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Benefits of Drinking Red Bull (And Some Cons)

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink to have been sold. Its marketing campaign combined with its availability in most countries worldwide has made it the go-to energy drink of many.

While the brand’s famous tagline “Red Bull gives you wings” makes the drink seem like a magic potion, in reality, it comes with disadvantages as well.

The primary effects that you will notice upon consuming Red Bull are better athletic ability, increased cognitive function, and better memory.

Read on for a more in-depth assessment along with the side effects of drinking Red Bull!

Red Bull can

Red Bull’s Effects on Athletes

Red Bull’s formula consists of caffeine, Taurine, and several other components which aid in boosting physical performance.

Ideally, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts can drink a can before their physical activities to get an adrenaline surge. Of course, even those who don’t have heavy routines can rely on Red Bull for an energy boost.

Adrenaline is responsible for initiating the fight or flight response within the body, giving you the ability to better perform.

Benefits of Red Bull on Students

Red Bull has been proven to improve memory and concentration, two traits students would appreciate being improved before an exam.

While reducing mental fatigue, Red Bull also makes you more alert, allowing students to better focus for extended periods at school.

I do not recommend children under 18 to drink Red Bull. Students studying in colleges and universities who are above 18 can safely drink Red Bull if taken with care.

Is Red Bull Good For Everyday Use?

You should not have more than one can of Red Bull in a single day due to its high sugar content.

If you stick to one can a day, you can safely enjoy having Redbull daily without facing any adverse effects.

What Makes Red Bull Work?

Red Bull includes several ingredients that are essential to providing an energy boost.


Caffeine is the primary energy booster present in most energy drinks.

It is a widely used stimulant present in coffee, energy drinks, and some chocolates in varying amounts.

Each standard 250mL can of Redbull contains 80mg of caffeine, a safe amount.


Taurine is another stimulant added in Red Bull. While it is naturally made within the body, energy-boosting supplements make use of this for a more pronounced effect.

It has been rumored to have been extracted from bull urine, but rest assured that this is not true.

Taurine is synthetically produced for use in Red Bull and other energy drinks.


Glucuronolactone is a chemical naturally found in the body but synthetically made as well.

It is said to increase athletic ability and mental alertness, but no solid evidence has been found to prove this.

B Vitamins

A number of B Vitamins are also added in Redbull. All of these turns carbohydrates into glucose within the body to energize you.

Vitamin B3: Is responsible for boosting brain functions and repairing damaged DNA.

Vitamin B5: Breaks down fats, proteins, and coenzymes and helps keep the skin healthy.

Vitamin B6: Promotes healthy metabolism and can be taken to combat low blood pressure.

Vitamin B12: Responsible for maintaining red blood cell count and nerve tissue health.

The quantities of these along with how much is safe are given in the table below.

VitaminAmount Per 250mL CanDaily Upper Intake Level
Vitamin B322mg35mg
Vitamin B55mgN/A
Vitamin B65mg100mg
Vitamin B125.1µgN/A
Red Bull nutrition facts

Downsides of Drinking Red Bull

The maximum daily caffeine intake limit recommended by experts is 400mg.

If taken in excess, Red Bull can cause the following side effects due to caffeine.

  • Restlessness and shakiness
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid or abnormal heart rhythm
  • Dehydration

You can also end up having a high amount of sugar if you take more than one can a day.

The AHA advises a daily limit of 36 grams and Red Bull contains 26 grams in each can.

For more information on the effects of large amounts of sugar, watch the video below.

Is Red Bull worse than coffee?

Although they have quite different nutritional profiles, popular caffeinated drinks like Red Bull and coffee have around the same amount of caffeine. Daily caffeine consumers may benefit from switching to coffee due to its antioxidants and low-calorie content.

About 80 milligrams of caffeine may be found in a single 12-ounce can of Red Bull. Equal to around one cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine. Energy drinks may include guarana and taurine, two additional stimulants that may enhance their overall impact.

Who should not drink Red Bull?

Due to the high levels of caffeine, sugar, and other additives (including herbs and amino acids), energy drinks are not advised for children and teenagers. Caffeine is an alkaloid that occurs in high concentrations in the leaves and seeds of many different plant species. It is also manufactured and added to certain meals artificially.

Caffeine in high dosages has been linked to negative side effects, including trouble sleeping, a racing heart, palpitations, irritability, and even nausea and vomiting.

How long does Red Bull last?

Depending on the individual’s body composition, caffeine tolerance, and health conditions, the duration of Red Bull’s effects might range from one to four hours.

Timetables may also need to be adjusted due to health-related factors. If you’re a woman using the contraceptive pill, you should know that this half-life decreases to ten hours, indicating that the Red Bull will still be in your system twenty hours later.”

Energy Drink Alternatives to Red Bull

Here are some other energy drinks you can also try.

Other noteworthy mentions:

Final Thoughts

Red Bull has a number of advantages for all kinds of people, primarily, an energy boost and improved focus and alertness.

Athletes can have a can before their match to perform better and have a higher level of mental alertness during the game.

Students above 18 can also drink Redbull before their exam to boost concentration and memory.

It has a high sugar amount, so you will need to take care of how much you are having. I recommend not consuming more than one can in a period of 24 hours.

Red Bull’s availability worldwide means that you can have a drink no matter which country you’re in, so go get yourself a can and test out its effects yourself!

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