Does Red Bull Help You Get Hard? (The Truth)

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the entire world and has the most market share.

Being as popular as it is, Red Bull is the center of a truckload of rumors and controversies, from people saying that the taurine in Red Bull comes from bull sperm (Spoiler: it doesn’t), to say that Red Bull was inspired by a Thai energy drink (Hey this one’s true).

Another popular rumor regarding Red Bull is that it can help you get better erections, and thus help you give your partner a more pleasurable experience when making love.

But is it true?

Red Bull doesn’t directly, or rather hasn’t claimed to directly affect or improve a man’s libido, erections or increase their stamina in bed. But the caffeine in it could indirectly help you perform better.

Want to learn more? I’m sure you’re as curious as I am, so how about we go into more detail about Red Bull and see how it helps you in having a better love life.

Let’s get it on…

Red Bull: A Brief Overview

Before we get into the details, let me give you a brief overview of Red Bull, just to give you an idea of what’s in store for you.

Red Bull was introduced in 1987 by Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz after he went to Thailand and fell in love with the energy drink Krating Daeng. Mateschitz then worked together with Krating Daeng’s owner to create the brand called Red Bull.

Since then, Red Bull has grown tremendously and is now the number 1 energy drink in the world, and by the year 2020, it sold 7.9 billion cans yearly.

An 8.4 ounce can of Red Bull gives you 80mg of caffeine, 117 calories, and 26 grams of sugar, along with multiple B-Vitamins and Taurine.

Red Bull’s Nutritional Facts

Red Bull’s nutritional facts

Red Bull’s nutritional facts are given below:

Nutrients Red Bull (8.4 fl.oz)
Total Fat 0.2g
Saturated fat
Sodium 98mg
Potassium 7.7mg
Total Carbohydrate 28g
Dietary fiber 0g
Sugar 26g
Protein 0.6g
Caffeine 80mg
Nutritional facts of Red Bull.

It is imperative that you check the nutritional label of anything and everything you consume, so that you know exactly how much it contributes to your daily nutrition, which also helps you in manipulating it.

Red Bull’s Ingredients

Red Bull has caffeine, taurine, and B-vitamins.

An 8.4 ounce can of Red Bull contains the following ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • Carbonated Water
  • Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Citric Acid
  • Taurine
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Calcium Pantothenate
  • Colors
  • Natural and artificial flavors

Red Bull’s ingredients are pretty standard for an energy drink, I would say. Or wait. It’s not that they are standard, rather they are the standard itself.

Sorry, that was confusing. Anyways, let’s move on to the caffeine.

Caffeine in a Red Bull

RedBull has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

A single Red Bull contains a nice and moderate 80mg of caffeine.

Caffeine is the most important ingredient in an energy drink, and it is because it’s a central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine is also the most used drug in the world and has a ton of health benefits.

It might even be good for improving your performance. (You know which performance I’m talking about)

Some of the benefits of caffeine include:

  • Improving weight loss through thermogenisis
  • Improves alertness and concentration
  • Reduces fatigue, although it’s not a substitute for sleeping.
  • Increases physical and mental ability
  • May help prevent diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Improving blood flow and dilating blood vessels

So drinking regulated amounts of caffeine daily over a long period will be good for your overall wellness.

I should emphasize that the amount of caffeine you consume daily should be regulated. The FDA suggests that 400mg of caffeine is the safe limit for most people, and consuming more than that might lead to side effects:

  • Restlessness
  • Problems with concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration
  • Insomia
  • Anxiety
  • Dependance on caffeine for energy

But, because of the moderate amount of caffeine in Red Bull that is close to that in a cup of coffee, you’re going to have a tough time overdosing on caffeine with just Red Bull alone.

It’s a different matter altogether if you’re someone who drinks other caffeinated beverages like coffee.

If you do so, then you should closely monitor your caffeine intake so that you don’t go overboard with it, as some of the side effects of caffeine could inhibit your sexual ability as well.

Calories in Red Bull

A meal consisting of a cheeseburger, fries, and cola would give you around 1000 calories.

A Red Bull offers 117 calories in each 250ml or 8.4 fl.oz can.

While I prefer my drinks to have as few calories as possible, the amount in Red Bull isn’t so high that I wouldn’t drink it. It’s just above 5% of the recommended amount of calories for the average human.

Calories are a unit of energy and are therefore the fuel our bodies use. So the extra calories you get from Red Bull might prove to be useful when you need an added reserve of energy.

Keep in mind that unused calories can get stored as fats in the body, which can lead to weight gain. And if you live a sedentary lifestyle and eat more than you should on top of that, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you.

Living in a caloric surplus for a long time will have terrible effects on your body:

  • It can lead to obesity.
  • Overeating can mess up your insulin resistance, making you more susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes
  • It can promote mental decline
  • You might lose control over your hunger
  • You might become sluggish or tired, which might be bad for your libido.

So if you want to get the most out of life, and out of Red Bull, without suffering from these problems, you should start working out so that you can burn off calories. Or if you want a no-calorie energy drink, try Red Bull Zero.

Oh, and did you know that sexual activity can make you burn up to 3-4 calories per minute?

