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Where to Buy it? Relentless Energy Drink (Let’s Find Out)

Coca-Cola company in the year 2006 launched a new brand for energy drinks and named it Relentless Energy.  Near the end of 2010, the sales of this energy drink brand increased in the United Kingdom by 28%. After four years, by some mutual agreement, the possession of this brand was transferred to Monster Energy.

Relentless Energy Drink is being sold with the slogan that “For The Need of Strong Stimulation”. In contrast with this, the brand’s label has a warning that the Relentless Energy Drink is not appropriate for caffeine-sensitive people, kids, youngsters, and pregnant women.

The product size for Relentless Energy Drink is 355 ml and 500 ml cans. This size of the can is almost double the size of a can of Red Bull.

It can easily be bought from most of the shops in the UK. If you are living in the United Kingdom then you can easily find Relentless Energy Drink from different places.

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