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Starbucks Baya Energy Drink Review (Exposed)

A can of Baya energy drink in Mango Guava flavor on a table
Starbucks Baya has 160 mg of caffeine

Energy drinks have been consumed for a long time by adults as well as teenagers. Despite its life-threatening side effects, energy drinks are finished in a gluttonous manner.

There’re thousands of energy drinks brands, and every one of them has the same effects. Energy drinks are created to enhance mental and physical performance, which results in productivity.

Starbucks is one of the most popular brands, and after so many years Starbucks finally launched its energy drink.

Starbucks Baya energy drink comes in three different varieties, every 12 fl oz contains 160 mg of caffeine and 22 g of cane sugar.

Moreover, Baya contains a necessary vitamin C and many electrolytes like calcium. The packaging is exceptionally vibrant with BAYA written in bold on the front under the logo of Starbucks.

The packaging gives me summer vibes, but the taste is not as unique as I expected. All and all I would give BAYA energy drink a six out of ten.

If you are scratching your head, wondering why a six then stick with me until the end of this article. Let’s dig in!

BAYA Energy Review

Two cans of baya energy in Mangi Guava and Raspberry lime flavor on a table
Baya contains Vitamin C with several electrolytes

I’m rating the Starbucks Baya energy drink a 6 out of 10 as it contains natural caffeine with a good amount of vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. Sugar content on the other hand is quite a lot which I don’t appreciate.

The packaging of the Starbucks Baya energy drink is appealing and has a summer vibe to it. Although, it’s slightly expensive.

Things I Like About BAYA Energy

  • It has natural caffeine
  • It includes a fair amount of electrolytes
  • It has vitamin C

Things I Don’t Like About BAYA Energy

  • An unnecessarily high amount of sugar
  • A bit expensive
  • It contains too much caffeine

Here’s a review video that can help you figure out if Baya is your jam or not, so have a look.

Baya has three flavors

Nutritional Facts About Baya Energy Drink

Starbucks BAYA Energy drink includes many ingredients that may provide you with a necessary boost of energy.

Nutritional facts of the color popping Baya Drink
Nutritional facts of the color popping Baya Drink

Here are the nutritional facts of the Starbucks Baya energy drink. I’ve also included the amount that is recommended for each element (thank me later).

Nutrition FactsAmount Per ServingRecommended Daily Amount
Total Fat0g65g
Total Carbohydrate23g300g
Total Sugar22g50g
Added sugar16g50g
Vitamin C90mg60mg
Nutritional table of Baya energy drink

Ingredients In Baya Energy Drink

Starbucks Baya energy drink is no different than other energy drinks. That said, Baya has several essential ingredients that most drinks don’t.

BAYA Energy contains the following ingredients:

  • Carbonated Water
  • White Grape Juice from Concentrate
  • Cane Sugar
  • Lemon Juice from Concentrate
  • Raspberry Juice from Concentrate
  • Lime Juice from Concentrate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c)
  • Coffee Fruit extracts
  • Green Coffee Extracts
  • Lycopene

How Much Caffeine Is In A Baya Energy Drink?

Starbucks Baya energy drink contains 160 mg of natural caffeine per every 12 oz.

Caffeine stimulates the brain and the central nervous system, it enhances mental and physical performance which increases productivity.

Caffeine may be good for your body for a short period of time, but it can develop many health complications, especially if consumed in an immoderate amount.

There’re some potential side effects of caffeine which include:

  • Restlessness and shakiness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fast heart rate.
  • Dehydration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Dependency

160 mg for a 12 oz can is a bit much, although 160 mg isn’t much for people who have a high tolerance for caffeine. According to the FDA, a healthy adult should consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day.

Nevertheless, 400 mg can be an overwhelming amount for people who are sensitive to caffeine or have a low tolerance to caffeine and can experience side effects like:

  • racing heartbeat.
  • headache.
  • jitters.
  • nervousness or anxiousness.
  • restlessness.
  • insomnia.

Moreover, caffeine withdrawal is another issue that most people suffer from, the more caffeine you’ll consume, the more severe caffeine withdrawal symptoms will be.

Thus, I don’t recommend energy drinks with high caffeine or even sugar content because of their life-threatening side effects.

