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Do Energy Drinks Make You Go To The Bathroom? (Answered)

Yes, due to the high caffeine content in energy drinks, you may face frequent urination.

Whether you are a student, an athlete, or a fitness freak, you’ll be needing energy drinks often. This is the reason behind an instant rise in the popularity of these energy drinks as they cater to the needs of wholesome consumers.

But at the same time, besides benefiting you, these drinks have some health issues associated with them.

A man consuming energy drink
A man is drinking an energy beverage

They are designed to give you an extra boost of energy before, during, and after your workout. But do they work?

Energy drinks can help you get through your workouts better and longer, but they won’t necessarily make you feel any better afterward.

Some energy drinks have been known to cause side effects like stomach upset, headaches, and even diarrhea. So what exactly makes these drinks different from other beverages?

Also, in this article, I’ll specifically reveal whether energy drinks interrupt your urination system and how? Continue reading to know further.

Notable Ingredients in Energy Drinks

Let’s take a look at the ingredients. Some of the major ingredients in the energy drinks intended to provide you with an energy boost are;

Nutrition Facts of some Energy Drinks

Here is given a table showing nutrition facts of some common energy drinks;

Standard valuesRed Bull (8.4 fl oz.)Monster
(16 fl oz.)
(16 fl oz.)
Energy110 calories210 calories0
Fats (of which are saturated)0g0g0g
Carbohydrates (of which sugars)28g (27g)54g (54g)0g (0g)
Caffeine 80mg160mg300mg
Vitamin B3 22mg46mg5mg
Vitamin B65.05mg4.6mg0.5mg
Vitamin B125.1μg13μg1.5μg
Nutrition facts of some energy drinks

How the Ingredients in Energy Drinks are beneficial?

The rising demand and trust of consumers in these drinks is due to the range of benefits they provide to the people. The ingredients in these drinks facilitate you in doing your desired tasks in a much more convenient manner.

Keep reading to know further;

Picture showing caption 'Benefits of Energy Drinks'
What are the benefits of Energy Drinks?


Caffeine is a naturally occurring ingredient in coffee beans etc. It is a major constituent of energy drinks as, it provides you with an instant boost of energy, and maintains the focus while reading or during physical activities like gym and sports, etc.

Also, students consume highly caffeinated drinks to stay concentrated for a long time when it’s exam season or a tough schedule.

Given below is a table showing the caffeine content of different energy drinks;

Energy DrinksCaffeine Content
Red Bull80mg (8.4oz)
Monster160mg (16oz)
Rockstar160mg (16oz)
NOS 160mg (16oz)
G Fuel300mg (16oz)
The caffeine content of different Energy drinks


The suggested calorie intake limit for both males and females is 2500 and 2000 respectively. Calories are also a major ingredient of energy drinks that aid in providing an instant boost of energy. Also, the calories in these drinks may help you gain weight.

If you’re the one seeking these benefits without putting on weight, then you must opt for zero-calorie drinks with relatively greater caffeine content. High caffeine will lead to increased metabolism which in turn will burn the body’s fats.


Vitamin supplements

Among Vitamins, the B Vitamins are the most common ingredients present in energy drinks. These help in taking the energy from the food we eat to be consumed by our body.


Taurine is a nonessential amino acid that is commonly used in sports nutrition products. It has been shown to improve athletic performance and enhance muscle recovery. In addition, taurine is known to help maintain healthy eyesight and may even protect against cataracts.

Some other positive aspects of taking energy drinks include;

  • Increase the ability of the brain to function well
  • Maintain overall wellness of body
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Increase cognitive functions

What makes Energy Drinks cause excess urination?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa powder, guarana seeds, kola nuts, mate leaves, yerba maté, and some over-the-counter medications.

When consumed, caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and increases alertness. This makes it a popular ingredient in energy drinks.

