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Summit Energy Drink Review (Honest and Detailed)

Summit Energy, a product by the Australian brand Coles, has an adequate dosage of caffeine that doesn’t make you feel jittery. Interestingly, no unnecessary additives and ingredients are infused in the beverage. 

To provide you with mental clarity and focus, you get taurine which is also known for repairing and building brain cells. The right fusion of nutrients and nootropics is what makes Summit a healthy fit for many. 

In this article, I’ll be reviewing what goes into each serving of the beverage. It’ll help you determine the safe intake of Summit.

Let’s get onto it…

Nutritional Information of Summit

This table shows nutritional information of Summit;

IngredientsAvg. Quantity Per 100 mlAvg. Quantity Per Serving
Niacin (Vit B3)8mg20mg
Vit B62mg5mg
Vit B122µg5µg
Nutritional Facts of Summit Energy Drink

Since this beverage contains both sugar and carbs, I won’t recommend it to those with health issues related to diabetes.

Caffeine Levels of Summit

Is Summit a high-caffeinated drink?

In case you take caffeine casually, Summit will be worth considering as it only comes with 80mg of this nootropic. Luckily, it has the same dose of caffeine as two average cups of green tea. 

This amount of caffeine may not work for those who need high stimulation. Especially, when you’re into sports or athletics, you do require more caffeine to stay alert for a longer period. 

Keep in mind, taking more caffeine than 400mg (suggested dose) in a day can do more bad than good. For instance, it may cause;

  • Headache
  • Foggy brain
  • Crash
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Dependence
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Dehydration

Let me assure you that caffeine in Summit won’t necessarily cause any of the above problems unless you’re pregnant or a teenager. Therefore, the label clearly states that the beverage isn’t suitable for those under 18, are pregnant, or are nursing. 

How Much Taurine Does Summit Contain?

Summit is not like other energy beverages that have a never-ending list of nootropics. Taurine is an amino acid, another nootropic in Summit that improves your cognitive performance. 

Your brain cells play an essential role in improving your memory. Losing your memory is the result of low taurine levels. The best way to fill that gap is by supplementing the suggested dose of this acid.

With Summit, you get 1000 milligrams of taurine. You should try keeping it between 500 to 3000 mg a day. 

To date, no potential side effects have been reported with the suggested dose of taurine. 

How Much Sugar is in Summit?

Sugar Levels of Summit Energy Drink

You’ve come to the right place if you like sugary fizzy beverages. Too often, you’ll see drinks that don’t make your sugar level go sky-high.

Interestingly, it comes with only 25.5 grams of added sugar. It’s worth noting that there are no artificial sugars in the case of Coles Summit. The fewer artificial ingredients a product contains, the healthier it tends to be. 

Make sure whatever you’re taking has the amount of sugar below the approved dosage. In the case of sugar, the health authorities have recommended 24g for women and 36g for men. 

The day you go with Summit, make sure you aren’t consuming sugar from other sources. Otherwise, you may face the following symptoms;

  • High sugar level
  • Crash
  • Acne

For now, Summit has no sugar-free option to offer.


After sugar, carbs will be another ingredient that may affect your sugar level. Summit has the exact level of crabs (25.5mg) as it contains sugar.

Throughout the day, you usually take carbs without even knowing which food contains them. For instance, they’re present in pancakes, canned fruits, and cereals. Therefore, you should keep your intake up to 300 grams and not more than that. 

Interestingly, carbs are the main source of energy for us humans. But, you don’t have to worry about weight gain as long as you take a safe dose of these. 

Nutrients in Summit

Summit has four B family vitamins.

Summit doesn’t fall in the category where you get a beverage infused with only nootropics. Let me tell you that this power drink has a healthy dose of nutrients such as vitamins. Let’s look out one by one whether the dose of vitamins is safe according to the health authorities or not.


You’ll see this vitamin in almost every power beverage. It’s also known as vitamin B3. In Summit, the dose of this vitamin (20mg) is below the safe dose (30mg). 

