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Is Hype Energy Vegan? (Analyzed)

Hype is one of the oldest energy drink brands being sold in the market. Founded more than two decades ago in 1993, Hype has an established fanbase that remains loyal to this day.

Hype gained popularity among Formula One fans almost ten years after its launch when a famous racing driver, Bertrand Gachot, took over the brand.

You can say that Hype is very much surrounded by the hype!

When looking for a reliable energy drink to add to your diet, Hype may seem like a good choice for most people but is it suitable for vegans as well?

The short answer would be, yes, Hype is 100% vegan friendly and does not contain any non-vegan ingredients.

Read on as we look into the details of various ingredients in Hype!

Ingredients in Hype Energy Drink

Before we get to the analysis, here is a complete list of ingredients present within Hype.

  • Carbonated water
  • Sugar
  • Acidifier Citric acid E330
  • Taurine (0.4%).
  • Acidity regulator: Sodium Citrate E331
  • Color: Caramel Sugar syrup
  • Flavoring
  • Caffeine (0.032%).
  • Vitamins: B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12

Is Hype Vegan?

Hype Energy Drink manufacturers have assured consumers that their drink is completely vegan.

However, for more clarity and to erase any confusions I have compiled a list of ingredients and labeled their status of whether they are vegan or not by backing the information with trusted sources.

IngredientSourceIs It Vegan?
Carbonated WaterNatural / Synthetic YES
Citric Acid E330Synthetically MadeYES
TaurineSynthetically MadeYES
Sodium Citrate E331Synthetically MadeYES
Caramel Sugar SyrupNatural / SyntheticYES
FlavoringSynthetically MadeYES
Caffeine Plant-BasedYES
Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12Synthetically MadeYES

Is the Taurine in Hype Vegan?

Taurine has been a controversial ingredient among vegans as it has been rumored to be produced from bull urine.

This is, however, completely false. Taurine is synthetically produced for large-scale use in foods and beverages.

This process is vegan-friendly and carried out in a safe environment.

Is Sugar Vegan?

Refined sugar is considered non-vegan as its manufacturing process involves bone char or to be clear, bones of cows.

But this is only true for packed sugar sold in stores. The sugar used in Hype and most other beverages do not go through this process and are suitable for vegans.

Is Hype Good For You?

Depending on how you use it, Hype can be good for you. Let’s look at several components to help us determine whether it is healthy or not.

Sugar in Hype

Hype is high in sugar, and I don’t say this lightly, one 250mL drink contains 28 grams of sugar.

Just to make it clear how high this is, the NHS recommends a maximum sugar intake limit of 30 grams per day.

In this case, I’d have to say that you have to be very careful with how much Hype you drink. If you want to stay on the safe side, you can check out these sugar-free energy drink brands here.

Caffeine in Hype

Each 250mL serving of Hype has 80mg of caffeine in it. This amount is neither too high nor too low.

The smaller serving size compared to other energy drinks also allows for more flexibility in how much caffeine you would like to have.

You should not have more than 400mg of caffeine in a single day to stay clear from any side effects.

Calories in Hype

Hype has 43 calories in its original flavor. This amount is pretty low and can be burned off pretty quickly.

You can rest assured Hype will not hinder your progress at the gym because of its calorie content.

However, if you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, it might be best to switch to calorie-free energy drinks instead.

Does Hype Help You Lose Weight?

Depending on how you use it, Hype can help you lose weight and stay fit.

If you’re using it before exercises to boost your performance, then Hype can help with your weight loss journey.

The high sugar amount can be a cause of concern, especially for fitness enthusiasts, but Hype has sugar-free variants you can try.

Below is a video about the “Hype” of the Hype Energy Drink:

Is Hype a Pre-Workout?

While Hype doesn’t claim or advertise itself as a pre-workout energy drink, it can be used as one if you wanted to do so.

One thing to note before you start using it as a pre-workout would be, it does not contain caffeine similar to those you would find in other actual pre-workouts.

To counter this, you can have more than one can of Hype, but make ensure it doesn’t exceed two cans in a day or three if you’re having the sugar-free version.

Is Hype Safe to Drink?

Sticking to one can of Hype a day certainly be considered completely safe, assuming you don’t have any prior health conditions.

The high amount of sugar is the only ingredient that prevents consumers from having more than one can, to counter this, you can try out Hype Energy MFP or Hype Energy Enlite Extra Low Cal, both of which contain zero sugar.

I recommend not drinking Hype daily, in the case of any caffeinated beverage, caffeine dependency is a huge risk you take by drinking them every day.

You can prevent this by only having Hype every once in a while and not daily.

Is Hype Safe for Teenagers and Children?

The recommended daily caffeine intake limit for teenagers is 100mg. However, it’s still not recommended that teenagers and children consume Hype or any other energy drinks.

This is because caffeine can affect children and teenagers more. Even though Hype technically fits the 100mg limit, it’s not good for young children to get used to caffeine while they’re still developing.

Hype Energy Alternatives

Here are some other energy drink brands you can also try out and see if you like them!

Other Notable Mentions:

Final Thoughts

Hype Energy is a vegan drink and is safe to consume for vegans. It doesn’t contain any non-vegan ingredients.

Sugar and Taurine have been controversial but they are also proven to be vegan in the case of Hype.

There are no other major safety concerns with Hype, so stay safe and enjoy your drink of Hype without worrying!

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