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Best Deals While Buying Energy Drinks Online (Great Discounts)

Cutting the chase, some of the best energy drink deals that you can score are on brands Celsius, Monster and Red Bull sold on Amazon.

For instance, I found a 24 pieces 12 fl. oz of Celsius costs $62.79, which is $2.61 per can. Considering all the ingredients and the pricing, this is indeed a very good deal.

Caffeinated drinks are most certainly turning into a popular choice as we regularly have them whether we’re working, studying, gaming, or if we simply need fast wake-up support.

Unfortunately, our reliance on energy drinks also takes a big cut on our budget.

With new brands being introduced into the market, it is a good measure to search for stores that offer good and affordable prices.

Read the whole article where I share some of the best energy drink deals I found.

Basic Energy Drink Compositions to Consider

Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks.


Caffeine is a significant ingredient in all caffeinated drinks. The caffeine content fluctuates in various caffeinated drinks. Some contain 300mg of caffeine per can and some even contain 50mg to 100 mg of caffeine.

The most extreme everyday consumption limit for a healthy grown-up is 400mg. I would recommend you to have caffeinated drinks with some restraint since taking a lot of caffeine can prompt a ton of issues, for example,

  • Insomnia
  • Trouble breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular or fast heartbeat
  • Uncontrollable muscle movements
  • Convulsions

All things considered, everybody has different caffeine digestion, which influences their degree of resistance to caffeine.

Thus, depending on how frequently you consume caffeinated energy drinks, your caffeine resilience may be higher or lower than certain individuals.


The second most common ingredient in caffeinated drinks is sugar, due to the taste and additional calories.

However, sugar isn’t useful for well-being, in this way a lot of caffeinated drinks are removing sugar from their beverages through the use of artificial sweeteners.

Most caffeinated drinks contain zero-calorie sugars like sucrose. Artificial sweeteners don’t generally convey additional calories which is the reason it is a preferable choice over sugar.

It is also recommended to have artificial sweeteners to a limit, taking too much of it can cause side effects.

All things considered, without sugar caffeinated drinks are turning out to be very pervasive these days, with even notable brands like Red Bull and Monster offering sugar-free variations.

It’s totally okay to have some sugar once in a while yet make certain to direct your general sugar allow and try not to reliably drink sweet caffeinated drinks too.


Taurine is an amino acid that is found in a ton of caffeinated drinks. It is viewed as quite possibly the most fundamental amino acid.

Caffeinated drinks contain around 600-1000 mg of taurine for every 8 ounces serving. The advantages of taurine are:

  • Improve heart function
  • Improve liver function
  • Improve brain function
  • Antioxidant

The primary job of taurine in your body incorporates:

  • Maintaining appropriate hydration and electrolyte balance in your cells.
  • Forming bile salts, which assume a significant part in processing.
  • Regulating minerals such as calcium within your cells.
  • Supporting the overall capacity of your immune system and eyes.


Picking an affordable caffeinated drink can set help you save a couple of bucks over the long haul.

Presently, the overall impression of buying a thing is that the more costly it is, the better quality it will be. At times, this isn’t correct, and it likewise applies to caffeinated drinks.

Some caffeinated beverages can be costly yet they probably won’t be what you need, while others are reasonable however they may not contain the fixings you’re searching for.

At the end of the day, it comes down to using sound judgment that will not take up the majority of your use later on. In the event that you consistently have caffeinated drinks, have a go at going for a brand that costs $1.50 to $3, so you will not wind up spending a lot inside a month.

Obviously, assuming you need to set aside more cash, you can choose buying in bulk to avail yourself of some discounts and perks. I also suggest you look into membership or loyalty cards offered by different stores to get yourself great exclusive deals and promos.

Average Cost of Energy drinks

The average cost of a caffeinated drink can go from $2.50 to $5 for a 16 fl. oz can.

So, there are really various variables that go into the general cost of a caffeinated drink, including its ingredients, creation costs, overall consumer demand, and conveyance charges.

Reasons why energy drinks are costly

Caffeinated drinks are costly because of several reasons like delivery expenses like promotion and distribution costs.

Obviously, the costs of caffeinated drinks vary per brand as there are sure locales and spots where you can buy them in bulk at less expensive costs.

Be that as it may, you need to consider the logistics and delivery charges in case you’re ordering them online.

The cost of caffeinated drinks hasn’t generally been high, however as their prominence and market expanded, so did the costs.

The three fundamental reasons behind some increase in prices are due to promoting, showcasing and dissemination of energy drink products.

In contrast to soda pops, caffeinated drinks are highly advertised for different “unique” qualities and image the brands want to be associated with. some brands target online gamers, athletes, car/racing enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and other social circles.

For instance, Red Bull has ‘it gives you wings’ motto while V Energy has a tagline ‘The success that further develops you a piece’.

I think there are very few caffeinated drinks that depend on the character or taste of the item to sell it. However, the overall pattern is to focus on energy-boosting characteristics. This isolates caffeinated drinks from soda pop advertising essentially.

For instance, Coca-Cola and Pepsi do contain caffeine and sugars, however, they would not be classified as caffeinated drinks.

Moreover, caffeinated drinks despite the fact that they might look and taste like soda pops won’t ever be classed as sodas.

It is safe to have an energy drink each day?

