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Nau Energy Drink Review (Detailed)

Sweden’s first cognitive drink, NAU Energy, contains no caffeine, so you won’t experience any jitters or crashes after drinking it. For those with caffeine intolerance, this would be an excellent choice.

However, you can’t use this drink as an energy supplement. Keep in mind any drink without caffeine can’t replace an energy drink or supplement.

We can call NAU powder vegan since it doesn’t contain animal-sourced ingredients. The company also confirmed that its drinks are vegan.

This powdered drink is low in calories and rich in antioxidants. 

Let’s see how this non-caffeine focus drink stands up to what it claims. Also, I’ll provide you with the nutrition facts and benefits of the ingredients in NAU drinks.

Read on.

NAU Energy Ingredients 

NAU powder contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamins
  • Maize (Maltodextrin)
  • Flavor
  • L-theanine
  • Sweetener (Sucralose)
  • Lemon balm extract
  • Paprika oil extract
  • Salvia Extract
  • Sage
  • Arabic gum
  • Sage essential oil

Sage is an essential ingredient in NAU, which provides antioxidants. This natural ingredient belongs to the mint family. It is loaded with antioxidants and contains some beneficial nutrients. Additionally, this herb enhances your brain function and lowers your blood sugar levels.

Luckily, there are no reported side effects with the use of Sage-containing products.

To give your brain the focus it needs, NAU contains an amino acid called L-theanine. This ingredient can be found in nearly every energy supplement and drink.

This amino acid, usually found in coffee or green tea, aims to improve your cognitive function. Use of L-theanine may provide you with the following benefits:

  • Relief from stress
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Better focus
  • Energy boost

NAU drink is somehow a focus drink because of these benefits and L-theanine. 

Nutrition Facts

Nau Energy
Nutritions of NAU

400 ml, which is one portion of NAU ready drink, has the following nutrition facts:

Energy133 k/31 kcal
    Of which sugars0.5g
Vitamin b60.8mg
Nutrition facts of NAU

A 10g powder of NAU powder provides 31 kcal of energy. If you consider that an average person’s daily intake is 2500 kcal, you get minimal energy from NAU.

In addition to that, NAU powdered drink contains two vitamins, b6, and niacin (b3), making it a healthy drink.

If you are deficient in b vitamins, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Numb hands and feet
  • Weak immune system
  • Depressed
  • Stressed
  • Rash on skin

However, you can cure these symptoms with the balanced use of these vitamins. Since NAU drinks contain a moderate amount of these vitamins, I recommend trying this drink to see how it works for you.

Does NAU Drink contain caffeine? 

Caffeine in NAU

The answer is simply no. All flavors of NAU Energy are non-caffeine, which makes it a perfect focus drink for people who’re allergic to caffeine. 

Since all the ingredients used in NAU powder are eco-friendly, people under 18 may also consume a moderate amount.

However, the real question is whether a drink without caffeine will provide you with energy? 

Unfortunately, drinks with no caffeine do not affect your body. To keep your body alert, athletes or eSports enthusiasts need an adequate amount of caffeine.

It has been shown that moderate caffeine consumption won’t cause you to crash. Additionally, caffeine provides you with the following benefits:

  • Keeps your brain and body alert
  • Fights against fatigue
  • Improves your memory
  • Makes you feel refreshed
  • Prevents weight gain

In general, the FDA recommends taking 400mg of caffeine daily. You can take the recommended dosage of caffeine from any resource if you’re a healthy adult.

Is NAU drink sugar-free? 

Sugar in NAU

There is a small amount of sugar in NAU powder drinks, even though the company advertises them sugar-free. 

Sugar-free drinks from NAU contain 7.7 grams of carbohydrates, of which 0.5g sugar, so they cannot be considered sugar-free.

Keep in mind 0.5g of sugar has only two calories.

Therefore, consuming sugar less than 24g is considered safe. Additionally, this focus drink contains an artificial sweetener called Sucralose. 

