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X Gamer Vs G Fuel Powder (Detailed Comparison)

X-Gamer was established in 2014 in the United Kingdom and has since then provided energy supplements to gamers from around the world. On the other hand, G Fuel is considered one of the healthiest energy drinks around backed by a long history of being enjoyed by e-sports athletes and gamers.

The two drinks come in powdered formulas to make them easier to consume. However, when the two are put to the test, which of them will emerge victoriously?

G Fuel is backed by a long history of being enjoyed by e-sports athletes and gamers. It comes in tubs and shaker cups in the powdered formula for people on the go.

Both X-Gamer and G Fuel have unique benefits to offer. Depending on your priorities and preferences, one can be more suitable than the other.

Eager to debunk which one of these powdered energy drink supplements is the right fit for your needs? Let’s find out!

Ingredients in X Gamer and G Fuel

Below is the list of ingredients of both drinks.

X Gamer

  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Vitamin and Minerals Complex
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Flavorings
  • Colourings (E133, E162, E163, E129, E102, E104, E160a, E150a)
  • Sweetener (Sucralose)
  • L-carnitine
  • L-tyrosine

G Fuel

Here is the table for the ingredients of G-Fuel. I divided them into their respective sections for an easier overview:

Energy Complex1.79 G Taurine, L-citrulline Malate, Caffeine (140 Mg), Glucuronolactone, N-Acetyl-l-Carnitine HCI
Focus Complex1001 Mg L-tyrosine, N-acetyl-tyrosine, Adenosine-5 Triphosphate Disodium Salt (ATP)
Antioxidant Complex 26 Mg Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Apple Fruit Powder, Orange Fruit Powder, Blueberry Fruit Powder, Grape Seed Powder, Grapefruit Fruit Powder, Plum Fruit Powder, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Strawberry Fruit Powder, Watermelon Fruit Powder, Lemon Fruit Powder, Lime Fruit Powder, Melon Fruit Powder, Sour Cherry Fruit Powder, Papaya Fruit Powder, Peach Fruit Powder, Pyrus Communis Fruit Powder
Complexes in G Fuel

Other Ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin, Watermelon Fruit Powder, Malic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose.

Nutrition Facts in X Gamer and G Fuel

One of the most important aspects of energy drinks is their nutritional value. This serves as their ammunition that sets them apart from each other.

G Fuel tub
Nutritional Label of G Fuel Energy Drinks
NutrientX GamerG Fuel
Energy125 calories25 calories
Fat0.02 g0 g
Carbohydrate3 g5 g 
Sodium0 g79 mg
Caffeine200 mg150 mg
Vitamin CTraces250 mg
Vitamin E15IU
Vitamin B330 mg45 mg
Vitamin 6 0.6 microgram10 mg
Vitamin B120.8 micrograms425 micrograms
Table Comparison fo X-Gamer and G Fuel

I made in-depth reviews about the nutrition facts of both X Gamer and G Fuel. You may be interested in checking them out.

Caffeine Content in X Gamer and G Fuel

There is 200 mg of caffeine in one 10 g sachet of X-Gamer while G Fuel has 150 mg per 7 g scoop.

The daily maximum recommended caffeine limit is 400 mg. Each serving should then only have a maximum of 200 mg of caffeine to avoid any side effects.

In this sense, X Gamer reaches the threshold for every serving. Personally, I think this caffeine level is excessive, especially if you’re only looking for something that provides you with an energy boost.

On the other hand, G Fuel contains lesser caffeine, but it still is high nonetheless.

If you were to ask me between the two, I’d choose G Fuel in this regard. For me, I perform best when I drink beverages belonging in the 50 to 100 mg caffeine range.

It is best to know your body’s state and limit caffeine intake to avoid building tolerance and eventually, an overdose.

Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause a variety of side effects including: 

The more frequently you consume caffeine, the less its effects will be felt. This will give you a never-ending cycle of increasing your intake.

Caffeine is a known carcinogen, so children, pregnant women, and those with certain health conditions should avoid both energy drinks.

Here’s why children and those of age should avoid energy drinks:

Effects of energy drinks on teens

Sugar Content

It is crucial to know about the Sugar content in any beverage before consuming it and making it your everyday drink. So here is a detailed analysis of sugar in both drinks.

To make it short, X Gamer wins this sugar battle. While both of them contain no sugar, G Fuel has more alternative sweeteners in its formula making it more potent.

Check out the details of the sugar showdown below:

X Gamer

There is no sugar in the X-Gamer energy drink. Besides not containing sugar, it won’t upset your diet.

Energy drinks are typically sweetened with excessive amounts of sugar to give them a pleasant taste and flavor. In contrast to other heavily sweetened energy drinks, X-Gamer is sugar-free and won’t make you crash.

Generally, the American Heart Association recommends a maximum daily sugar intake of 36 grams for men and 25 grams for women. Exceeding the daily limit can have a variety of adverse effects on your health.

Sugar overconsumption can lead to the following side effects:

Although X Gamer does not contain sugar, it has an additive called sucralose that gives taste and flavor.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is non-nutritive and is used to enhance the taste of food and beverages. It is a preservative that replaces sugar in X-Gamer energy drinks.

The sweetener works great as an alternative to sugar since sucralose is about 600 times sweeter. It is FDA-approved and contains no calories!

When not used in moderation, sucralose can cause negative side effects. I think it’s still best to consume them with a limit in mind.

All in all, X-Gamer is an excellent choice if you want to lose weight. There will be no sugar crashes, so you’ll feel more energetic.

G Fuel

There is no sugar in G Fuel Powder, making it a sugar-free product. Both sucralose and acesulfame potassium are present in G Fuel Powder.

Since G Fuel does not contain any excess sugar, you won’t feel fatigued or lethargic afterward, since you won’t get a sugar crash.

Sucralose and acesulfame potassium have both been approved by the FDA for use in foods and drinks if you’re concerned about their safety.

However, they are still chemicals and will give more harm than good if consumed incorrectly.

Calorie Content of X Gamer and G Fuel

Every 10g serving of X-Gamer, which equates to one sachet, contains 129 calories. Is this a lot, or is it relatively safe?

X-Gamer Nutrition Facts
X-Gamer is not calorie-free.

The recommended daily calorie limit for men is 2,500 calories while women should keep it to 2,000 kcal. One 10g sachet of X-Gamer would only make up about 4 to 5 percent of that amount.

G Fuel Powder contains 10 to 25 calories per 7g serving depending on the flavor you purchase. As long as you consume G Fuel in moderation, you won’t see a drastic caloric change in your diet.

I would consider G Fuel the better option in this regard if you’re watching out for your calorie consumption. Although X Gamer also contains small calorie value, G Fuel still has virtually non-existent calories you don’t need to strictly keep an eye on.

Energy Drink Alternatives

Other notable mentions

Final Results

X gamer and G Fuel are both consumed by gamers worldwide. Esports enthusiasts like drinking these drinks to provide them a boost of energy for their late-night gaming sessions.

My personal favorite is G Fuel because of its reasonable calories as well as caffeine content. If you are someone like me who wants to get their work done without compromising on sleep, then G Fuel is for you.

Choosing which one is better depends on your taste and priorities. What’s important is that you know your limits when it comes to their consumption.

If you’re aiming for something a little filling with high amounts of caffeine, then you should give X Gamer a try.

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