Sugar in Red Bull

Red Bull is a very sugary drink.

Sugar is a bit of a problem when talking about Red Bull. And by bit, I mean a big, 26 gram bit.

A single Red Bull contains a worrying 26g of sugar, which is much more than what I would like in just a single beverage that’s not even part of my main diet.

Also, the AHA recommends that the daily limit of sugar for men and women is 36 grams and 24 grams respectively. So drinking a Red Bull will put a woman over her sugar limit, and a man would get close to it.

Consuming large amounts of sugar will cause you to go through a sugar crash later on. This may cause you to experience some of the following problems, especially if it hits you while you’re having or are about to have sex:

  • Fatigue, or lack of energy (Say bye to your sex drive)
  • Mood disorders (You might not be able to get into the mood)
  • Craving for more sugary food (Your focus will get split between craving the pleasure and craving the other pleasure)
  • Depression (Say bye to your libido, and your partner’s as well)
  • Jitteriness (Being relaxed is important for a good session of you know what)
  • Teeth decay (no one wants to kiss a mouth full of cavities)

So what I would recommend is that you heavily cut down on sugar on days that you drink Red Bull. And also, you would have to time it right, so that you don’t end up with a sugar crash when doing the deed.

Or you can just avoid the crash and worry altogether, by drinking the sugar-free version of Red Bull, which uses Sucralose instead of sugar.

Red Bull and Sexual Activity

Red Bull has caffeine in it, which is a stimulant, and is known to enhance a person’s physical performance and help them fight fatigue.

Both these things are very good for when you’re making love, as the extra energy will make you perform better in bed, and the reducing fatigue aspect of caffeine might help you in making love for longer.

But do keep in mind that caffeine is just a substitute for energy, and the boost gained from it will wear off sooner or later.

And also, try not to drink too much Red Bull, because too much caffeine and sugar will have negative effects on your lovemaking ability instead of positive ones.

Get to know what’s inside Red Bull through this video.

Does Red Bull help you get hard?

This is why we’re all here, right? To find out whether Red Bull can help with better erections or not.

The thing is, another one of caffeine’s effects is that it promotes blood flow throughout the body. And doing so also promotes blood flow to the genitals, which can make you feel more aroused, and make your erections better.

The arousal part works for both sexes, so there’s that.

There’s another potential benefit that might come from regular caffeine consumption: Caffeine may be able to reduce the chances of you getting Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

This is probably because caffeine can improve blood flow, even in tiny blood vessels like the ones found in penises, and even dilates said blood vessels, which may help with preventing ED.

A study showed that men who ingested caffeine equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee were less likely to experience erectile dysfunction as compared to men who didn’t consume as much caffeine, or didn’t consume it at all.

But all of these benefits I mentioned aren’t inherently due to Red Bull itself, but because of the caffeine in it. So you can reap all these benefits from any energy drink or even good old coffee.

So, does Red Bull help you get hard?

Red Bull doesn’t have any unique property that makes you have better erections, it’s just that the caffeine in it promotes blood flow, which indirectly helps with getting an erection

Can you drink Red Bull every day?

Now, drinking an energy drink every single day is not something that I would recommend since it can make you dependent on outside sources for energy to get through the day.

And even if you still plan on drinking an energy drink daily, I would tell you that Red Bull isn’t such a drink that can be safely consumed regularly.

The problem isn’t the caffeine or calories, because both are pretty moderate. But the sugar is very high in Red Bull. So much so that if you drink one can in a day, then you’ll spend most of your time on sugar overdose, which can be detrimental not only to your sexual health but overall health as well.

So, what I would recommend is that you find ways to increase your energy naturally without relying on energy drinks, and keep the energy drinks as a last resort for when you really need the boost.

For instance, these small, daily changes will allow you to have higher levels of energy without any external aid:

  • Working out, or even light physical activity
  • A proper sleep schedule and sleeping in a dark room
  • Staying hydrated
  • Not stressing about the inconsequential things

Red Bull’s Flavors And Variants

Red Bull comes in the following versions:

  • Red Bull Original
  • Red Bull Sugarfree
  • Red Bull Total Zero

Apart from these three versions, Red Bull also has other editions, each with a different flavor:

  • Red Bull Pear Edition Sugarfree
  • Red Bull Red Editon
  • Red Bull Peach Edition
  • Red Bull Coconut Edition
  • Red Bull Blue Edition
  • Red Bull Green Edition
  • Red Bull Orange Edition
  • Red Bull Yellow Edition

Alternatives To Red Bull

Here are some other energy drinks that you can enjoy:

  • Celsius
  • Bang
  • Advocare Spark (Energy drink powder)
  • Alani Nu
  • Lit Energy


Red Bull is capable of increasing the quality of your sex life by virtue of the caffeine in it. Not counting this benefit, it is a pretty solid energy drink.

It has a decent amount of caffeine, enough to give you a good boost in energy levels and it also tastes great. Though it may have some calories and a lot of sugar, both these qualms can be solved just by picking either the sugar-free or Total Zero versions.

However, remember that Red Bull is neither a solution for ED nor is it the only energy drink that can enhance your sexual performance, so for that purpose, you have the entire energy drink market to choose from.

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