The fact that it keeps your cholesterol level balanced makes Summit the right fit. 

Vitamin B6

Another essential vitamin in energy supplements is Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine). For both men and women, 1.3mg is what health authorities recommend. With Summit, you will be consuming way more than this dose since it provides you with 5mg of this vitamin. 

Stronger immune function is the main benefit of Pyridoxine.

Vitamin B12

5µg of this vitamin is enough to keep your fatigue down. It also fights against weakness and provides you with energy. The safe dosage ranges between 3 to 5µg. For women, this dose is way more than the approved dosage.

Pantothenic Acid

You’ll rarely see this vitamin in any energy supplement. Summit has the exact suggested amount (5mg) that won’t have any negative effects on you. In case you’re deficient in this vitamin, you may face headaches and fatigue.

Want to learn more about B Vitamins? Watch this video

Summit Sodium Levels 

I’m sure this is not the first time you’re seeing any power beverage containing this electrolyte. You should take at least 500mg of sodium daily. There’s only 148mg of sodium in Summit, meaning it’s a very small amount as compared to what’s recommended. 

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of this electrolyte. This is the key ingredient for proper muscle functioning. But, beware of the side effects that come with its overconsumption. There are chances it may cause high blood pressure. 

Comparison of Summit with Red Bull

comparative view
Summit Energy Drink and Red Bull Comparison

Let’s compare Summit Energy with Red Bull


When comparing prices, Summit will cost you a few cents less than the Red Bull. Also, Coles keeps offering the best deals where you can save even more.

Meaning if you’re satisfied with the taste of the beverage, I’d recommend buying a case. Undoubtedly, it will be more budget-friendly than buying a single can.


Both Red Bull and Summit have the same nootropics; taurine and caffeine. You may find Red Bull highly carbonated in comparison with Summit. Another advantage that comes along with Summit is that it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients like Red Bull.

Also, there are no sugar substitutes in Summit.


The flavours of Red Bull and Summit are incomparable. Red Bull comes with a wide range of flavours to choose from. While in the case of Summit, you’ll have to stick with only one fruity flavour.

The thing that makes Summit more suitable is the absence of any artificial sugars and additives. With Red Bull, the situation is the opposite, meaning there are artificial sugars despite the presence of table sugar.

Review of Coles Summit Drink

To give you an in-depth review of Summit, let’s have a look at both pros and cons;


  • You should look no further if you want to keep your caffeine intake low. 
  • In my opinion, it’s the most budget-friendly source to get energy. 
  • It doesn’t contain unnecessary ingredients that may leave nasty side effects on your brain and body.
  • The fact that it contains taurine ensures it provides you with focus


  • You don’t get a variety of flavours like most other energy supplements.
  • Some vitamins are present in larger dosages than what health authorities recommend.
  • Since these drinks are low carbonated, those who prefer high carbonated beverages might not like Summit much.
  • The drink is sugary and contains carbs, making it unsuitable for those with sugar sensitivity.

Are Two Servings of Summit Safe?

If you ask about the safe dosage of Summit, it entirely depends on your caffeine and sugar tolerance. In my case, one serving isn’t enough to provide me with alertness and focus. 

If you need the energy to get through the day, you can take more than one serving. As far as you’re concerned about whether two servings will be safe or not. Let me assure you that its two servings will have only 160mg of caffeine. And, the same goes for the taurine!


Personally, Summit bagged an 8/10 rating for me.

A healthy fusion of taurine (1000mg) and caffeine (80mg) provides a boost and focus that lasts for a few hours. If you want to experience more stimulation, you can increase your intake to two cans.

Moreover, it pretty much smells and tastes like Red Bull. Having the same energy buzz as Red Bull, it comes with a less chemical-like taste. These small differences make it a bit of a healthy choice in comparison with other beverages.

Interestingly, it carries a tag of a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the taste. Also, don’t forget to recycle it and get 10 cents back.

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