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The Truth About Super Creatine (Revealed)

Super Creatine is an ingredient unique only to Bang Energy, no other beverages or energy drinks contain it. This distinctive quality makes it above par with other energy drinks.

According to Bang, Super Creatine is an advanced formula developed by bonding Creatine with L-Leucine, two supplements used mainly by athletes and other fitness enthusiasts.

While this may sound appealing and make you believe Bang does actually work better because of Super Creatine, there isn’t really much more that it can offer than regular Creatine.

In this article, I’ll be delving deeper into Super Creatine and what sets it apart.

Read on for a more detailed analysis!

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a performance-enhancing supplement primarily used by athletes. It increases muscle mass, making it popular among people looking to build muscles.

It also has a number of other health benefits, including protection against neurological diseases.

It works by increasing the stored phosphocreatine in muscles, which then produce the ATP that creates a burst of energy.

Watch the video below for more information on what Creatine is and how it works.

What is L-Leucine?

L-Leucine is one of the three essential Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCCA). It is an essential component you need to intake from external sources as it isn’t produced naturally in the body.

L-Leucine can help build muscle mass, making it an ingredient widely consumed by bodybuilders.

It also helps regulate blood pressure. A study has proven that L-Leucine can help produce extra insulin when taken with glucose.

What is Super Creatine?

Bang Energy Drink Ingredients

Bang Energy’s parent company, VPX Sports, claims that Super Creatine is a more potent version of regular Creatine.

It is said to be the only water-stable Creatine available. To dumb this down, it means that it can easily transport nutrients within the body and reach the brain faster than regular Creatine.

However, we cannot really be sure about these claims as there are no peer-reviewed studies available online on the ingredient.

Can Bang be Trusted?

The next question I’ll ask is that can you really trust Bang when it comes to Super Creatine?

It isn’t easy to do so as VPX Sports or Bang are not very transparent about the ingredients and how they are manufactured.

Other than a few vague sentences claiming that Super Creatine is a better version of Creatine, we don’t know what it actually is.

To further strengthen the view against them, VPX Spots has made absurd claims in the past that, saying that Super Creatine can “reverse mental retardation” and cure Alzheimer’s disease.

These are obviously false as no peer-reviewed studies have been conducted proving these qualities in Super Creatine.

The only third-party test available on Super Creatine is its toxicology report, proving it to be safe.


VPX Sports has also had to face a lawsuit in the past over false advertising and incorrect claims about Super Creatine’s abilities.

The lawsuit bought forward several points in how Super Creatine was introduced to consumers, making it seem revolutionary and an improved version of regular Creatine.

When in reality, it is simply Creatyl L-Leucine, which is not Creatine at all.

The plaintiffs further suggested that people were being misled about the authenticity of Super Creatine and its functions, they stated that VPX Sports was falsely presenting itself as a pharmaceutical company when it wasn’t one.

There are no lab reports proving Super Creatine to be a more effective version of Creatine. It can certainly not cure Alzheimer’s disease or have any significant effects on mental retardation, contrary to what the defendant claimed.

Is Super Creatine Good For You?

As mentioned earlier, we do not know for sure if Super Creatine is good for you. There is currently no research available on the ingredient to authenticate its effects.

We know from the lawsuit against Bang that the company hasn’t been truthful in its advertising, so we cannot trust the brand’s claims on Super Creatine either.

What can be said regarding the ingredient is that it is safe to consume as that is one factor that has been tested.

Is Super Creatine Better Than Regular Creatine?

Super Creatine and Creatine do not have similar effects, so we cannot conduct a fair comparison between the two.

Functions of Creatine and Super Creatine are not similar, there are no traces of the former present in Bang.

L-Leucine is used in the production of Super Creatine, its effects are pretty standard and not as effective as Creatine.


Alternatives to Bang Energy

Here are some good alternatives you should consider having if Bang doesn’t fit your needs.

Other Notable Mentions

Final Thoughts

Super Creatine is not actually a better variant of Creatine, if you were consuming Bang to take advantage of Creatine present in it, I would advise you to look elsewhere.

To build muscle and boost energy through Creatine, I recommend taking other supplements that contain Creatine.

However, this doesn’t mean Bang does not work, it does have a hefty amount of caffeine, taurine, and other ingredients that are sure to give you a boost.

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