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Moose Juice Nutrition Facts (Details)

Moose Juice is a popular energy drink from the UK brand, Muscle Moose. Though this is mainly marketed towards health and fitness enthusiasts, the drink is popular to the general energy drink consumers.

The beverage’s fame mostly comes from its caffeine content and healthy supplements.

The question, though, relies on what is in Moose Juice. Of course, it’s more than just a set of caffeine and supplements.

For consumers, it’s also important to know the specific nutrients and amount that they will get from the drink.

In this article, we’re going to talk about Moose Juice and its nutrition facts. You can expect to have an overview on whether this will be good for your body by the end of reading.

If you’re looking for a quick answer: A 500ml can of Moose Juice contains 200mg of caffeine, 15 calories, and a proprietary blend of Niacin, BCAAs, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and other supplements. This doesn’t contain sugar and fat.

To better understand the contents of Moose Juice, proceed to the following sections.

What Are The Ingredients Of Moose Juice?

One serving of Moose Juice comes up to 500ml. The ingredients present in this amount include:

Ingredients of Moose Juice.

Note that these ingredients are from Moose Juice’s Green Apple flavour. Ingredients like the flavourings may differ depending on the variation.

Nutritional Content Of Moose Juice

Here is a breakdown of Moose Juice’s nutritional content:

Nutritional InformationPer 500ml Serving% RI Per 500ml
of which:
of which:
Folic Acid400μg200%
Vitamin B6**40mg2857%
Vitamin B12500μg20000%
The nutrients in Moose Juice.

Here, the reference intake of an average adult is 8400kJ/2400kcal.

Nutrients present in Moose Juice.

The table above presents the nutrients from a 500ml can of Moose Juice. From the image above, you’ll also find warnings regarding the drink’s consumption.

What Is The Caffeine Content Of Moose Juice?

A 500ml can of Moose Juice comes with 200mg of caffeine.

Considering that Moose Juice’s caffeine content is just the right intensity for an energy drink, you can expect the following short-term benefits:

  • Delaying fatigue
  • Getting instant boost
  • Escalating reaction time
  • Enhancing focus and attention
  • Improving short-term memory

Keep in mind that taking more caffeine won’t boost the said effects above. Thus, it’s best to limit your consumption depending on your body’s tolerance.

Consuming beyond the body’s caffeine tolerance level can trigger caffeine sensitivity symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, vomiting, headache, tremors, chest pains, and palpitations.

The maximum amount of caffeine that you can take in a day is 400mg. Although Moose Juice’s 200mg caffeine is not intensely high compared to the limit, you should still keep your intake to one can a day.

What Is The Sugar Level Of Moose Juice?

Moose Juice is sugar-free

One of the top concerns when it comes to energy drinks refer to sugar level. Beverages that have excessive amount of sugar can lead to health issues like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

With Moose Juice, you don’t have to worry about the said concerns.

This article about the best sugar-free drinks can help introduce you to more favourable energy drinks.

Are There Artificial Sweeteners In Moose Juice?

Moose Juice contains artificial sweeteners, specifically Sucralose and Ace-K, to still add sweetness to the drink.

Sucralose and Ace-K are two of the most used sugar alternatives. These are much sweeter than sugar itself. Moreover, they have a lower calorie count.

The topic of sugar substitutes might be confusing, but nowadays, these are used in candies, sodas, puddings, jams, and dairy products.

Some of the other noteworthy benefits of such sweeteners include managing weight and diabetes.

However, there’re still ongoing concerns regarding the addition of such sweeteners in the drink. For instance, too much of it can increase insulin resistance in your body.

Too much artificial sweeteners can cause adverse health concerns.

Though Moose Juice’s use of artificial sweeteners went strict evaluation under FDA and EPSA, it’s still better to keep track of your intake.

What Is The Calorie Content Of Moose Juice?

Moose Juice only has a calorie count of 15.

One of Moose Juice’s assets is its low-calorie content. Its existing 15 calories mainly come from its amino acids and BCAAs.

Here are the benefits of drinking low-calorie drinks:

  • Managing weight
  • Boosting mood
  • Improving blood sugar level

All in all, you can expect Moose Juice to stay out of your diet. This won’t affect your weight, and has an unoticeable effect on your calorie intake.

What Vitamins Are There In Moose Juice?

Moose Juice mainly contains Vitamins B3, B6, B9 and B12.

Here is an overview of the vitamins present in Moose Juice:

Type of VitaminLabelled AsRecommended Daily Intake
Vitamin B3Niacin18mg
Vitamin B6Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 2mg
Vitamin B9Folic Acid400µg
Vitamin B12Cyanocobalamin6 µg
The table shows the functions of different vitamins in Moose and the amount required per day.

Vitamin B3’s role is to keep your nervous system healthy. It also helps in the digestion of fats and protein.

For Vitamin B6, you can expect it to aid in producing antibodies. It also works alongside improving nerve functions.

Vitaming B9, or Folic Acid, assists in creating new proteins, and producing new DNAs.

Lastly, Vitamin B12 primarily keeps nerve cells healthy.

Overall, Moose Juice has very good offers in terms of vitamins and supplements. This makes it a fairly healthy energy drink. Note, however, that these won’t affect the intensity of the drink’s energy boosting effects.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Moose Juice?

Moose Juice’s main benefits revolve around enhancing physical performance and mental alertness.

