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Xtend Energy Drink Caffeine and Ingredients (Facts)

If you’re an athlete, you must be familiar with the term BCAAs. In fact, this is the key component of Xtend that enhances your athletic ability by fueling the recovery. 

Another powerful nootropic, caffeine, is also present in Xtend, with a fusion of a few other ingredients, which interestingly gives you more stimulation than a cup of coffee. Ain’t that fantastic!

In case you’ve any safety concerns, the brand advertises that all the ingredients used in their beverages and supplements are tested in the U.S. 

In this article, I’m going to give you a review of what ingredients you get with one serving of this drink. So, you can find out if all the ingredients you’re taking are safe to consume. 

Let’s dive into it…

Nutrition Facts

Let’s have a look at the nutrition facts of Xtend.

IngredientsAmount in a 16 fl.oz Serving
Total Carbs0g
BCAAs (2:1:1)7000mg
Caffeine Anhydrous125mg
Nutrition Facts of Xtend Energy Drink

As you can see, there’s no regular caffeine in Xtend. Instead, you get caffeine anhydrous. There’s not much difference in both types of caffeine, except this one is dehydrated. Also, it has more potent effects than the regular version of it.

The fact that it contains no fat, sugar, or calories definitely makes it a healthy choice. 

Comparison of Xtend Carbonated and Xtend Powder

If you ask about the difference between Xtend Powder and drink, they hold more similarities than differences.

They both come with the same level of caffeine (125 milligrams), making them equally suitable for a wide range of individuals. Another similarity that exists between the two is the amount of essential amino acids which is seven grams. 

If you look at the performance side of both, you’ll see the same results.

The only difference is that the carbonated drink is more convenient to have. Whether you’re in the gym or the office, all you need to do is grab and drink.

Powdered supplements need water and a bottle to be ready for consumption. You may have to keep it in the fridge for a few hours to make it palatable.

Caffeine levels of Xtend Energy

coffee beans
How much caffeine is in one serving of Xtend?

If you prefer beverages with an adequate amount of caffeine, you may want to consider Xtend. In each 16 fl.oz can, you only get 125mg. It won’t necessarily make you feel anxious if you’re not new to energy drinks.

In other cases, when you take caffeinated drinks casually, this level of caffeine may have negative effects on you. 

Keep in mind, the recommended daily dosage of caffeine by the FDA for healthy individuals is 400 mg. If you go beyond this, you may end up with these health problems.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach issues
  • Decrease in sleep time
  • Addiction
  • Shakiness

Therefore, you should keep a check on your caffeine resources. I would recommend you skip your morning coffee if you want to have energy beverages or supplements.

Who Shouldn’t Drink Caffeine?

Undoubtedly, caffeine helps you get over stressful situations. But it works differently in everyone’s case.

For instance, if you’re healthy and have a high tolerance, 125 milligrams of caffeine wouldn’t create any issues for you. In fact, it will enhance your athletic and cognitive performance.

For those with caffeine sensitivity, this amount of caffeine might disrupt your sleep badly. Therefore, you should always consider your health and age factors while adding caffeinated drinks to your daily diet.

Does Xtend Contain Sugar?

Xtend is a sugar free drink that also comes with zero carbs

Fortunately, there are zero grams of sugar in Xtend drinks and supplements, making them a valid choice for you. Where the absence of this ingredient assures health, it also makes these beverages taste bitter. 

However, that’s not the case with Xtend, yeyy! You get two sugar substitutes that provide you with an artificial sweetness. 

Another advantage that comes along with this beverage is its zero carb content. You might have seen no-sugar drinks containing two or three grams of carbs. There are chances that they may raise your sugar levels.

Taking energy beverages with sugar can cause you following effects:

  • Increase in weight
  • Risk of getting diabetes
  • Make you feel depressed
  • Low energy

However, with a balanced intake of Xtend, you won’t face any of the above symptoms.

Are There Sugar Substitutes in Xtend?

