Nutrition Facts of Runa Clean Energy Drink (Explained)

The name Runa Clean itself indicates that it gives you clean energy derived from organic ingredients. The drink includes antioxidants and 150mg of caffeine extracted from an Amazonian plant Guayusa. Moreover, with just 10 calories and no added artificial sweetener, Runa Clean Energy is definitely a healthier choice.

If you don’t overuse it, any beverage without chemicals is fine in my opinion. You should also consider how much caffeine is in the beverage. 

In addition to its moderate caffeine content, Runa Clean Energy appears to be beneficial. Vegans or gluten-free customers will also appreciate the product’s environmental friendliness.

Furthermore, Runa Clean provides you with clean energy without any harmful substances.

Although Runa Energy contains sugar, the sugar content is very minimal as compared to other energy drinks. However, for people with sugar sensitivities, this product is not recommended.

Let’s look into the nutritional facts of Runa Clean Energy.

Ingredients of Runa Clean

The following table outlines the ingredients in different sizes of Runa Clean Energy Drink:

Ingredients8 fl. oz12 fl. oz
Caffeine105mg 150mg
Sugar 1g2g
Ingredients in different Sizes of Runa Clean Energy

It offers none of the nutrients, fats, vitamins, or potassium that you look for in an energy drink. Plus its sodium and sugar content is also not very high.

Drinking a carbonated 12 or 16 fl. oz drink in one sitting can be challenging. Among the three options offered by Runa Clean, you can choose an 8 oz. serving.

Nutritional Facts

The nutritional information for Runa Clean is listed below.

Nutritional Information of Runa Clean Energy
Nutritional Information
NutrientsAmount Per Serving- 1 Can (12 fl. oz)
Healthy Blend

The low-calorie and low-sugar content of RUNA makes it an excellent alternative to popular sugary energy drinks. The drink contains neither fats nor proteins. Moreover, its main ingredient Guayusa is a super leaf of the Amazon that is rich in antioxidants and is a natural source of caffeine.

The advantages of Runa nutrients include lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation in the body. Runa is a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

Natural Caffeine in Runa Clean Energy

Runa Energy contains 150mg of natural caffeine in each 12-fluid ounce serving, which is more than two espressos worth of caffeine. 

The amount per serving varies in each of the three servings.

Select a beverage with a caffeine dosage that meets your needs. It is entirely dependent on your caffeine tolerance.

If this is too much caffeine for you, you might be able to handle the standard bottle size of Runa Clean Energy, which is 12 fl. oz. 

Alternatively, you might consider 105mg of caffeine in an 8 fl. oz serving. The caffeine concentration should be below the recommended dose in all sizes of the drink.

The FDA recommends consuming no more than 400mg of caffeine a day. The following symptoms may be experienced if you drink too much caffeine:

  • Foggy mind
  • Dehydration
  • Anxiety
  • Disturbance in sleep patterns
  • Dependence
  • Headache

If you take Runa Clean Energy in moderation, you shouldn’t have to worry about nasty side effects since it doesn’t contain synthetic caffeine.


A leaf from the Amazon, Guayusa, can keep you alert for several hours. The best way to get the most out of Runa Clean energy drinks and teas is to consume them regularly.

Besides caffeine, this organic leaf contains L-theanine as well. It does not contain ingredients that produce unpleasant side effects, like BCAAs, taurine, and beta-alanine.

Guayusa in Runa Energy will just stimulate your mental and physical functions, so it won’t cause you to crash. Despite these risks, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your daily dosage since excessive use may cause headaches or anxiety.

Benefits of Guayusa if you take it in moderate quantity are as under:

  • helps in weight loss
  • regulates blood sugar
  • rich in antioxidants
  • improves mood and concentration
Cane sugar in Runa Clean Energy
Cane sugar in Runa Clean Energy

Organic Sugar in Runa Clean

It is unfortunate that Runa Clean Energy does not offer a sugar-free version. Sugar makes up 4% of one’s daily caloric intake. 

There are different sizes of energy drinks with different levels of sugar. However, the Sugar content in a 12 fl. oz serving is only 2g.

The drink also contains 3g of carbohydrates in a 12 fl. oz. bottle. In your body, a gram of carbohydrate is like a gram of sugar. 

On its label, you can see that Runa Clean uses organic cane sugar. A cane’s growth is not accelerated using chemicals in organic production.

Compared to regular sugar, they are healthier. They boost mood, provide energy and enhance memory. This drink contains less amount of sugar without a doubt.

A person’s daily sugar allowance is limited to 36 grams (men) and 24 grams (women).

However, Runa Clean should not be consumed if you have diabetes or other health issues. Seek advice from your doctor if you have any health issues.

Cane sugar may have some benefits including:

  • gives you energy
  • enhances your mood
  • rich in antioxidants
  • boosts up immune system
Sugar Intake

Sodium Level

Despite its 10 grams of sodium, Runa Clean Energy does not contain any unhealthy calories. Energy drinks with high levels of sodium give you a salty taste, but this does not happen with this drink. It contains more sodium than Celsius energy drinks.

