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Runa Clean Energy Caffeine & Ingredients (A Booster?)

Runa Clean drinks are organic and USDA-certified, so they are suitable for many people. Unlike many other energy drinks that contain several artificial sources of caffeine, this product comes with a natural source of caffeine (guayusa) that won’t negatively affect you. 

Plant-based antioxidants, fewer calories, and no artificial sweeteners are a few other factors that make this drink stand out.

The purpose of this article is to explain what kind of caffeine and other ingredients are in Runa Clean Energy. On top of that, I will explain how healthy this drink is in comparison to other drinks.

Let’s get on to it…


Ingredients12 fl.oz 8 fl.oz
Caffeine150mg 105mg
Added Sugar 2 grams1 gram
Carbohydrates3 grams2 grams
Ingredients of Runa Clean Energy

The absence of any fat, vitamins, or potassium in this drink makes it the perfect choice for those seeking a clean energy drink. There is also very little sodium in this beverage. 

Often, it’s hard to finish a 12 or 16 fl.oz drink in one sitting, especially when it’s carbonated. With Runa Clean, you get three options, including 8 fl.oz. 

Runa Clean Drink Caffeine Content

caffeine in Runa
Caffeine content of Runa Clean

When it comes to the caffeine content of Runa Energy, you get 150mg of natural caffeine in 12 fl.oz servings, meaning one serving will provide more caffeine than that of two espressos. 

It comes in three offerings, with each serving containing different amounts.

Choose an energy drink offering with the caffeine dosage you prefer. The amount of caffeine you need depends entirely on your tolerance.

The standard size of Runa Clean Energy, which is 12 fl.oz, which might work for you if you can handle this much caffeine. Alternatively, you can consider an 8 fl.oz serving with 105mg of caffeine.

I’d like to ensure that all the sizes of the drink have caffeine below the recommended dosage. According to the FDA, you shouldn’t exceed caffeine intake to 400mg.

If you’re taking too much caffeine, you may face these symptoms:

  • Foggy brain
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Dependence
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Dehydration

Since Runa Clean Energy doesn’t contain a synthetic version of caffeine, you may not face any nasty side effects as long as you’re taking it in moderation.

What is Guayusa in Runa Clean Drink?

The Amazonian leaf, Guayusa, contains organic caffeine that helps you stay alert for several hours. The best way to get the most of it is taking it in the form of tea or energy drinks by Runa Clean.

Except for caffeine, this organic leaf contains an adequate amount of L-Theanine. It doesn’t contain ingredients with nasty effects such as BCAA’s, taurine, or beta-alanine.

The only source in Runa Energy to provide you with body and cognitive stimulation is Guayusa which doesn’t leave you crashed.

However, you should monitor your daily dosage as using it immoderately can cause anxiety or headaches.

What is Guayusa?

Does Runa Clean Drink contain added sugar?

Is Runa Clean sugar-free?

Yes, the improved version of Runa Clean Energy isn’t sugar-free. You get two grams of added sugar that contributes 4% daily value. 

This is the amount of sugar you get in 12 fl.oz servings. This amount may vary depending on the size offerings of energy drinks.

There are three grams of carbs that also work like sugar in your body. 

By looking at the label, you’ll see that the Runa Clean drink contains organic cane sugar. There’s no chemical used in the organic production of canes to make them grow faster.

Therefore, they’re much safer than regular sugar.

Improving mood, boosting, and storing energy are a few of the benefits of this type of sugar. Undoubtedly, this drink has sugar below the recommended dosage. Never consume more sugar than 36 grams per day (men) and 24 grams per day (women).

Those with any health issues such as diabetes are not recommended to take this drink without consulting their physician or primary health care provider.

Why Does Runa Clean taste bitter?

One of the great things about this drink is the absence of any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Therefore, you may find Runa Drinks a bit bitter and unsweetened. 

The brands use artificial sugars to make the taste of drinks and supplements bearable. Therefore, you’ll see sucralose commonly used in beverages.

In the case of Runa Clean, the brand is committed to making drinks with clean ingredients. This drink might be worth considering if you’re looking for an energy source without any artificial sweeteners. Especially, when you put health above taste.

Considering the added sugar in the drink, I won’t recommend taking more than one serving per day.


The 10 grams of sodium in Runa Clean Energy don’t add any value to your calorie content. Interestingly, it’s not like other energy drinks that contain larger amounts of sodium giving you a salty taste. 

