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Where To Buy Runa Clean Energy? (Best Deals Online)

Runa Clean Energy Drink is an energy drink whose primary purpose is to provide a healthy and clean energy source. It marketed itself as a healthy alternative to artificial flavored and sugary energy drinks.

Runa Clean Energy formula contains guayusa Leaf. According to NCBI, guayusa leaves are strong in vitality and antioxidants. Runa Clean Energy founders use guayusa leaf (a stimulant and potent chemical) as a source of antioxidants and caffeine.

Since this drink contains completely organic components, it is mainly a safe energy source. You can buy Runa Energy Drink online on Amazon, Walmart, or any physical store.

To know more about Runa Clean Energy and where to buy Runa? Keep reading ahead.

Runa Energy Drink
Runa Energy Drink

Ingredients of Runa

Let’s start with Runa Energy Drink ingredients.

  • Carbonated Water
  • Organic Amazon Guayusa
  • Organic Sugar
  • Natural Berry Flavors
  • Natural Flavors
  • Citric Acid

Nutrition Facts of Runa Energy Drink

The following table shows Runa Clean Energy nutrition facts of its 8.4oz can and 12oz can;

Sodium 5mg10mg
Total fats 0mg0mg
Total Carbohydrate 2g3g
Protein 0g0g
Sugar 1g2g
Nutrition Facts of Runa Energy Drink

You can also see the nutritional facts of Runa Energy Drink on the back of its can.

Nutritional facts of Runa Energy Drink
Runa Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

Flavors of Runa Clean Energy

Runa Clean Energy comes in 5 different flavors;

  • Lime Twist
  • Berry Boost
  • Blood Orange
  • Watermelon Focus
  • Pineapple Pick Me Up

Although, you can learn more about its flavors on Runa Energy Drink’s official website.

Should You Buy Runa Clean from a Physical Store or Online?

For those who are residents of the USA, it is good news that you can easily get your hands on Runa Clean energy in any Walmart or physical store. On the other hand, if you are a resident of some other country, you can only buy it online.

Factors to Consider when Buying Runa Clean

It’s better to consider the following factors before deciding where to shop from:


In general, ordering energy drinks is sometimes more expensive than buying them in person at a local shop, but this could depend on where you live.

If there aren’t many physical stores selling energy drinks near you, online may be your only option. In this case, it’s probably worth paying a little extra for convenience.

The Number of Units

If you plan on buying more than 100 units of energy drinks every other month, then it’s usually cheaper to buy them in bulk from an online retailer.

However, if you only need one or two units a month, then it’s probably easier to buy them in person at a store near you.

Delivery Fee

The delivery fee usually sets the cost of online shopping apart from buying in person at a local store. You can avoid it by purchasing enough products at once to qualify for free shipping or by going to the store yourself.

Advantages of buying Runa Clean Online


It is easier to find coupon codes when buying energy drinks online than at a physical store. Coupon codes can save you money by giving you discounts on your purchase.


Online shopping allows you to shop for Runa Clean from the comfort of your home. When shopping online, you aren’t required to leave your home and travel to a store just to buy some energy drinks.

Many online shops offer free delivery to have your products delivered directly to your doorstep. This will save a lot of time and effort.


Online shops offer reviews and ratings of Runa Clean. You have access to reviews of energy drink products when shopping online, which can help you decide what products are worth spending money on and which ones aren’t. This information isn’t available in most physical stores.

Comparison among Prices

You can quickly compare prices between multiple stores when shopping for Runa Clean online, which allows you to easily find the best deal on your purchase.

This is much harder at a physical store because it would require you to visit multiple stores and take notes on prices so that you could compare them.

You can buy Runa Clean from any location when shopping online as long as there’s an internet connection available nearby or through your mobile device’s data plan (or Wi-Fi).

Disadvantages of Buying Runa Clean Online

Shipping Charges

Buying it from a physical store is better than buying it online when you have to pay shipping charges.

If you live in a country where Runa Clean is not available, then you might have to bear a good amount of shipping costs due to your distant location.

Delivery Time

Another issue that some people have with online shopping is the shipping time. This can be pretty inconvenient, especially during urgent times when you need your energy drinks delivered within a short period.

Security Issues

Some people are not fond of shopping over the internet for several reasons. Some of which include security and payment issues. Security issues are generally tied to the mode of payment used when buying your energy drinks online.

In some cases, you may have to enter your credit card details to make a purchase hence the need for you to ensure that you are doing this on a safe and secure platform.

In addition, some sites have been known to be fraudulent. They may steal your money or even use your information for other fraudulent activities.

Advantages of buying from a Physical Store

Traditional Shopping Experience

The biggest benefit of buying from a physical store is the ability to see, touch, and feel your energy drink before you buy. Many people still enjoy this more traditional “shopping experience.”