FDA reports that American diets contain high amounts of sodium. High blood pressure can be caused by sodium, so taking it in any form poses a risk of heart disease. 

It is difficult to avoid salt since it appears in nearly everything, from junk food to energy drinks. Make sure you read the ingredients before eating.

The sodium content of Runa Clean Energy is below the recommended dosage, so it is the right amount. The safest dosage is no more than 1500mg per day. Runa Clean Energy delivers 10mg per day.

Acids in Runa Clean Energy

Two acids make up Runa Clean: malic acid and citric acid. No chemicals are used in this drink. This is an advantage. Malic acid is a natural acid found in pears and apples.

Malic acid helps reduce lethargy, boosts up energy, and improves physical performance.

Citric acid is mostly present in citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and limes. Runa Clean uses natural citric acid obtained from organic fruits and vegetables.

Using natural sources means these acids have no side effects. Artificial versions of these acids are found in supplements and drinks.

Reactions to these are rare in terms of allergies.

Some benefits of citric acid are as under:

  • A natural preservative
  • Good for kidney health
  • Can act as a disinfectant
  • Can kill harmful bacteria on your skin
  • Enhances taste

Calorie Content of Runa Clean

For those who prefer low-calorie drinks, Runa Clean Energy might be a great choice. Adding sugar and carbohydrates to energy drinks increases their calorie content. 

Runa Clean energy drinks contain carbohydrates and sugars. A drink that contains 3 grams of carbohydrates will provide you with 12 calories since each carb contains four calories. Moreover, the drink also contains 2g of sugar.

It’s always a good idea to read the labels of products so you know what you’re purchasing.

Runa Clean Energy contains 10 calories
Runa Clean Energy contains 10 calories

Can Runa Clean be Considered Vegan?

Both Runa Energy drinks and Runa powders are vegan and gluten-free without a doubt. Approximately 150mg of caffeine is found in Runa, obtained only from the Guayusa plant.

Energy boosts are slowly becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. With Runa’s improved recipe and redesigned packaging, people now have an easier time getting their caffeine kick.

Runa’s low-calorie taste and reformulated ingredients will surely improve your mental and physical capabilities.

Runa Clean Energy-Pre-Workout Drink

Drinking this beverage before working out may not prove to be a regrettable decision. Continue reading for more details.

In contrast to other stimulant supplements and drinks, Guayusa is the only stimulant contained in the drink. This ingredient primarily contains caffeine and L-Theanine. Neither of those ingredients is synthetic.

Runa Clean Energy contains 150mg of caffeine per serving. It does not include guarana, which is another caffeine-rich plant. The drink gets organically prepared caffeine from the Guayusa plant.

Runa Clean has the same caffeine content as two cups of espresso. In addition, you won’t experience the caffeine-induced jitters that accompany post-workout energy drinks.

L-Theanine is another amino acid that is found in it. This ingredient alleviates anxiety and stress.

The organic blend of L-theanine and caffeine in the drink gives you the energy you need during a workout session. Thus we can say that Runa Clean works great as a pre-workout drink.

Runa Clean Tastes Bitter. Why?

There is no artificial flavor or sweetener in this drink, which makes it a great choice. Because Runa Drinks are unsweetened, they may taste bitter.

To make their drinks and supplements more palatable, they use artificial sugars. Thus, you’ll find sucralose in many beverages.

Runa Clean makes drinks with clean ingredients, and the brand is dedicated to this. If you want an energy drink without artificial sweeteners, this may be a good option for you. 

This is especially true when eating healthily takes precedence over taste. Since this drink contains sugar, I wouldn’t recommend taking more than one serving daily.

What is the Health Risk of Runa Clean Drink?

To me, any drink without chemicals and additives is healthy, provided you don’t overdo it. It is also important to consider the caffeine content of the beverage. 

It is good to some extent that Runa Clean Energy contains organic caffeine. Also, it’s gluten-free and vegan friendly, making it suitable for those with special dietary needs.

It is also commendable that this formula lacks a large number of harmful amino acids.

As mentioned earlier, Runa Energy does contain sugar, but that amount is very low in comparison to the dosage advised. Nevertheless, those who are sensitive to sugar should avoid this beverage. 

Physically fit people may find Runa Clean to be a beneficial energy drink.

Each serving of Runa Clean Energy has 10 calories
Moderate Caffeine Content



Runa Clean Energy contains 150mg of natural caffeine in each 12 fl. oz serving. However, the 8 fl. oz. can has less than 100mg of caffeine, so caffeine-sensitive individuals can go for it. The drink also contains 2g of added sugar obtained from organic sugarcane.

It is a healthy product that can also replace coffee or tea on a daily basis. In the Runa brand’s drinks, you will find Guayusa, an organic form of caffeine that stays longer and does not leave you feeling anxious.

As Runa Clean contains no beta-alanine, the body does not experience any tingling sensations. Vegans can enjoy this drink because it contains only plant-based antioxidants. 

A moderate amount of sugar, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories make this drink an attractive choice. Due to caffeine and sugar content, it is not advisable for pregnant women and diabetics, though.

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