Caffeine is a diuretic which implies that it brings about an expansion in the recurrence of pee. It can likewise expand the desire to pee whenever consumed in extreme sums. Caffeine is remembered to straightforwardly affect the bladder’s smooth muscle.

Here is given a video showing caffeine and its impacts on your body;

How does caffeine influence your body?

Some Health Concerns due to Energy Drinks

As mentioned earlier, the regular use of these energy drinks instead of facilitating you may harm your health in many ways. This can be seen as a more notable issue if you’re using them for a long time. Here are given some of the consequences, energy drinks are likely to pose on human health;


Headaches are common side effects of consuming energy drinks. It is due to the caffeine that has been extracted from coffee beans. Caffeine is known to cause dilation of blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure.

However, if the blood vessels do not return to their normal size after consumption, the person’s headache will continue until the caffeine is eliminated from his system.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small pieces of minerals that form inside the kidneys. They can block the flow of urine out of the body, causing painful urination and sometimes severe health problems.

There are different types of kidney stones. Most common are calcium oxalate stones.

Energy drinks are not known to cause kidney stones. However, they can increase your risk of developing them if you already have existing ones. If you drink energy drinks regularly, you may need to consider cutting back your caffeine consumption.

Stomach issues

Energy drinks are not just for athletes anymore. They have become a popular drink among teens and young adults alike.

A person with abdominal pain
A person with abdominal pain

However, many people who consume these drinks report experiencing stomach pains and other gastrointestinal issues.

Do energy drinks cause Diarrhea?

An excessive amount of caffeine can likewise overpower your stomach. Caffeinated beverages can cause regurgitating, sickness, looseness of the bowels, and perspiring.

Indeed, even the names caution you to not drink more than one every day due to the elevated degrees of caffeine and overabundance of nutrients.

If you’re wondering if energy drinks can cause diarrhea, then you should know that this isn’t something that has been proven yet. Many different factors could lead to diarrhea, including diet, exercise, and even certain medications.

So, if you’ve ever experienced diarrhea after consuming an energy drink, then don’t panic! You may just need to change your diet or take a break from the beverage.

Do energy drinks make you lose weight?

Energy drinks are popular beverages that have been around for many years now. They have become increasingly popular over the past decade and can be purchased at any convenience store.

People use them before going to bed, after working out, or even while studying. Many people believe that they help them stay awake longer, but do these drinks work?

A plate having 'weight loss' written on it
Weight loss

The answer is yes! Energy drinks do work and contain ingredients that can help boost your metabolism. Due to this increased metabolism, the stored fats in the body are converted to get energy by the body. This burning of fat helps in losing weight as well.

Do Energy Drinks make you dehydrated?

Yes, they can do so!

Caffeine is the most important component of energy drinks that give you an immediate jolt of energy. But consumption of caffeine also causes dehydration in the body. Caffeine assists the water in your body to excrete leaving you dehydrated.

This is the reason that consuming energy drinks make you go to the bathroom. To keep your body’s water balance, you must intake large volumes of water along with these drinks.

Some healthy alternatives to Energy Drinks

Although energy drinks are a great source to get you through different situations whether that be sports activities, workouts, or all-night study shifts. Apart from them, some of these drinks also facilitate your overall body functioning by making you healthy and fit.

But still, some of the consequences related to them are too troublesome to manage. So, to avoid them, here are compiled several options to adapt in place of these beverages;

  • Green tea is the best alternative to caffeinated drinks as it improves performance and makes your mind alert.
  • Consume protein-rich diets such as peanut butter, walnuts, dates, etc.
  • Eat chocolates as they are rich in energy.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and maintain body functioning.


  • Most of the ingredients are common in almost all energy drinks.
  • Caffeine is the most notable component having both positive and negative sides.
  • Caffeine is responsible for excreting more than normal water out of the body.
  • Regular consumption of energy drinks may cause health issues such as stomach disorders, subsequent headaches, and kidney problems.
  • To avoid the consequences, you may substitute these energy drinks with natural ingredients that serve the same purpose.

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