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Detailed reviews of a variety of different brands of energy drinks. From taste, to boost, to price, this is where you’ll find specific information about each brand and whether they’re worth the money.

Ghost Can Energy Drink Review (My Honest Opinion)

Ghost Can Energy Drink is a non-carbonated energy beverage created by the popular supplement company Ghost Lifestyle. It was launched in February 2019 to provide a healthier and more natural alternative to other energy drinks on the market.

Ghost Can Energy Drink contains 160mg of caffeine, 2,400mg of taurine, 1,500mg of L-carnitine, 1,000mg of B vitamins, and 25 calories. It also contains various natural and artificial flavors.

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Rip It Energy Drink Review! (Honest Opinion)

“Rip It” Energy Drink is a carbonated Energy Drink brand owned and licensed by The National Beverage Corporation of America. The name is definitely quite “rad” and “metallic” in nature, perhaps to target the younger teen demographic, however, these sorts of names aren’t uncommon in the Energy Drink Market, take “Monster” or “Rockstar” for example.

Rip It is a carbonated beverage that comes in both 16 fl. 12 fl oz bottles, it also features a slew of interesting and cool-sounding flavors, which I am going to review.

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OxyShred Energy Drink Review (My Honest Opinion)

As the Energy Drink market expands, time and time again, Energy drinks prove themselves to be able to match or sometimes even exceed coffee as an energizing drink, due to their highly concentrated caffeine content, mineral, and vitamin concentration, along with ease of availability and access. However, these drinks are also associated with weight gain due to the high sugar and caloric concentration in these powerhouses of energy,

Oxyshred Energy Drink is a newer and much more innovative endeavor, launched and licensed by EHP. They aim to break the stigmatization associated with Energy Drinks being unhealthy and unfit for regular consumption. They do this by creating a unique and clean blend, which comprises 113mg of caffeine, B Vitamins, many minerals, and a few other important alkaloids.

More importantly, it’s completely sugar-free and features only 2 calories per serving, which might make you consider downing 4-5 cans in one go.

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Bai Boost Energy Drink Review (Boost Your Energy)

Bai® beverages were first introduced in Princeton, New Jersey, in 2009, and were formulated in 2016 by the Keurig Dr. Pepper brand family.

Bai is a Mandarin Chinese word that means “pure” and could be an abbreviation for “botanical antioxidant infusions.” They take the term “pure” seriously, and the ingredients they use reflect that.

Bai Boost Energy contains natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners, making it a healthier alternative to high-calorie drinks made with processed synthetic components that are not found in nature. Bai Boost contains 110 mg of caffeine, 10 calories, and 1g of sugar.

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