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A detailed analysis of the nutritional information of different brands of energy drinks.

Is Live+ Energy Drink Bad For You? (Objective Analysis)

Live+ combines caffeine and taurine to help you to stay awake and alert. Whether you have a busy night out, an early morning meeting, or just need that extra energy boost, Live+ can help. The refreshing flavors are all-natural, so you can feel good about the energy you’re getting.

It’s a caffeinated soft drink originally introduced by Coca-Cola. They changed the name from Lift+ to Live+ and transferred the ownership from Coca-Cola Amatil to Monster Beverage Corporation.

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Woke Up! Energy Shot (Caffeine & Ingredients)

Energy Drinks are commonly consumed beverages that are used to give their consumers a boost in energy and to combat drowsiness and tiredness, Hence their names are “Energy Drinks”. Since a majority of Energy drinks use caffeine as their primary source of pseudo-energy, they are associated with caffeine crashes following the after-effects of consumption.

Woke Up Energy Shots contain 225mg of caffeine, 0g of sugar, and 0 calories or fats, which makes it a prime-energy drink without any weight-gain-related drawbacks or side effects.

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