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Lit Energy Drink Caffeine and Ingredients (Discussed)

Lit Energy Drink was launched by GNC Holdings, Inc. with the purpose of aiding people during intense workouts and exercises. As a result, Lit has been a favorite of athletes and gym buffs.

Lit energy drink increases your energy level and improves your focus on your work! The drink contains a very high 250mg of caffeine, BCAAs, and minerals for a strong energy boost.

It also does not contain any sugar and has 20 calories only. But in my opinion, that caffeine content is too high and may cause some negative side effects.

Read on to know more about Lit and whether or not it’s the right drink for you!

Lit Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

First, let’s take a look at the nutritional value of Lit!

Nutritional FactsAmount Per Serving

Lit Energy Drink Ingredients

Lit Energy Drink has Beta-Alanine, low calories, 250 mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and many more ingredients.

You will find a complete ingredients list of Lit below:

  • Natural and Artificial flavors
  • CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine
  • Citric Acid
  • BCAAs
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Carbonated water
  • L-Arginine
  • Neuro factor
  • L-citrulline
  • Sucralose
  • Blue 1
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Yellow 5
  • Potassium sorbate
Lit energy drink can


Lit energy drink contains Branch-Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs, which are essential minerals that aid muscle recovery and growth. They come in the form of proteins that we usually get from meat.

Since BCAAs are particularly helpful for stamina, weight loss, and overall physical performance, many athletes actually take things a step further by taking BCAA supplements to build muscle mass.

However, some studies have claimed that excessive consumption of BCAA supplements may lead to negative side effects like headache and nausea and can even affect your blood glucose levels during surgery.


L-Arginine is another amino acid that helps your body produce more protein. It also aids in the production of the growth hormone and insulin in your body.

Once ingested, L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide, which is important for blood flow. This is why L-Arginine is reputed to improve erectile function too.

While L-Arginine’s function in the body is clear, many of its rumored health benefits are still up for debate, but that hasn’t stopped athletes from taking it via supplements too.

Citric Acid

Based on its name alone, you can already surmise that citric acid is derived from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.

Many energy drink brands actually use citric acid as a flavor enhancer, adding a tart and refreshing taste to their energy drinks.

But besides that, citric acid is also used as a preservative for many food products. It also helps in energy metabolism and in treating kidney stones.

Do Energy Drinks Have a Lot of Caffeine?

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee or consume an energy drink before workouts because it contains caffeine, which boosts energy so that they can perform better.

Caffeine is considered a primary ingredient in an energy drink. Hence, some brands can include up to 300mg of caffeine in their drinks. But there are also some that come with low caffeine content.

The FDA recommends limiting your daily caffeine intake to 400mg only. However, it’s important to note that each person’s caffeine tolerance can vary, so keep your consumption to a minimum!

Excessive caffeine intake can lead to various side effects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased high blood pressure
Rethink about your Energy Drink: Be Aware of Extreme Caffeine

What Energy Drink has the Highest Caffeine Content?

Many energy drinks put lots of caffeine in their drinks which, when mixed with sugar and other ingredients, puts a risk on health factors. The energy drink named proper wild contains the highest amount of caffeine.

Caffeine is used worldwide, whether in energy drinks, teas, or other products. Caffeine has both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your usage.

Advantages include that if caffeine is taken in a small amount, it keeps you feeling relaxed and focused. Disadvantages include increased heart rate, blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, dehydration.

To answer the said question, the energy drink having the most amount of caffeine in it is the Spike Hardcore Energy drink. The amount of caffeine in it is about 350 mg per can.

How Much Caffeine is in Lit Energy Drink?

Lit Energy Drink contains 250 mg of caffeine.

This amount is significantly higher than other brands. I personally go for energy drinks with 50-100mg only since that amount is already enough to energize me for a few hours without causing pesky side effects like jitters or headaches.

However, highly-caffeinated ones like Lit can be particularly beneficial for those who regularly do heavy workouts or strenuous activities. But you have to have a high caffeine tolerance and be in good physical condition.

If you’re a beginner at energy drinks, I suggest looking for other brands with lower caffeine content since Lit may be too powerful.