The FDA reports that Americans add a large amount of sodium to their diet. It’s worth noting that taking sodium in any form can cause high blood pressure therefore leading towards an increased risk of heart disease. 

It’s not an easy task to avoid sodium since it’s present in everything ranging from junk food to energy drinks. Therefore, you should check the label before adding any food or beverage to your diet.

The amount of sodium in Runa Clean Energy is just perfect as it’s below the recommended dosage. For a safe dosage, you should never go beyond 1500 mg and Runa Clean Energy only contributes 10 mg to this amount.

Calorie Content of Runa Clean

runa clean
Calorie Content of Runa Clean

Runa Clean Energy containing only 10 calories might be the ideal fit for you if you prefer low-calorie drinks. The main source of calories in energy beverages are carbs and added sugars. 

The Runa energy drink contains both carbs and sugar. If you look at the 3g of carbs in the drink, you’ll be getting 12 calories as each carb contributes four calories

It makes 20 calories if you combine the calorie content of these two ingredients. You can see, the brands are rarely honest to their consumers. 

Therefore, you should always look at the label to make sure if you’re getting exactly what the brand claims. 


There are only two acids in Runa Clean; malic acid and citric acid. One of the benefits of this drink is that it comes with clean and organic ingredients and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

No side effects are associated with the use of these acids if they’re sourced from natural resources. Most drinks and supplements contain synthetic versions of these acids.

There are very rare chances of getting an allergy with these.

Is Runa Clean Drink bad for you?

In my perspective, any drink without chemicals and additives is good as long as you’re not going overboard with it. Another factor that needs to be considered is the level of caffeine in the drink. 

Since Runa Clean Energy contains moderate amounts of caffeine, you can say it’s good to some extent. It’s also environmentally friendly, which makes it a suitable fit for people with vegan and gluten-free diets.

The absence of a large number of amino acids and other harmful ingredients is also worth praising.

The only downside to Runa Energy is that it contains sugar but as mentioned earlier the amount of sugar is very minimal as compared to the recommended dosage. However, those with sugar sensitivity are not recommended to have this drink. 

Overall, Runa Clean is a good energy drink if you’re physically fit.

Runa Clean as a pre-workout

Can you take Runa Clean as a pre-workout?

If you’re considering taking this drink as a pre-workout, you might not regret it. Let me explain why!

Unlike other drinks and supplements, it only contains one stimulant ingredient; Guayusa. This ingredient is the main source of caffeine and L-Theanine here. Meaning you won’t get the synthetic forms of both ingredients.

Interestingly, there are no hidden sources of caffeine in this beverage such as guarana. You only get 150mg of caffeine per can. On top of that, it contains an organic brewed variant of it. 

The caffeine content in this drink is equivalent to the caffeine in two cups of espresso. Also, you won’t feel any post-workout jitters or crashes that you get after coffee or other energy drinks.

The other ingredient it contains is L-Theanine which is an amino acid. The benefits of this ingredient include relief from anxiety and stress. 

You can say the organic fusion of caffeine and L-Theanine in the drink gives you both the focus and energy you need in the gym.

Where should you buy Runa Clean?

Where should you buy Runa Clean Energy?

You may find this big leaf energy drink in any physical store near your house. But if you want to shop online, the convenient and safe way to get these drinks delivered to your doorstep is Amazon.

Unfortunately, there’s no purchasing facility on the brand’s official website. If you click on the shop icon, it’ll redirect you to Amazon. 

Walmart is another trusted place to consider when it comes to buying these drinks. If you’re getting your hands on these for the first time, I’d recommend trying different flavors before buying a case of a particular flavor. It’ll help you see which suits your taste buds the best.


12 fl.oz can of Runa comes with 150mg of caffeine which might be perfect for avid coffee drinkers. If you like to keep your caffeine intake below 100mg, you can go for 8 fl.oz can. 

It’s also a good substitute for your daily coffee or tea. All drinks of the Runa brand have Guayusa, which contains an organic form of caffeine that lasts longer and doesn’t make you feel anxious.

The absence of beta-alanine in Runa Clean assures no tingling or sensation in the body. People with vegan diets can have this drink as all antioxidants used in this drink are plant-based. 

Moderate amounts of sugar, carbs, sodium, and calories are also what makes this drink worth considering. However, I wouldn’t recommend this drink to pregnant women and diabetics due to its caffeine and sugar content.

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