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Is Mixt Vegan? (Discover)

All the ingredients used in Mixt Energy are vegan as there is no component derived from animals.

These days everyone is so concerned about what to eat and which diet to follow. When it comes to finding the perfect energizing beverage for one’s dietary needs, there are many options. However, if a vegan is searching for an amazing energy drink, Mixt may be a good option.

For those who follow a busy work-life schedule but like to indulge from time to time, some sweet treats will find great use in this product because of its zero-calorie content!

MIXT energy drink can
MIXT energy drink

And if you’re someone who practices veganism and cares about animal rights – well then you’re going to love this drink too, since it doesn’t contain any animals or animal products at all!

But the question that arises in everyone’s mind is should we believe in advertisements? Some people believe Mixt Energy is vegan because it has ingredients that do not come from animals, but some of the ingredients used in this formula have yet to be fully confirmed as a vegan.

Want to know what the truth is? Keep reading!

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle where some people refuse to participate in any practices that will cause violence, abuse, or death for animals.

These people often refrain from consuming any food that has ever been harmful to an animal and try their best to live off of plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, bread, etc.

If you want to see what it can do for your health (or if you’re just curious) watch this video:

How vegan diet effects you?

To learn more about being vegan, here are some pros and cons:

Pros of Being VeganCons of Being Vegan
Your body will be healthier Prone to vitamin deficiency
Lower risk of obesityFewer nutrients will be
Can help stop climate changeCan be hard at first
Lower needs for antibioticsCan reduce your muscle strength
You will conserve water moreCan be more expensive
Helps in reducing pollutionMay cause health problems
Can prolong your lifespanImbalanced diet
Can help reduce the hunger problemNot suitable for children
Pros and cons of being vegan

How can a Product be considered Vegan-friendly?

A product can be considered vegan if it contains no animal products or by-products. However, this is not the only criterion to consider when determining whether a product is vegan or not.

The important thing to remember about what constitutes a vegan product is not just that they do not have any traces of animal products/by-products, it should also be confirmed that the ingredients in them were tested without harming animals during the research and development stage.

Let’s discuss and determine if the Mixt Energy formula is vegan or not, starting with the nutritional components found in its content.

Nutrition Facts of Mixt Energy

As you can see, this formula has many different ingredients – such as Vitamins and Amino Acids. Seeing it makes clear that this formula will give you many health benefits.

Nutritional ComponentAmountRecommended Daily IntakeTolerable upper intake level
Calories0g2000 kCal2000 kCal
Total Fats0g44-77 g77 g
Total Carbohydrates0g225-235 mg235 g
L-Taurine830 mg500-2000 mg3 g
L-Tyrosine830 mg200-400 mg1500 mg
Vitamin B38 mg14-16 mg35 mg
Vitamin B68 mg1.3 mg100 mg
Vitamin B1216 mg2.4 mg2000 mg
Nutritional information in the Mixt

The question at the moment is whether the amino acids in the Mixt Energy formulation are vegan or not. While the taurine in this mixture is frequently synthesized, it’s equally vital to realize that tyrosine isn’t always.

It all depends on what ingredients were used during its creation. It is something that we’ll need more information about before determining one way or another.

Benefits of Amino Acids:

Following are given two important amino acids, with their benefits, that are used in the ingredients of Mixt.

L-Taurine: This amino acid can improve how quickly your brain functions, helping you remember things easier and strengthen your muscles.

L-Tyrosine: Besides being able to enhance your cognitive function, tyrosine also aids in the production of certain neurotransmitters and influences mood.

Next, let’s make sure the vitamins used in the formula are free from animal traces.

Are the Vitamins in Mixt Energy Vegan?

The answer is yes!

The ingredients used when making this energy drink come from plant-based extracts and synthesized supplements.

Vítamin B3: Vitamin B3 can be great for curing neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease. It also helps break down fats and proteins within the body.

Vitamin B6: This Vitamin is essential for the efficient metabolism of proteins, carbs, and fats in your body. Along with that, it has been found to maintain a healthy nervous system, skin, muscles, and blood.

