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V Iced Coffee Review (In-Depth)

Who doesn’t love an iced coffee, right? A hot cup of joe may be a classic morning pick-me-up, but I’ve always liked how iced coffees can be both refreshing and energizing!

It’s not really often that an energy drink brand ventures into coffee, but hey, I’m sure we caffeine lovers appreciate that Australian brand V Energy has tried its hand in making iced coffee.

I was so excited to try V iced coffee and I’m happy to report that it has a smooth flavour that rivals restaurant made iced coffee. It has 154 mg of caffeine, a lot of guarana extract, and a dash of milk for creaminess.

Of course, there’s more to V iced coffee than that, so continue reading my article for the full scoop!

V Iced Coffee Ingredients

It contains a rich blend of Whole milk, 0.85% coffee powder (Robusta and arabica) and guarana extract. Other ingredients include:

  • Purified water
  • Sugar
  • Acidity Regulator aka sodium citrate
  • Thickeners (E-466, E-460)
  • Flavouring agents
  • Stabilisers (E-407)
  • Vitamin B ( B3, B5, B6, B2, B12)

Nutritional information of V Iced Coffee

NutrientsAverage amount per serving% Daily intake (per serving)Average quantity per 100 ml
Energy1444 KJ17.0%289 KJ
Total fat12.2g17%2.4g
Saturated fat8.0g33%1.6g
Guarana Extract600mg120mg
Nutritional data
Composition Information % Daily Intake (per serving)Average amount Per 100ml
Pantothenic Acid3.5mg0.70mg
Vitamin B62.3mg0.46mg
Vitamin B122.9µg0.57µg
Compositional data of V iced coffee

The Caffeine Content of V iced Coffee

V iced coffee contains 154 mg of caffeine per serving, which is as much caffeine present in a double expresso. It comes from Guarana and coffee robusta and arabica extracts.

Arabica is well known for its mild and sweet flavour and it’s also found throughout the world. Meanwhile, Robusta beans have a strong and bitter taste that may not be to everyone’s liking. In my opinion, though, the blend of both beans in V iced coffee resulted in a very balanced flavour with both sweetness and bitterness.

154 is a moderate amount of caffeine. The FDA recommends that healthy adults keep their daily intake to up to 400 mg only.

In addition, the drink also contains guarana extract, which is from an Amazonian plant that has caffeine. So this means that the energy boost you will receive from V iced coffee may be more pronounced. But since the caffeine is naturally-derived, you should be able to avoid most side effects.

What is the Sugar content of V Iced Coffee?

V iced coffee contains 45 grams (5/8 cups) of sugar per 16.91 ounces accounting for a whopping 345 calories. Which is a lot for an iced coffee brand.

According to the AHA, men and women should eat 150 to 100 calories from added sugars which is about 37.5 gm or 9 tsp for men and 25 gm or 6 tsp for women.

Although the energy boost it gives is effective, added sugar can be a point to worry about. In fact, I really prefer caffeinated drinks that use artificial sweeteners instead since they’re calorie-free and do not affect blood glucose levels.

Added sugars in beverages or processed foods like energy drinks are linked to a rising risk of cardiac arrest and stroke as well as:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Inflammation
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Fatty liver disease

How Many Calories are in a V Iced Coffee?

A 250 ml bottle of V iced coffee supplies a whopping 323 calories.

This makes V a caloric dense beverage. These values are based on a 2000-2500 calorie diet recommended by FDA.

I was really surprised by how high the caloric content is. I’d have to say that I wouldn’t recommend V to those who are on a diet or looking to lose weight since 323 calories can lead to weight gain.

On the other hand, V iced coffee can be used as a pre-workout instead, especially if you are body-building.

Due to the very high caloric values, it is better to avoid drinking V iced coffee on a daily basis and limit it to one-time consumption after every two days. consuming these beverages daily can cause a number of long term health problems like diabetes, obesity and teeth decay.

V iced coffee calories
Watch out for calorie-heavy food and drinks.

Is V Iced Coffee Good for You?

The ingredients in V iced coffee are similar to what every typical iced coffee contains and due to the presence of caffeine extract and guarana this cold brew brings the required energy you need to function throughout the day.

Caffeine in cold coffee might boost the number of calories you burn when at rest. This may make losing or maintaining weight simpler.

Drinking cold brew coffee on a regular basis may also help keep your blood sugar steady and lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Cold-brew coffee can uplift your mood, lower the risk of depression, and improve your brain performance.

However, as I mentioned earlier, the calorie content of the drink is very high. If you’re not able to burn those calories off, V iced coffee can end up affecting your health.

Can We Drink V Iced Coffee Every Day?

All the ingredients present in V iced coffee are not hazardous but the huge amount of calories, sugar and caffeine make it not safe to consume on a daily basis.

Potential allergens like milk are also something to worry about. Milk allergy is an uncontrolled reaction to milk and milk-containing products by the immune system. Following are the possible immediate symptoms of milk allergy:

  • Hives
  • Wheezing
  • Itching or tingling sensations near the lips or mouth
  • Lip, tongue, or throat swelling
  • Shortness of breath or coughing
  • Vomiting

But since this coffee has some health benefits for you as well, it’s safe to say that you can drink it every day, given that you drink it in a considerable amount.

V Iced Coffee Review

V iced coffee

First of all, the orange packaging on the bottle screams “energy drink” to me, not iced coffee. In fact, if I didn’t notice it in a cafe, I would have simply dismissed it as another energy drink.

Now, on to the taste. The smooth flavour closely resembles chocolate milk, which would please anyone’s sweet tooth! It also has a rich, mocha-like taste that I found delightful. All in all, decadent and refreshing and everything you’d expect from a bottled iced coffee.

However, the 45 g of sugar really is noticeable in its very very sweet taste. In fact, it’s a tad too sweet even for me. There’s no bitterness that you’d find in espresso-based drinks at all, so if you’re looking for that, I’m sad to say that V iced coffee may not be the right drink for you.

The caffeine boost was good and the guarana really made a difference. I experienced an increased heart rate, but nothing too bothersome. The boost lasted for a few hours and powered me through most of the day.

Lastly, I bought the bottle for $5.50. That was expensive! I think the ideal price point for bottled iced coffee should be less than $3 only. Any more than that is just not worth it since the blend wasn’t that groundbreaking anyway.

Energy Drink Alternatives to V Iced Coffee

Other notable mentions


V iced coffee is an effective and chocolate-y sweet iced coffee that is less acidic and bitter than other coffees, making it more tolerable for sensitive people. If you want to try something different with your coffee, try cold brew coffee and see how it compares to your typical hot cup of joe.

Unfortunately, I just think that there are too many cons than pros for this one. Okay, the flavour is great and would really appeal to those who like Starbucks frappes or creamy drinks and the addition of guarana to the moderate caffeine is nice too.

But the calorie and sugar content can cause adverse side effects since they’re substantial. In fact, the high amounts of these make the drink unsuitable for diabetics or people looking to lose weight.

In addition, the price of V iced coffee is just insane and not recommended for long-term. Imagine spending $5.50 every day on a bottled iced coffee when you can get more affordable and healthier alternatives literally anywhere else.

All in all, V iced coffee is a 6/10. Maybe worth a try once, but not sure if it can earn a spot in my list of favorites.