The benefits that you’ll get from Moose Juice is mostly because of its caffeine content. Hence, you will be rovided with other caffeine-related boosts. These are:

  • Better physical endurance
  • Enhanced concentration and memory
  • Faster post-workout recovery
  • Uplifted mood

Moreover, the salts in the energy drinks will help in replenishing your body’s electrolytes.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Drinking Moose Juice?

The side effects of Moose Juice will depend on your caffeine tolerance. The most common ones, though, include dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, headache, irregular heartbeat, and chest pain.

Not everyone will encounter the energy drink’s side effects. Most probably, people with low caffeine tolerance are more susceptible to them. The most usual occurrence refers to caffeine sensitivity.

Here are the things that you can experience due to caffeine sensitivity:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Racing Heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Restlessness

Moose Juice’s caffeine content may also trigger allergic reactions. People with caffeine allergy may have the following symptoms:

If you think you’re sensitive to caffeine, monitor your intake. This task applies not only to the energy drink, but also with your other source of caffeine (e.g. coffee, tea, soda).

On the flip side, if you’re allergic to caffine, it’s best to avoid Moose Juice.

Though most of the dirnk’s side effects come from its caffeine, you should also look out for its ingredients to assure that you won’t have any allergic reactions post-drink.

Can Moose Juice Make You Gain Weight?

There are no health statistics that point to Moose Juice’s relationship with weight gain. However, considering that it has low calories, zero sugar, and zero fat, it’s unlikely for the drink to increase your weight.

Generally, weight gain is caused by taking high-calorie foods and drinks. Because Moose Juice has low calories (15 calories), it’s the least of your worries.

In addition, instead of sugar (which is one of top causes of weight gain), the drink used artificial sweeteners. These alternatives has lower calorie content than table sugar, and thus, beneficial for diet management.

If you’re looking for other energy drinks that won’t affect your weight, here is an article on the best low-calorie and sugar-free drinks.

How Many Cans Of Moose Juice Can You Drink In A Day?

You can only drink one can of Moose Juice in a day.

Because Moose Juice will already give you 200mg of caffeine, it’s best to stop at one serving. This is already half of FDA’s caffeine limit which 400mg.

If you take two, or even a half serving more, you’ll be prone to caffeine overdose.

Can You Drink Moose Juice Every Day?

You can drink Moose Juice every day, but it’s more recommended to take one can every other day to avoid caffeine dependence.

If you need a daily energy boost, may it be for work, sports, or workout routines, then you can drink Moose Juice everyday.

However, if you don’t find it necessary to take additional caffeine, then consider drinking Moose Juice every other day. Doing so will prevent being dependent on caffeine and the drink itself.

Is Moose Juice Suitable For All Ages?

Moose Juice isn’t suitable for all ages. You can only drink this if you’re 18 above, or if you’re teenager, at least older than 12. Still, the former is more recommended.

As per Moose Juice’s warning, children, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, should avoid this drink. This is because of their lower caffeine tolerance, and greater susceptibility to caffeine-related risks.

Drinking energy drinks such as Moose Juice may disrupt the growing cardiovascular and neurological functions of children. This may cause stress and various side effects.

Moreover, elderly people should also take caution when it comes to the drink. This especially applies to those with heart diseases or underlying medical conditions. If you’re in this category, you should first consult with a health care provider.

Here are better choices that you can look into for energy drinks for the elderly.

Moose Juice Flavours

Compared to other brands, Moose Juice offers a short line of their drink’s flavours. See below:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mojito
  • Passion fruit
  • Green Apple
  • Berry

Even if you have limited choices for Moose Juice, rest assured that each variation are well-formulated. You can also expect them to be distinct from one another.

How Does Moose Juice Taste?

Moose Juice’s taste will depend on the flavour, but overall, it’s pretty good for an energy drink.

One of the consumers’ favourite is the Green Apple flavour. This comes in a combination of sour and citrusy fizziness. The aftertaste, on the flip side, is exactly like that of an apple’s.

Moving on, the Berry and Raspberry flavours are like regular berries. These, however, have a more potent taste and aftertaste.

Where Can You Buy Moose Juice? How Much Do They Cost?

You can buy Moose Juice directly from their official website. You can also check out online retailers, and local stores.

If you’re living within UK, consider ordering from Moose Juice’s site. It’ll be more convenient for you in that way. They don’t deliver to North Ireland, though, so take note of that.

For those outside the country, you can order online. Specifically, you can head on to Amazon and eBay.

The price of the drink may vary depending on the certain factors like where you’re buying it, what flavour, and likes. On average, however, expect that each can of Moose Juice will range from £1 to £2.00.

What Other Energy Drinks Should You Consider?

Here are some of the energy drinks that consumers like:

The caffeine content and nutritional facts may differ among the brands, but expect that all of them are a good one-stop shop for a quick energy fix.

Final Thoughts: How Healthy Is Moose Juice?

One serving of Moose Juice is fairly healthy considering that it’s packed with vitamins, BCAAs, whilst maintaining a sugar-free and fat-free drink. Moreover, it has low calories, and a moderate amount of caffeine.

Moose Juice will be an amazing choice for athletes and gym enthusiasts. This will provide you with your desired energy boost, as well as some health benefits brought by its supplements.

What makes this better is Moose Juice’s budget-friendly price.

Overall, as long as you stick to one can maximum in a day, Moose Juice will continue to be a healthy energy drink.

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