The caffeine amount used in this energy drink is slightly higher than the other energy drinks. They have about 50mg-100mg of caffeine in their drink (other energy drinks)

If you do decide to take Lit, make sure you keep to half a can or one can a day only.

Is 300mg of Caffeine a lot?

Yes, I’d say that 300mg of caffeine is already a very high amount.

Remember, the FDA recommended daily limit is 400mg, but if you have a lower caffeine tolerance you should be setting the limit far lower than that.

While technically 300mg of caffeine is below the daily limit, it’s still not good to consume a lot of caffeine on a daily basis. Plus, a lot of products we consume regularly like soda and chocolate contain caffeine too, so if you don’t watch your intake, you can quickly exceed the daily limit.

In general, caffeine is not recommended for those under 18 years old and pregnant, or breastfeeding women. Continued excessive caffeine intake can lead to caffeine overdose or in severe cases, even death.

Coffee beans

How Would You Flush Caffeine Out of Your System?

You can feel caffeine’s effects as soon as 15 minutes after drinking an energy drink. Your energy boost can last up to a few hours, depending on your tolerance.

Caffeine stays up to 6 hours in your bloodstream too, but your energy boost won’t necessarily last that long. If you’re wondering how you can expedite the process of flushing the caffeine out of your system, here are some methods you can try!

  • Drinking more water
  • Eating high fiber foods
  • Exercising
  • Taking a nap
  • Decreasing your caffeine intake

Sugar in Lit Energy Drink

Lit energy drink is sugar-free!

But this doesn’t mean your drink won’t be sweet, not at all. Instead of using natural sugars, the creators of Lit incorporated the artificial sweetener Sucralose.

Sucralose is FDA-approved and is calorie-free and actually 400-700 times sweeter than regular sugar, which means just a little of this sweetener goes a long way.

Artificial sweeteners have long been preferred as a better alternative than regular sugar because it decreases the risk of sugar crashes and is suitable for those on diets or are diabetics.

However, if you are diabetic and planning to take Lit, take note that some experts suggest not going over 200mg of caffeine as any more can affect your blood sugar levels. Since Lit has 250mg, it might be best to look for other sugar-free brands.

Can We Drink Lit Energy Drinks Every Day?

A healthy person can drink one can of Lit energy drink every day. However, it also depends upon a person’s caffeine tolerance.

But in my opinion, drinking Lit every day may already be too excessive and can get your body dependent on caffeine quickly.

If you want to make energy drinks a part of your daily life, I’d say finding a brand with minimal caffeine is the way to go!

Can I Drink Lit Energy Drink during Workouts?

Lit Energy Drink is good for pre-workouts as it has a significant amount of caffeine and citrulline in it which aids before and during workouts. If you are an athlete, having Lit Energy Drink will help you with your focus and increase your stamina as well, resulting in a good productive workout.

With its high caffeine content and 20 calories, I believe that Lit works best when taken before workouts!

The caffeine in energy drinks can improve your stamina for running or lifting during your tough workouts. It can give you the energy boost you need to complete your sets and the minimal calorie content also pads that energy boost you experience.

In addition, Lit also contains the amino acids BCAAs, which are particularly helpful in decreasing fatigue, muscle growth, and preventing soreness. Sounds perfect for workouts, right?

Is it Safe to take Lit Energy Drink during Pregnancy?

No, caffeine is not safe at all for pregnant women.

While some studies do advise that moderate caffeine intake is okay, some have also claimed that caffeine can delay the development of the fetus and cause the constriction of the blood vessels in the uterus.

So if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s safer to err on the side of caution and avoid all caffeinated products and beverages, including Lit Energy!

Energy Drink Alternatives to Lit

Here are some alternatives to this drink that can also lift your day.

Other Notable Mentions


Lit energy drink is a good option for those people who love to work out regularly. It contains a mixture of many ingredients like caffeine, nitrosigine, BCAAs and many other ingredients, which act as an aid during exercise.

However, the high caffeine content isn’t up my alley at all. 250mg is a lot and can possibly cause negative side effects, especially if you go beyond 1 can of Lit in a day.

In my opinion, Lit is best enjoyed by physically active people with high caffeine tolerance and in peak physical condition. If you’re not sure if this is you, you can always check out the other energy drink brands I’ve previously written about. I’m sure you’ll meet your perfect match!

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