Here’s a list of caffeine withdrawal symptoms that you should be aware of:

  • Headaches.
  • Tiredness.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Nausea.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Irritability.

Does Baya Have Sugar?

A can of Baya energy in Raspberry lime flavor
Baya energy drink has 22 g of sugar

Sugar is a great way of getting that extra boost of energy, this is also one of the reasons that most energy drinks have an unnecessary amount of sugar.

Starbucks Baya energy drink contains 22 g of sugar per 12 oz. If you ask me, this made Baya quite unappealing to me.

Sugar is caffeine’s best friend. If you consume more than the recommended amount of sugar, you’re likely to experience some side effects, one of which is sugar crashes.

Other than that, you may suffer from:

  • Higher blood pressure.
  • Inflammation.
  • Weight gain.
  • Diabetes.
  • Fatty liver disease.

According to the AHA, women should consume 25 g of sugar per day, while men should consume 36 g.

In my opinion, consuming table sugar isn’t good for health. I would suggest not consuming table sugar in excess, you can opt for fruits because fruits contain natural sweetness.

How Many Calories Are In Baya Energy Drink?

Baya energy drink contains 90 calories per can.

The recommended amount of calories is 2000 for women and 2500 for men, thus 90 calories won’t affect your calorie count.

If you’re on a strict diet, you can always opt for low-calorie drinks.

Furthermore, research says consuming more calories than you burn can result in overweight or obesity, it can also increase your risk for cancer as well as other chronic health problems.

While 90 calories may not be anything for the people who exercise, it can surely cost people who do little physical exercise to compensate for that amount.

If you’re consuming the recommended calorie amount, you still need to move your body, any kind of movement will do, whether dancing or swimming.

Is Baya Energy Drink Healthy?

Back side of Baya energy drink
Vitamin C doesn’t make a caffeine-jacked drink healthy

Energy drinks have been under the radar for causing health complications. Baya energy drink is no different than other energy drinks like Monster.

Starbucks Baya drink may seem healthy, but when you look at its nutritional facts, you’ll be surprised. Baya has 160 mg of caffeine, 22 g of sugar, and 90 calories.

While that may be unhealthy, Baya also contains many electrolytes and a fair amount of Vitamin C.

Nonetheless, just because it contains Vitamins, it doesn’t make it healthy. The caffeine, sugar, and calorie contents are still quite a lot for an energy drink.

However, if you consume Baya energy drink in moderation, it still won’t be healthy for you but you won’t experience any side effects.

How Much Can You Drink Baya Every Day?

Baya energy drink is Starbucks’ new invention, but there’s nothing unique about it, Baya is the same as any other energy drink.

Starbucks Baya energy drink has 160 mg of caffeine, 22 g of sugar, and 90 calories.

You should drink no more than 1 or 2 servings of Baya to avoid any potential side effects. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, I don’t recommend this drink to you.

Whether it’s Baya or any other energy drink, you should always keep it in moderation.

Alternatives To Baya Energy Drink

Two cans of Baya energy drink in Mango Guava and Raspberry flavors
Zipfizz is a great alternative to Baya

Baya energy drink falls under the caffeine-jacked energy drinks category for me, while it may taste good and may have Vitamin C. There’re several other healthier options that you can choose from.

Here’s a list of energy drinks that have low contents of caffeine and sugar:


  • Starbucks Baya energy drink comes in three different varieties: Mango Guava, Raspberry Lime, and Pineapple Passionfruit.
  • Every 12 fl oz has 160 mg of caffeine and 22 g of cane sugar.
  • Starbucks Baya also has vitamin C and electrolytes like calcium. Electrolytes will may sure that you’re hydrated throughout the day.
  • BAYA comes in a bright-colored can with “BAYA” written in bold on the front under the logo of Starbucks.
  • Baya energy drink is a 6 out of 10 for me, because it has nothing special or different about it.
  • The caffeine and sugar contents are slightly high which I don’t appreciate. You can experience sugar crashes from the high amount of sugar, and insomnia from too much caffeine.
  • I don’t recommend Baya to people who’re sensitive to caffeine or have a low tolerance to caffeine.
  • You can drink 1 can of Baya every day. However, 2 cans won’t hurt people who have a high tolerance to caffeine. Nonetheless, keep it in moderation.

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