll give you all the energy you need to conquer the world
  • However, with such a large caffeine content, precaution and restriction are warranted, as caffeine overdosing is very plausible and not something anyone wants to be facing.
  • With 200mg of caffeine anhydrous combined with a whopping 3200mg of beta-alanine, 1000mg of betaine anhydrous, B vitamins, and l-tyrosine, you have an energy drink that will please even the most hulking gym rats.

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