Like every other energy drink or beverage, there are two commonly used sugar substitutes in Xtend; Ace k and Sucralose. 

Interestingly, they don’t come with any nasty effects and are FDA approved

The sole purpose of using them is to provide you with an artificial sweetness. Also, you may find beverages containing these substitutes a bit sweeter. 

Since they are artificial sugar replacements, it’s better to keep their intake as moderate as possible. I’d advise never to go overboard with Xtend.

Is Xtend an Amino Drink? 

Is Xtend an Amino Drink?

Important and key components of any pre-exercise supplement are essential amino acids. As far as you’re concerned, if Xtend is actually an amino beverage or not.

Let me answer this quickly!

Containing a proven ratio of BCAAs, Xtend undoubtedly is an amino beverage. It contains a 2:1:1 ratio (7000 milligrams) of leucine, valine, and isoleucine.

This specific amount helps you recover post-workout breakdown. Meaning, you can take them when dealing with exhaustive exercise or fatigue.

Your weight entirely determines the safe dosage of these acids, since you can take 68 milligrams per kilogram of your weight. If you multiply this amount by 70 (assumed weight), it makes 4769 milligrams.

As you can see, the suggested dose is way below the amount present in the beverage. The only solution to keep yourself from any nasty effects is monitoring your daily intake of acids.

Watch this video for in-depth review of BCAAs

Taurine Levels in Xtend

The presence of both essential and non-essential amino acids in Xtend undoubtedly makes it an amino drink. There’s an adequate dose of taurine (1000mg). 

The benefits of this amino acid include improving cognitive ability. With time, your brain starts losing its memory cells. There comes taurine in the play. 

It’s a key component for growing brand-new brain cells by replacing the old ones. 

For the safe dosage, you should never go beyond 6 grams of taurine a day. 

Sodium Content in Xtend

Xtend contains an adequate amount of sodium.

The popularity of sodium in energy drinks is nothing unique. All brands prefer to add a different amount of this salt.

In the case of Xtend, you’ll see 220mg content of this salt. In case you’re wondering why an amino beverage has this ingredient. Let me give you a quick overview!

It comes with the benefits of minerals and electrolytes, meaning it plays a vital role in improving your muscles. According to Harvard, your body requires 400 to 450mg of sodium for this particular function. 

With the right amount of salt content of Xtend, you can pretty much maintain the fluids.

It’s worth noting that taking too much of this mineral can cause high blood pressure. Therefore, you should keep your intake below 2300mg. 

Does Xtend Contain Electrolytes?

Apparently, you’ll see 1.14 grams of fusion of three electrolytes in the beverage. You’ll see only the total amount of all electrolytes, so their individual amount is unknown.

Another electrolyte in this beverage is sodium which is a mineral as well. Is taking a higher dosage of these electrolytes safe? 

The minimum requirement for electrolytes is between 1.6 grams and 2 grams. Keep in mind that the amount present in Xtend is 1.14 which is below the daily minimum requirement.

Here are different essential roles of these electrolytes in your body:

  • Sodium citrate is useful in making kidneys less acidic. 
  • Potassium chloride may make your muscles work properly.
  • Sodium chloride plays a key role in muscle contraction.

It’s clear that Xtend comes with great benefits if you take it in moderation.

Final Thoughts

This amino drink contains an adequate amount of caffeine which won’t cause you any crashes and jitters. The BCAAs are also present in a proven ratio of 2:1:1. 

However, the dose of these essential amino acids is more than what is suggested. To keep it safe, you should only take one serving of Xtend.

Other components such as electrolytes, taurine, and caffeine are below the recommended dosage, making it your go-to drink.

Since it comes with zero sugar and calories, you shouldn’t worry about the sugar and calorie content.

The only downside to Xtend is that a few of its flavors don’t taste well. In my case, it was lemon ice. I’d recommend you to try all flavors yourself to find out which one works for you. The good news is, you might find all flavors tasty, so let’s try them and find out for yourself!