Some Buyers from Amazon did complain about getting damaged drinks.

No Need to Share Personal Information

Some people simply don’t like shopping online. They may have had bad experiences in the past or feel uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their personal information on the internet. Buying from a physical store is a great way to get around these concerns.

Disadvantages of Buying from a Physical Store

Limited options

When you visit a physical store to buy Runa Clean, you’ll be limited to the flavors available in the store. If the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you’ll have to settle for whatever option is on the shelf or all the way go to another store.

No Reviews Available 

You have access to reviews of Runa Clean when shopping online, which help you decide whether the drink is worth spending money on. This information isn’t available in most physical stores.

Where to Buy Runa Clean Online?

shopping cart in a shopping mart
Where to buy Runa?

You can buy Runa Clean Energy in any physical store or anywhere near your house. But, if you want to buy Runa online, the safe and easy way to get Runa Clean Energy is through Amazon.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t provide the facility to purchase Runa through its official website. So it will turn you to Amazon when you click on the shop icon.

You can find Runa Clean online at:


Amazon is one of the best places to buy Runa Clean Energy online. You can search for it by typing “Runa Clean Energy” in the search bar, and it will show you a list of flavors available online. You can select your favorite flavor, add it to your cart, and buy it right away!

Amazon offers many other benefits, such as lower prices for various products, special discounts for regular customers, etc.

It also allows you to have easy access to Runa Clean Energy if you don’t have a computer at home or don’t know how to operate one at all.

For such people, Amazon offers a mobile-friendly interface that will allow them to easily shop for their favorite energy drink from anywhere in the world.

A pack of three 16 Oz Runa Clean energy drinks costs almost $9.


eBay is another place where you can find Runa Clean Energy. Buying Runa Clean Energy from eBay is quite similar to Amazon.

A pack of six 12 Oz Runa Clean energy drinks costs almost $35.


Walmart is another trusted place to speculate when buying energy drinks online.

A pack of twelve 12 Oz Runa Clean energy drinks costs around $50.

How Much Caffeine is in Runa Energy Drink? 

A 355 ml can of Runa Energy Drink contains 150 mg of caffeine, whereas its 250 ml can contain 105 mg of caffeine. 

This 150 mg of caffeine is originated from guayusa plants. Similarly, L-Theanine and Guayusa polyphenols provide long-lasting energy without jitters and sugar crashes. 

Caffeine is the main ingredient in an energy drink because it provides mental focus, makes you feel alert active, and stimulates brain functions.

Although caffeine has its advantages, not limiting your intake can lead to serious health issues such as;

To reduce the risk of the above negative effects, I suggest following the FDA’s daily recommended caffeine intake (400 mg).

How Much Sugar Does Runa Clean Energy Contain?

A single can (355 ml) of Runa Energy Drink contains 2g of sugar, whereas a 250 ml can have 1g of sugar. 

Many health professionals have criticized using a high amount of sugar in energy drinks. They believe that sugar in energy drinks is more dangerous and less beneficial. 

However, consuming sugar benefit includes a better taste and an energy boost. But consuming sugar excessively can lead to:

According to AHA, the daily sugar intake for women and men should 24g and 36g, respectively, to avoid the harmful impact of sugar consumption. 

Rune Clean Energy Drink includes a small amount of sugar sourced from natural sources. Natural sugar is less harmful than processed sugar (found primarily in beverages and food). 

Calories in Runa Energy Drink 

Runa Clean Energy contains 10 calories in each can. 

Calories explain the amount of energy delivered. An individual’s age and physical activity determine the number of calories each person should take. 

According to the NHS, healthy men require 2500 calories and women require 2000 calories in a single day. 

As Runa Clean Energy contains 10 calories, you don’t need to worry if you are trying to lose weight because this quantity will slightly impact your overall calorie consumption of the day.

Benefits of Runa Clean Energy 

Runa Energy Drink gives you a boost of energy and provides your body with minerals and antioxidants.

A naturally caffeinated leaf (guayusa) delivers antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids to maintain your health. 

This drink includes natural caffeine, so there is no chance you will face caffeine jitters or caffeine crashes after consuming it. It allows your body to digest and sustain the energy offered. 

Runa Clean Energy gives a long-lasting boost of energy. Since this drink comprises all organic ingredients, it is safe to say that Runa is a better alternative to other energy drinks.

Guayusa Leaf Benefits

Guayusa leaves are a rich source of amino acids, caffeine, vitamins, and antioxidants that show the same effects as coffee and tea.

According to PubMed, Guayusa tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Guayusa makes you feel focused, energized, provides physical and mental strength, improves your ability to concentrate, reaction and prevents your body from experiencing jitters.