Having one caffeinated drink a day is totally OK, however in the event that you can, make an effort not to have it reliably.

Restricting your caffeinated drink admission to one can each day is totally okay and may even help your general wellbeing, especially if the caffeinated drink you consistently burn through has high caffeine content.

All things considered, reliably having a can of caffeinated drink every day isn’t useful for you, as it could prompt various medical conditions over the long haul except if you have a fair eating routine and sound way of life.

In any case, I’d suggest separating your everyday caffeinated drink consumption and restricting your caffeine intake to around three days per week.

In the event that you feel like you need an extra boost on days when you are not having caffeinated drinks, you can go for espresso, tea, or water for a fast boost of energy.

Best Deals

per serving
(fl. oz)
Bang Energy3000016$2.50
Guru lite1003208.4$2.39
Energy Drink brand comparison in terms of nutrition facts and cost.
Bang Energy Drinks
Different flavors of Bang Energy Drink.

Bang Energy

While Bang is well established as a pre-exercise that further develops your activity execution, it furnishes you with a powerful lift that can support you for a long time.

A 16 fl. oz servong of Bang Energy Drink contains zero sugar and has 300mg of caffeine, alongside a lot of energy-boosting fixings like BCAAs, CoQ10, and vitamin C, which is for the most part uncommon in caffeinated drinks.

Bang additionally offers a wide selection of flavors, which is a major reward, particularly if you have adventurous tastebuds and you like exchanging between flavors every now and then.

In addition, the cost for one can of Bang is really sensible, going from $2.50 to $3.00 per serving, particularly since it has a high caffeine content and various supplements.

The Vitamin Shoppe is the best place to get Bang energy drinks, they provide free shipping if you spend $25 or more on their website.

Guru Organic Energy Drink.


Advertised as a caffeinated drink for the health-conscious consumers, Guru is loaded with normal ingredients and a reasonable measure of caffeine for a recreation-based execution without overpowering incidental effects.

An 8.4 fl. oz container of Guru Energy contains 100mg of caffeine, 21g of sugar, and 80 calories, along with a lot of natural fixings like Echinacea bloom and green tea extricate.

Presently, while the Original beverage may be acceptable, Guru Lite, their sugarless flavor offers similar advantages and caffeine content with just 20 calories in each serving.

Additionally, the cost of Guru Energy is very modest, as one single can just cost around $2, which is a stunning incentive for cash considering its general regular caffeine content and supplements.

To know what precisely goes into Guru Energy, go ahead and look at my articles on the caffeine and ingredients in Guru for further clarification on what they do.

Walmart is providing a good deal on Guru, $31.96 for 12 cans.

Celsius energy drink
Take your pick on several flavors of Celsius Energy Drink.


Made in view of wellbeing, Celsius is a caffeinated drink invigorated with a lot of nutrients and supplements for a more honed execution with an additional edge.

A 12 fl. oz jar of Celsius is totally sans sugar and has 200mg of caffeine, with various nutrients, minerals, and natural fixings like ginger and green tea remove.

Besides, Celsius offers a broad determination of flavors that contain shifting degrees of caffeine and supplements.

Concerning the cost of Celsius Energy, one 12 fl. oz can cost around $2, which is really modest for a caffeinated drink, considering it can supply you with a serious lift.

For a thorough investigation of how well Celsius functions like a caffeinated drink, look at my articles on Celsius Energy Drink for my contemplations and a short breakdown of the beverage.

Subsequent to scouring the web, I’ve discovered that Amazon and The Vitamin Shoppe appear to be by a wide margin the best places for you to get your hands on Celsius caffeinated drink without burning through every last cent.

It’s around $26 for a 12-pack jar of Celsius Energy, which comes out to somewhat more than $2 for each can.

You can look into this for further information:

Facts about Celsius Energy Drink.

Places to buy cheap energy drinks

Other than individual caffeinated drinks sold on the product’s website, there are other online and conventional retailers where modest caffeinated beverages can be found.

Large numbers of these stores will regularly have either close-outs of top name marks or successive 2-for-one specials.

Places to get your energy drinks at a budget.

Physical Stores

Big Lots

This closeout store frequently has name-brand caffeinated drinks for inexpensively. They could be ended flavors or stock near the termination date.

Dollar Stores

There is a wide assortment of “dollar” type stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar. They regularly have closeout bargains on name-brand caffeinated beverages or genuine dark brands too.

Grocery Outlet

This cross country supermarket consistently has some brand of caffeinated drink at close-out costs.

It pays to look around particularly if your caffeinated drink propensity is pushing the $30 seven days mark. Why not attempt one of the less expensive options included above and afterward incidentally have a Monster, Red Bull, or Rockstar as a treat every now and then.

Online Store

Amazon is an extraordinary spot to discover and buy caffeinated beverages or shots in bulk that are delivered right to your doorstep.

You can also read authentic comments and reviews from consumers who purchased the same products which can help in you spending decision.

An incredible online shop, especially for the “sport” showcased caffeinated drinks like Speed Stack and Xenergy highlighted previously.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is the best place to get your energy drinks online.

Expensive drinks do not imply that they are better because they are priced highly, also cheap rates do not mean that they are bad. What I am trying to say is that you should look into the ingredients along with the prices before getting yourself an energy drink to get the best deal.

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