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Rockstar VS Coffee (Which is Better?)

Rockstar Energy‘s drinks are among the most popular and best-tasting energy drinks widely available across the United States.

With over 20 flavors in its arsenal, Rockstar can provide everyone with a variant to its drink that fits their liking.

Like all energy drinks, Rockstar is chock-full of caffeine that will get you started on your day. But of course, coffee also comes to mind, especially since it’s another popular caffeinated beverage.

So, is drinking coffee the same as having an energy drink? The short answer would be no: Rockstar Energy Drink is a better option than coffee if you’re searching for something to offer you a more significant energy boost.

In this article, I’ll be taking a look at the pros and cons of Rockstar and coffee, so you can know which one would suit you better.

Let’s get started!

Is Rockstar More Nutritious Than Coffee?

When you compare the nutritional facts of the Rockstar energy drink with a cup of black coffee, it becomes apparent that Rockstar is more nutritious than coffee because of the added vitamins. However, coffee comes loaded with healthy antioxidants too!

NutrientsRockstar (16fl.oz)Black Coffee
Fat0 g0
Protein0 g0
Vitamin B316mg2%
Vitamin B55mg0
Vitamin B61.7mg0
Vitamin B122.4mcg0
Rockstar Energy vs. Coffee Nutritional Values comparison

Rockstar Nutrition Facts

Here are the nutritional facts of Rockstar energy drink per one 16 fl. oz. The standard size can contain 250 calories. 

NutritionAmount% Daily Value
Total Fat0g0%
Total Carbohydrates63g23%
Total Sugar63g126%
Vitamin B316mg100%
Vitamin B55mg100%
Vitamin B61.7mg100%
Vitamin B122.4mcg100%
Rockstar Energy Nutritional Contents

Ingredients in Rockstar

The Rockstar energy drink comes with a unique blend of minerals and vitamins that help you successfully push through the day.

Ingredient CategoryIngredient
VitaminsVitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12,
Vitamin B2
AcidifierCitric Acid
WaterCarbonated Water
ColoringCaramel Sugar Syrup
Acidity RegulatorTrisodium Citrate E331
Added FlavorsFlavorings
Flavour EnhancerErythritol
Amino AcidTaurine
Rockstar Energy Ingredients

Vitamins in Rockstar

The drink contains four B Vitamins.

Other Ingredients in Rockstar

Apart from the mentioned beneficial vitamins, the Rockstar energy drink contains more healthy ingredients provided as under;

  • Panax Ginseng – known for improving brain function and reducing inflammation.
  • L-Carnitine – known for promoting cardiovascular health and boosting energy.
  • L-Tartrate – known for protecting the heart, liver, and kidney against various diseases. L-Tartrate aso helps hormonal recovery after an extensive workout session.
  • Inositol – known for reducing anxiety and manage blood sugar levels.
  • Guarana Extract – known as a rich antioxidant that is high in caffeine content. 

Calories in Rockstar vs Calories in Coffee

A cup of coffee has one or two calories, whereas Rockstar has 250 calories.

This indicates that coffee is a good choice for fasting or trying to lose weight by lowering their calorie intake. But the amount of calories in Rockstar is still well below the daily recommended calorie intake.

According to health experts, women should consume 2,000 calories per day, and males should consume 2,500 calories.

As you can see, the quantity of calories in Rockstar is only a tenth of the recommended daily intake, leaving you with room for additional calories after only one can.

Sugar in Rockstar vs Sugar in Coffee

Rockstar contains 63g of sugar, which is over three times the daily sugar allowance.

However, coffee in itself does not contain sugar.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a healthy sugar restriction for women is 100 calories per day or 24 grams of sugar. For men, it is 150 calories per day or 36 grams of sugar.

Based on these data, it’s clear that Rockstar contains high sugar levels, raising the risk of health problems.

If you’re drinking Rockstar, best to moderate your intake! You can also check out some sugar-free energy drink brands that might tickle your fancy.

Caffeine Content in Rockstar vs Coffee

The former takes the trophy regarding the caffeine content in Rockstar Energy Drink vs. Coffee.

Rockstar has more caffeine as compared to one standard-size cup of coffee. 

Specificallya single serving of Rockstar energy drink contains 160mg of caffeine, while a cup of black coffee would approximately contain 96mg of caffeine.

Even though Rockstar is almost double in caffeine compared to a cup of coffee, it’s still well within the FDA‘s 400mg daily maximum limit. I advise you to keep your Rockstar consumption to one can a day only.

Moreover, if you’re caffeine sensitive, it might be better to switch to black coffee instead to lessen the risk of side effects.

I believe that Rockstar energy drink will prove to be more effective and efficient for an all-nighter or give you that extra boost of energy before an intense workout session.

How Much Caffeine Can You Have In A Day?

So, which one really wins?

Caffeine is a potent stimulant that reduces fatigue, boosts energy, keeps you full, provides mental clarity, and keeps you going through the day by affecting your nervous system.

Despite all the health benefits, it is pertinent to note that caffeine is a powerful and addictive stimulant and must be consumed in moderation.

Experts at the FDA stated that 400mg per day is the ideal amount of caffeine to be consumed by an adult. However, if you are pregnant, a minor, or elderly, it’s best to stay away from caffeine in general.

Any caffeine consumed above the recommend maximum amount could result in serious side effects like headaches, anxiety, and insomnia.

How Many Rockstar Drinks Can You Have Each Day?

The calories in a single Rockstar drink are considerably high. Rockstar should not be consumed regularly as it could easily lead to obesity and other health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, etc.

However, from the aspect of caffeine levels, two cans of the Rockstar energy drink can easily be consumed per day without harming your health.

The video below provides an in-depth guide on the adverse effects of consuming large amounts of calories.

Rockstar vs Coffee: Which is Cheaper?

Rockstar energy can
Rockstar Energy

The average price for a Rockstar energy drink is anywhere from around $2 while a cup of coffee averages at around $3.

Hence, we can clearly see that a can of Rockstar is cheaper than a cup of good coffee.

However, you might save more if you brew your own coffee at home than buying multiple cans of Rockstar for daily use.

Coffee or Rockstar: Which is Healthier?

Coffee is a healthier option as compared to Rockstar. 

Coffee is considerably lower in caffeine and calories and can be used to reduce weight effectively. However, the same is not valid for the Rockstar energy drink. Even drinking one can of Rockstar could have you missing out and bargaining on healthy nutrients on a strict diet. 

Rockstar is very high in sugar and exceeds the healthy daily limit recommended by the experts, approximately 40 grams at most. 

Alternatives to Rockstar Energy

The following energy drinks are a great and healthier alternative to Rockstar that will give you a similar boost of energy. 

Other notable energy drinks brands:

Final Thoughts

Concluding the debate above, it is straightforward to see that coffee is a healthier option when compared to Rockstar energy drink.

In this specific comparison, you can drink more than one cup per day and still not feel any of the harmful side effects when it comes to coffee.

Moreover, with coffee, you don’t have to put a dent in your diet. It helps you lose weight at a faster pace.

However, if you need a guaranteed boost of energy for a project to work on all night, then choosing a Rockstar energy drink instead of a cup of coffee can be the right choice for you.

All in all, Rockstar can give you a stronger energy boost, especially if you’re regularly doing workouts. If taken in moderation, Rockstar shouldn’t negatively affect your health.

So I guess it all depends on which drink can suit your lifestyle! And who says you have to choose, right? I personally prefer coffees during “regular” days for a solid, but minimal energy boost and then switch to energy drinks when I know I have to do some activities during the day.

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