Is Runa Clean Energy Vegan? 

Yes! Runa Energy Drinks are purely vegan energy drinks.

A vegan diet contains food from plants and excludes all animal-based foods such as meat, dairy, fish, and eggs.

A vegan diet provides many health benefits to a person, like helping in reducing weight, decreasing the risk of some cancers, and lowering the risk of heart diseases.

After looking at the ingredients of Runa Energy Drink, you’ll see that it includes no such elements that come from animals, making Runa a vegan-friendly drink.

Is Runa Clean Energy Gluten-free?

Yes! Runa Clean Energy is a gluten-free energy drink.

Gluten is a protein found in many items like rye and wheat barley. Generally, gluten is not a harmful ingredient. Still, it may be fatal for those with celiac disease as it causes problems during digestion.

How Many Cans of Runa Can You Drink Per Day? 

You can drink one can of Runa Clean Energy in a day. 

Runa Clean Energy contains ingredients that are received from natural sources, and that’s why you can consume them safely. But due to its caffeine content, I think it will be better if consumed within a limit. 

Caffeine offers both physical and mental vigor, but if you don’t limit your consumption, you are more likely to experience the following effects;

  • Increase in urine frequency and urgency
  • Inconsistent heartbeat 
  • Nervousness 
  • Anxiety 

According to Sleep Education, consuming energy drinks at night may disturb your sleep routine. So it is better to drink energy drinks in the morning or before lunchtime. This enables your body to process caffeine out of your system. 

So if you drink energy drinks responsibly, you will experience an energy boost with goodness and health. Overconsumption of energy drinks can cause serious impacts on your health.

Is Runa Good for You?

Runa Energy drink
Runa energy drink

To be honest, no energy drink can be called “Healthy”. While Runa Energy drink certainly includes organic ingredients that might have a good effect on our overall health, it’s important to keep the consumption in limit.

Many of us prefer healthy, environment-friendly, and sustainable products for energy drinks. Runa Clean Energy promotes itself as a USDA organic and Non-GMO project verified. 

Runa contains 10 calories, no artificial sweeteners, and each can contains brewed organic guayusa, vitamin C, and iron. According to caffeine informer, guayusa provides double the amount of antioxidants. 

This drink doesn’t have any side effects as it contains all-natural ingredients. The only factor that causes unpleasant consequences is its caffeine content (150 mg). 

Consuming two cans will be closely equivalent to the daily caffeine recommendation of 400 mg. Therefore, it would be best to stick with just one serving in a day to avoid the following adverse effects that may result due to overdosing on caffeine:

  • High blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Risk of heart diseases
  • Caffeine sensitivity

Taste of Runa 

Runa’s original taste contains no artificial sweeteners and calories. Therefore, similar to the energy drink version of tea. Its Berry and Watermelon flavor are usually sweeter. 

Although, its flavors may be divisive. Often energy drinks are barely carbonated and are too sweet. Still, in the case of Runa, it is mildly carbonated, less sweet, and reminded me of sparkling water and unsweetened iced tea.

Taste of Runa Zero energy drink


If you are still unsure about buying Runa Clean Energy Drink, here are some of its alternatives that you might like;

Bang Energy

Bang energy contains 300 mg of caffeine in 16 fl. oz. serving to provide a good energy boost, increasing your alertness and mental focus. It is a sugar-free drink having no calories.

Despite its low calorie and no sugar content, Bang has a high dose of caffeine. This high caffeine content can cause serious effects on your health.

Reign Energy Drink

Reign energy drink is zero calories and zero-sugar drink having 300 mg of caffeine, making it a perfect pre-workout beverage. It does not contain any artificial flavor or color.

The high caffeine content is close to FDA’s daily caffeine intake recommendation. So, consume it moderately.

Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius energy drink has 200 mg of caffeine, making you active and reducing your fatigue. It has 10 calories and uses an artificial sweetener, sucralose, to bring flavor to the energy drink.

But again, the caffeine content might not be suitable for people having caffeine intolerance so it’s better to listen to your body first.

Other notable mentions

XS Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

Bottom Line 

Runa Clean Energy Drink is designed to boost energy based on naturally occurring ingredients. Using guayusa leaf in this formula becomes a dominant source of stamina and strength. 

This drink tastes like unsweetened tea with a clue of fruit, which depends on your flavor. But be conscious about your daily caffeine consumption, as the caffeine content of this drink is a bit on the higher side. 

Runa provides a better energy drink alternative giving their consumers a caffeine boost without any crashes.

The company is dedicated to providing clean energy. That’s why their drinks are non-GMO and certified USDA organic, as well as it is vegan and gluten-free.

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