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Is Full Throttle Energy Drink Gluten-free? (Complete)

Full Throttle is an energy drink that will keep you active even if you regularly do high-intensity workouts. It contains a ton of vitamins and sodium for a powerful and hydrating boost, but it’s also packed with 55mg of sugar and 160mg of caffeine.

While these amounts can be helpful when you’re doing heavy exercise regimens, they are a tad too high for my own personal taste, and even a little beyond one can may be harmful to your health.

Plus, the presence of such high quantities can also make the drink unsuitable for many lifestyles and dietary requirements like diabetes or calorie-restricted diets.

But what about gluten-free diets? The short answer is that the ingredients that make up the Full Throttle are 100% gluten-free, so if you’re particularly sensitive to gluten, you won’t need to worry about Full Throttle.

In this article, I will be providing an in-depth analysis of Full Throttle’s contents and determine what makes the drink entirely gluten-free!

Let’s dive in.

What are the Ingredients in Full Throttle?

I do not trust anyone when talking about the ingredients of any item until I check it personally. So if you still have any doubts, you can find the complete list of ingredients present in full-throttle energy drinks to check yourself.

Full Throttle is a booster drink that will level up your energy and fill you with essential nutrients wasted during the day without giving you celiac diseases.
Ingredients of Full Throttle
  • Vitamin B12
  • Carbonated Water
  • Red 40
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Vitamin B6
  • Natural Flavors
  • Vitamin B5
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B3
  • D-Ribose
  • Sugar
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Artificial flavor

Do Energy Drinks have Gluten?

Not all energy drinks are gluten-free, but most brands these days have ensured that the ingredients they use have no trace of gluten, wheat, or rye.

This is because in recent years, manufacturers have become well aware of the dietary requirements of people with celiac disease, which is a condition characterized by sensitivity or allergies to gluten.

Gluten, on the other hand, is a protein commonly found in grains like wheat and barley. When ingested by gluten-sensitive people, it can cause irritation in the digestive lining.

You’d be happy to know that popular brands like Monster, Red Bull, and NOS are proudly gluten-free!

Is Full Throttle Bad For You?

Whenever you intend to start exercising, studying, or gaming, Full Throttle Energy Drink can give you a significant boost of energy. Full Throttle is filled with multiple nutrients and caffeine, giving you more power so that you can keep going with your work.

However, in my opinion, its 55mg of sugar and 160mg of caffeine can be too much. For example, the recommended sugar intake limit by the AHA for women is 24 grams, while for men it’s 36 grams. Full Throttle’s content is way above those limits.

Therefore, I’d recommend that you only drink 1 can a day of Full Throttle, or even half a can really. Moreover, if you’re diabetic, on a diet, or with other medical conditions, Full Throttle may not be the right drink for you.

Excessively taking Full Throttle (or any energy drink, for the matter) can result in negative side effects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach irritation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased high blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting
A can of Full Throttle
Full Throttle Energy Drink

How Much Caffeine is in a Can of Full Throttle?

Each 16 fl. oz can of Full Throttle contains 160mg of caffeine, guaranteeing a solid energy boost that will power you for most of the day.

However, 160mg is what I would consider a moderate amount already. I personally prefer energy drinks that have around 50-100mg of caffeine to maximize the energy boost while still avoiding the side effects.

In fact, the FDA has set a maximum daily limit for caffeine at 400mg. While 160mg is nowhere near 400mg, you may still consume other caffeinated products like soda or chocolate without knowing and that can send your daily intake through the roof.

Regularly consuming highly-caffeinated products can lead to caffeine dependence or overdose. And if you’re caffeine sensitive, I’d suggest looking for other brands with lower caffeine content since 160mg may be too much for you.

How Much Sugar is in a Can of Full Throttle?

A can of Full Throttle contains 55 grams of sugar present in it to keep you energetic all day long.

As I previously discussed, this amount goes way above the recommended limit. While sugar can be an effective energizer, I just don’t really see myself imbibing in Full Throttle daily.

The drink uses natural sugars and high fructose corn syrup as its main sweeteners. However, most energy drink brands today actually use healthier sweeteners like Sucralose because they’re calorie-free and suitable for diabetics.

In fact, if you’re on a diet or otherwise just wanna cut down on sugar, you can check out my list of delicious sugar-free energy drinks here!

Watch the video below to know more about sugar intake:

How Much Sugar I should Eat Per Day?

Is Full Throttle Alcoholic?

Full Throttle is alcohol-free.

In general, I would advise you not to mix alcohol with your energy drinks. Especially since the caffeine content of energy drinks can numb the effects of liquor and make you feel like you’re not drunk at all.

This can make you drink more and more alcohol. That is a dangerous combination that can lead to even more dangerous accidents. So you can see why energy drink manufacturers have smartly refrained from mixing their drinks with alcohol.

Is Full-Throttle Gluten-Free?

Fret not, Full Throttle is gluten-free.

While there’s no official announcement from the company itself that Full Throttle is gluten-free, none of the ingredients it has listed contains any gluten or wheat.

This means that if you’re celiac-sensitive, allergic, or just adhering to a gluten-free lifestyle, Full Throttle is safe to consume.

Does Full Throttle have Taurine?

Taurine is a common energy drink ingredient. It’s an amino acid with many health benefits like antioxidant properties, improving nerve growth, and regulating blood pressure.

While Taurine naturally occurs in meat and dairy products, the Taurine found in energy drinks is synthetically-made and perfectly safe.

However, in the case of Full Throttle, only their orange flavor has Taurine. In any case, Full Throttle still has other vitamins that will keep you energized!

VitaminAmount per 16 fl. oz. of Full Throttle

Pantothenic Acid6mg

Is Full Throttle Energy Drink being Discontinued in 2021?

Today, only the Blue Agave and the Original Citrus flavors of Full Throttle are available in stores.

Their once-wide flavor range has been significantly reduced since 2010 as the company discontinued more and more flavors. This may be because Full Throttle isn’t as profitable anymore compared to other energy drink giants like Red Bull and Monster.

Here are all the discontinued flavors:

  • Orange
  • Redberry
  • Coffee mocha
  • Vanilla
  • Original citrus sugar-free
  • Mother
  • Night
  • Furry berry sugar-free
  • Unleaded
  • Furry blue
  • Furry orange

Alternative Energy Drinks to Full Throttle

Other Notable Mentions

Final Thoughts

Full Throttle is definitely gluten-free, but I am concerned about its sugar and caffeine content.

While it’s certainly a powerful energy drink, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with health and dietary conditions. Excessively consuming Full Throttle can lead to a plethora of negative side effects like cardiovascular problems, insomnia, and anxiety.

So if you do choose Full Throttle, make sure you stick with no more than one can a day.

All in all, I think there are much better brands out there that can give you a great energy boost without the risks, so feel free to check out more of my articles to find the right fit for you!

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