Vitamin B12: Apart from improving memory and preventing cardiovascular diseases, this vitamin has been shown to reduce the risks of certain illnesses including chronic diseases and birth defects.

Now, after knowing about nutrition facts, it’s important to know whether these drinks contain caffeine or not.

Do Mixt Energy Drinks contain Caffeine?

Unlike the form of caffeine, you would find in other energy drinks, this formula contains something more potent. Caffeine anhydrous is produced by removing the water and other substances from a plant’s leaves which makes it five times as strong when compared to normal caffeine.

Caffeinated coffee beans scattered

Globally, caffeine is one of the most abused drugs as there are people who abuse coffee for a daily boost or just for fun because there aren’t any addiction issues – many don’t even realize they’re abusing this substance because we’re all so used to consuming it every day anyway.

Caffeine anhydrous has many benefits but also some potential side effects. Here are some things you should know before using it.

Pros of Caffeine AnhydrousCons of Caffeine Anhydrous
Improves focus and alertnessReduces effectivity after long term use
Reduces fatigueCan cause cardiac-related diseases
Helps improve physical performanceDehydration
Gives you a boost of energyAnxiety
Pros and cons of caffeine anhydrous

Is the Caffeine in Mixt Energy Vegan?

Just like regular caffeine, caffeine anhydrous is considered vegan because it mainly comes from plant species or coffee beans.

Now, let’s calculate how much caffeine this formula has in it.

How much Caffeine is in Mixt Energy?

The formula may sound safe with only 7mg of caffeine per dose which is quite below the recommended daily limit set by the FDA. But what they don’t know are the risks associated with caffeine anhydrous, which is much more potent than regular caffeine (coming in at 300 mg per 8oz serving).

So make sure you’re doing your due diligence. We know some people might be sensitive to this stuff so it would suck if something happened!

Does Mixt Energy have sugar?

The formula does not contain any sugar whatsoever; it is totally free of all sugars.

Moving forward, let’s review the other ingredients in this formulation and see if they are vegan or not.

What are the other Ingredients in Mixt Energy?

Four other ingredients make up the Mixt Energy formulation. These are citric acid, sucralose, ace sulfate potassium, and natural and artificial flavors.

Some benefits of these ingredients include:

  • Help preserve food products for longer shelf life
  • Protect food products from bacteria.
  • It’s zero-calorie.
  • It can stay stable in high temperatures.
  • This sweetener is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar.
  • Enhances flavor.

Is the formulation safe for vegans?

While most of the other ingredients used in this energy drink are vegan, it may or may not be considering that there was another ingredient, the artificial sweetener. That ingredient might not be suitable for vegans.

Three flavors of Mixt Energy drink
Flavors of Mixt Energy

Want to learn more about Mixt Energy ingredients? Check out this article here.

Let’s take a look at how long you’ll experience the effects of this supplement.

How long does Mixt Energy last in your body?

This formula can last in your system for about 5-6 hours or more.

The main component that drives the formula’s ability to increase your energy and focus levels is caffeine. With this, it can be assumed that the effect of this formula can be determined by estimating how long this drug can last in your body.

Caffeine can stay in your system for up to six hours, but it takes at least five hours before the caffeine level reduces to half of what you had before. It might take up to ten hours before all traces of caffeine are eliminated from your bloodstream.

Is Mixt Energy good for you?

Some people think this formula is great while others find it bad.

Some people say the ingredients are beneficial while some feel they can be detrimental to health. The opinions seem to vary among individuals, but we’re never too sure what could happen without taking a risk firsthand.

What are some Alternate Drinks to try?

Here are some other beverages that you can try without worrying about whether or not they contain animal products;


There is an open question of whether or not this formula contains animal products, but it has been inferred that the ingredients are free from such things.

Until we aren’t sure about the tyrosine and sucralose in the formula, we can’t make any determinations about its status as being vegan. However, it has already been speculated that these components do not contain animal parts.

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