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Rockstar Energy Drink Review (Authentic)

Rockstar has been in the market of selling energy drinks since 2001. With two decades of experience, they have managed to perfect their formula and develop an amazing drink.

It has been popular in US and UK alike, with people from both countries preferring the drink over other competitors, Rockstar is ranked as the 119th most popular beverage.

Rockstar costs $2 in the US and is one of the most popular drinks in the country, but is the drink’s popularity really justified and how good is it exactly?

I would personally rate Rockstar a 7/10: it works, provides you with an energy boost but taste-wise, it isn’t the best.

Continue reading for a more detailed answer!

Ingredients in Rockstar Energy Drink

Rockstar Energy back of the can
Ingredients of Rockstar

You can look at the number of ingredients present in the drink listed below:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sugar
  • Acid (Citric Acid)
  • Flavour Enhancer (Erythritol)
  • Taurine (0.4%)
  • Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate)
  • Flavoring
  • Caffeine (0.04%)
  • Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K)
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Colors (Caramel E150c, Riboflavin E101)
  • Guarana Extract (0.01%)
  • Ginseng Extract (0.01%)
  • Inositol
  • Vitamins (Niacin, B6, B12)

Nutritional Content of Rockstar

NutrientContent (16 fl oz)
(of which sugars)
Vitamin B21.3mg
Vitamin B316mg
Vitamin B61.4mg
Vitamin B122.mcg

Caffeine in Rockstar

Each 16 fl. oz can of Rockstar comes with 160mg of caffeine.

While this amount isn’t the highest you’ll find, it isn’t insignificant either. A can would get you through the day just fine.

The FDA recommends that healthy adults have a maximum of 400mg of caffeine in a day.

This amount can vary depending on if you have any prior health conditions or if you are sensitive to caffeine.

If caffeine doesn’t sit right with you, I would advise consulting with a doctor before consuming any beverage that has high amounts of it.

Over-consuming caffeine can cause several side effects, these can include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Sugar in Rockstar

Two sugar cubes

Rockstar comes with 24 grams of sugar per 16 fl oz.

While the drink isn’t sugar-free, the taste of it isn’t that prominent either. I found it to be the perfect mixture of sugar with other ingredients, neutralizing the flavor.

The National Health Service (NHS) advises you to limit your intake of sugar to under 30 grams a day.

Similar to caffeine, consuming sugar in excess can cause a series of health problems, this includes diabetes and several heart problems.

Vitamins in Rockstar Energy

Rockstar contains several B-Vitamins. All of these aid in providing you with an optimal energy boost, and other tasks.

The table below highlights the vitamins added in Rockstar and their purposes.

VitaminPurposeAmount (16 fl oz)
Vitamin B3Converts Carbohydrates to Glucose16mg
Vitamin B6Strengthens the Immune System1.4mg
Vitamin B12Keeps Nerve Cells Healthy2.4µg

Is Rockstar Energy Bad For You?

If you consume more than one can of Rockstar per day and drink daily, you can develop some long-term side effects of caffeine, these can vary depending on how much of the drink you’re having.

Chronic Insomnia

Insomnia is characterized by the inability to sleep a full night and feeling tired even after sleeping for several hours.

Drinking beverages containing large amounts of caffeine can cause you to stay awake, this will delay your body clock and render you unable to fall asleep at set times in the future.


Caffeine causes the release of Adrenaline, a hormone responsible for initiating the “fight or flight” response.

This can make you feel as if you were in a frightening event and cause an anxiety attack.

Stomach Problems

The stomach releases acid when you consume caffeine, this can cause a range of stomach problems.

Can You Drink Rockstar Everyday?

The large caffeine content and the high sugar amount present in Rockstar don’t make it suitable to be had daily.

If taken daily and regularly relied upon, there is a chance that you might develop a caffeine dependency.

What Does Rockstar Energy Taste Like?

I found Rockstar’s taste to be similar to Red Bull. There is a slight difference in the texture and how it feels on the tongue.

Sadly, the bitter aftertaste left by Red Bull is also prominent in Rockstar. That’s a big letdown, in my opinion.

I prefer my energy drinks to be light and refreshing, and Rockstar doesn’t really fit that bill. However, its energy boost really is great and I didn’t feel any side effects afterward.

So all in all, it comes down to whether Rockstar’s flavor appeals to your tastebuds.

You can watch a more detailed review and an in-depth description of how Rockstar tastes in the video below.

Variants of Rockstar Energy

Rockstar comes with several different variants to its original drink, I have listed these below.

  • Rockstar Sugar-Free
  • Rockstar Recovery Series
  • Rockstar Pure Zero
  • Rockstar Thermo
  • Rockstar Xdurance
  • Rockstar Juiced

Alternatives to Rockstar Energy

If you’re looking for something less strong or a drink that tastes different from Rockstar, here are some options you can choose from.

Other notable mentions:

Final Verdict

Rockstar is not a good option if you’re only getting into energy drinks, I would recommend starting with brands that have smaller doses of caffeine present.

The taste of the drink is initially great, but the aftertaste is really strong and I’m afraid it won’t be for everyone. Additionally, I’m a bit iffy about the caffeine content too.

However, Rockstar provides a decent energy boost, and I found that I didn’t feel any sugar or caffeine crashes afterward, so that’s a plus.

All in all, I’d rate Rockstar a 7/10, and worth a try!