The FDA approves artificial sweeteners such as Ace K and Sucralose. It’s not recommended to pass sweeteners through any heating process.

Is NAU a Gaming Drink? 

Is NAU for gamers?
Is NAU a gaming drink?

If you are a late-night gamer looking for a drink that can keep your brain focused for one hour, you should consider NAU drinks.

However, if you’re looking for drinks and supplements that can keep you awake, NAU won’t be able to help you.

According to the brand, NAU can only enhance your memory and focus. This can be a great choice if you only want to focus on your exam for short periods and do not game heavily.

To achieve similar results as caffeinated drinks, you should consider alternative powdered drinks like MAW and G Fuel.

Is NAU a pre-workout drink? 

Since it contains no caffeine or other ingredients that provide energy, we cannot call NAU a pre-workout drink.

For any pre-workout drink to be effective, it should contain the following ingredients:

  • Caffeine (a moderate amount)
  • Creatine
  • Amino Acids
  • Taurine

Pre-workout supplements don’t need to contain all of the ingredients above, but at least two ingredients must be present.

Since NAU doesn’t contain any ingredient that can provide you with energy, you can say NAU isn’t a pre-workout.

How does NAU taste? 

Considering all of NAU’s natural ingredients, it shouldn’t taste the way it does.

You may experience a bitter aftertaste for about half an hour after taking some flavors from the brand.

Moreover, these powdered drinks have a spicy taste, making them bitter. Personally, the most important thing about a drink is its taste. I prefer switching to another drink if it leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

It would be best to try it for yourself to see how it works for you.

Here is a review of NAU Energy, the first nootropic drink for gamers.

Cognitive Enhancing Ingredients in NAU

NAU has several cognitive-enhancing ingredients such as Salvia Extract, L-Theanine (amino acid), and lemon balm extract.

Many drinks contain Salvia extract. You don’t have to worry about being addicted to this extract since it doesn’t contain addictive properties.

It is advisable not to exceed the recommended dosage of salvia, which is 500 micrograms.

NAU contains ingredients that enhance cognitive function, so you can use it before gaming, studying, exams, and other brain-related tasks.

Even though this powder is filled with nutrients, your focus isn’t much improvement.

However, if you are addicted to caffeine or a regular energy drink drinker, you shouldn’t rely on it for brain focus. It might not work for you.

Is NAU Drink vegan? 

NAU is Vegan

Because NAU drinks contain no ingredients sourced from animals, it is considered vegan. So, vegan people can drink this focus drink without any worry.

Additionally, all NAU ingredients are GMO-free, making this drink safe for people following this diet.

Is Nau an Energy Drink or a Focus Drink?

NAU Energy is a focus drink.

For a drink to meet the definition of an energy drink, it must contain caffeine or other ingredients providing similar benefits to caffeine.

On the label of NAU’s drink, you can see that it’s only meant to enhance your memory and focus because NAU is caffeine-free, the focus you get from this drink will not last long though.

Can anyone drink NAU focus drinks?

Caffeine-sensitive individuals and those under 18 years old can consume this drink since it does not contain caffeine.

However, people with a high caffeine tolerance should consider other caffeinated powdered drinks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a drink that doesn’t contain caffeine but still enhances your focus and memory, you should consider NAU powder.

The brand claims that few of their flavors contain zero added sugar which isn’t true. As you can see on the label, there’s 0.5g of sugar in every 10 grams product.

Additionally, athletes and late-night gamers won’t find this drink effective since it’s a focus drink containing herbs and natural ingredients.

NAU contains ingredients that will not adversely affect your body, a quality I can’t help but admire. As such, you can consume a moderate amount of NAU every day.

They come in two purchasing options, one with sachets containing 10g and making 400ml, the other with a 30 serving bag.

However, NAU fails to maintain good taste even though it uses only natural ingredients and herbs.

NAU is an excellent natural product suitable for students, gamers, or people with caffeine sensitivity. Make your day with NAU, a caffeine-free energy drink.

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