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Is Arizona energy drink bad for you? (Discussed)

The drink contains healthy ingredients though but the high sugar content and some undeclared ingredients in it may be harmful if consumed irresponsibly.

Energy drinks are meant to provide you with instant energy boosts and make your body function properly. But the nutritional content they contain may not suit every person.

That’s where problems may arise. So, before consuming energy drinks, you must do keen research on whether a particular drink is good for you or not.

To know about Arizona energy drink, its nutritional content, and how it may influence you, continue reading the article.

Arizona drink is an energizing mixture of green tea, humid and mandarin fruits, Panax ginseng, eleuthero root, guarana, and vitamin A, C, and E. A specialized drink that will boost up your internal body functions.
Now, most people will be curious about why is it bad for us?

If you drink it frequently, it may cause serious disorders to your health.

It is advertised as a healthy drink giving an instant energy boost but there are consequences associated with it too. Green tea and Ginseng are both primitive health-giving herbs but a supplementary potion of sugar that is added to the drink may cause health issues.

Arizona energy drink is problematic to health due to the extra amount of sugar that exceeds all the nutritional aspects present in the drink.

In this article, I am going to share the consequences that take place in your body after consuming this drink and the high sugar content that is present in this booster drink.

Keep reading to know in detail about its beneficial and unhealthy sides;

Arizona Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

Here is a table showing the number of nutrients found per serving of Arizona Energy drink;

NutrientsAmounts per serving
Pantothenic acid10mg
Dietary fiber0g
Nutrition facts of Arizona Energy Drink

The sugar content of Arizona

Most people think that Arizona is a booster drink made from organic supplements and they start their day by drinking it. However, they are unaware of its side effects.

According to American Heart Association (AHA), a healthy male can take 150 calories of sugar means 9 teaspoons a day and the amount of sugar a female can take is less than that, she can’t take more than 6 teaspoons a day.

The quantity of sugar present in this drink is 51g which has 195 calories and is approximately 12 teaspoons. It is too much for an ordinary energy drink.

When this excess amount of sugar enters the body it affects every part of your body. It becomes the cause of diabetes type 2, liver problems, increased body weight, high cholesterol levels, and uric acid problems.

How excess sugar impacts your body?

This more than normal sugar directly affects the functioning of your heart, teeth, joints, and liver. Continue reading to know its effects on the mentioned organs.

Effect on heart

This excess amount of sugar is not present in liquid form as in other drinks. Honey and fructose syrup are the two notable ingredients in this drink.

When a person drinks a beverage that contains a high level of fructose, his body starts developing a higher concentration of triglycerides.

The body then consumes excessive calories and converts them into fat. This conversion leads to fatness and digestion problems. Uncontrolled weight gain leads to several heart problems and an increase in blood pressure.

Effect on teeth

When this sugar reaches the teeth, it causes the bacteria to prosper and releases acid that harms the enamel and forms cavities.

Effect on joints

When the level of uric acid increases, it becomes awful and you feel extreme pain in your joints. Consuming this drink can make you reach this condition very soon.

The caffeine content of Arizona Energy Drink

Caffeine is one of the most prominent ingredients in energy drinks. It is responsible for making your system alert and focused. Due to this reason, students and athletes consume energy drinks before starting their tasks.

Consuming caffeinated products can be both beneficial and harmful depending on the amount you are taking. As per FDA, an average healthy person with no caffeine sensitivity can be tolerated around 400 mg of it per day.

Coffee beans scattered on a surface
Coffee beans

The caffeine content in each serving of original Arizona is 127 mg and in the version with low carb content, it is 144 mg. Both of these contain caffeine within limits.

In the context of caffeine, it is a great drink as it will provide you with enough energy and alertness without fear of jitters.

But still, the warning for children is mentioned on its can as the FDA recommended limit is for healthy adults. Children may develop adverse effects or intolerance to that much caffeine.

How Arizona Energy Drink is harmful?

The nutrition table of Arizona drinks shows all the healthy things that are required by the body every day, such as several vitamins and proteins. But actually, the amount of sugar is dominated by them which can be the cause of many disorders.

Surplus excretion of insulin and raised sugar level disturbs much body function. It can also be the cause of migraine which is itself a major disease.

It may damage your nerves, kidneys you may also feel a loss of sensation in your body. Arizona drinks might cause cardiovascular problems and also lead to heart attacks.

Apart from excess sugar, Arizona energy drink also contains aluminum that is harmful to your neurological system and results in major disorders.

Alzheimer’s, a common neural disorder is due to the aluminum ions compilation in the body. You would get lifetime diseases through constant use of this drink.

Can we drink Arizona Energy Drink every day?

No, due to the high sugar content in it, you can’t drink it every day.

Although, Arizona is a good option to get an instant energy boost drinking a whole can in a single day is not good at all. The sugar level in it is far more than the suggested sugar limit. This may cause extreme sugar crashes.

Also, some people may be sugar sensitive and this sugar level will cause serious complications for them. So in my opinion, not only you should avoid consuming it on daily basis but also, drinking a whole can in a single day is not a good idea.

Is Ginseng a component of Arizona Energy Drink?

As per the ingredients mentioned, yes it is, but it was found that Arizona Energy Drink doesn’t contain any Ginseng.

Ginseng is Chinese medicine. The proven benefits of ginseng are given below:

  • It is a curative plant, basically used as a medicine.
  • Ginseng is a sleep-inducing, relaxing herb.
  • It is good to build up your immunity and strengthen your memory.

As it is beneficial, it is a valuable pharmaceutical herb. It costs up to $550 per pound in dry form and $160 per pound in green. Its presence in this drink makes it the best healthful booster drink. Unfortunately, the existence of ginseng in Arizona Energy drinks is not true.

Some years ago, this brand was sealed for the reason that they are not using any ginseng in their product they are just misguiding their customers. That may be another reason for not keeping this drink a priority.

Does Arizona contain Green Tea?

Yes! Green tea is present in Arizona energy drinks.

Green tea is one of the most notable ingredients in Arizona. It is acknowledged to be the most healthful and beneficial drink. Some of the benefits that we get by intake of green tea are enlisted below;

  • Boost brain tasks usually by enhancing memory.
  • Helps to lose weight naturally.
  • Prevents cancer with the help of antioxidants present in it.
  • Lowers the chance of cardiovascular problems.

A video review of Arizona is given below which you may check to know the benefits of this drink;

Arizona Energy Drink review

Alternatives of Arizona Energy Drink

Here are mentioned some substitutes for Arizona Energy Drinks which you may consider to avoid the excess sugar;

Red Bull

A can of Red Bull energy drink
Red Bull

The main energizing ingredient that Red Bull contains is caffeine. Moreover, it has Coffee and Matcha in its ingredients which will boost your stamina and they also don’t have artificial fillers.

Monster Energy Drink

Three flavors of Monster Energy Drink
Monster energy drink

Taurine is the main ingredient present in Monster energy drinks. It may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure level and also reduces heart problems.

5 Hour Energy drink

5-hour energy contains Vitamin B, most energy drink contains taurine and vitamin B complex. But, vitamin B does not occur naturally and is synthetic and is manufactured in labs.

And there are many benefits of Vitamin B complex as well.


  • Overall, the drink may be good due to the healthy ingredients like green tea and ginseng it contains.
  • The caffeine content is also good enough to make you active throughout the day.
  • But the high sugar in it is what creates big trouble.
  • This much sugar is disturbing for people of all ages either adults or teens.
  • In my opinion, you shouldn’t prefer this drink due to its sugar content.

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