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Where to buy Uptime? (Discussed)

With the increasing demands by a large range of consumers, energy drinks manufacturers have made their drinks available conveniently. There are several platforms both for online and physical purchases.

In this article, the Uptime energy drink is discussed and various platforms for its convenient purchase are mentioned.

Uptime is an energy booster drink with a refreshing and pleasant taste. It has six different flavors, Raspberry Lemon, Blood Orange, Mango Pineapple, White Peach Lemonade, Sweet Summer Melon, and Blueberry Pomegranate.

Each of them has its invigorating taste. Now you would think that where to buy uptime? You will know it soon.

Cans of Uptime Energy Drinks
Uptime energy drink

Each bottle of uptime contains 142mg of caffeine and 150 calories. Hence, uptime is a good drink for massive workouts and other physical activities. Moreover, it contains 37g of cane sugar but you can also get yourself a sugar-free one.

In this article, you will surely get to know about the pros and cons of this drink and the stores where this energy drink is available for you. Moreover, you will get to know whether the intake of this drink is beneficial for you or not?

So, read till the end to get the answers to all your queries.

Uptime, an energy booster drink

The taste of uptime is different from other energy drinks. Its bottles are sealable due to which you can drink the quantity of uptime as much as you want to and you can again reseal it.

Before going to any type of work, it is the perfect blend to encourage you and enhance your energy. By the grace of uptime, you can perform any task with passion.

Bottle of Uptime Energy Drink
Uptime energy drink

Ingredients in Uptime energy drink

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of uptime energy drinks are;

Uptime Energy Nutritional Facts

There is the table mentioned below through which you can easily know about the nutritional values present in this drink.

Nutritional facts on the back Uptime Energy Drink can
Nutritional facts of Uptime Energy Drink.
      Value (standard serving)Uptime Cane Sugar (12 fl. oz)Uptime Sugar-Free (12 fl. oz)
 Energy 150 calories5 calories
Vitamin C9mg9mg
Nutritional facts of Uptime

The caffeine content in Uptime

Scattered coffee beans
Coffee beans

A single bottle of uptime contains 142mg of caffeine. According to FDA, a normal person can consume up to 400mg of caffeine each day.

So, we can see that the amount of caffeine in a particular bottle of uptime is less than that a person can consume in a day. Hence, it doesn’t cause any harm to you.

Caffeine gives several benefits to our body that are given below:

• Enhances physical performance.
• Improves memory
• Buildup energy
• Boost stamina
• Prevents diabetes and also gives protection to the liver.

But overconsumption of caffeine also has consequences that may include;

• Insomnia
• Headache
• Anxiety
• Irregular heart rate
• Dizziness

So, don’t get addicted to it and try to drink only one bottle each day to maintain your health. Otherwise, it may be dangerous for you.

How much Sugar does Uptime contain?


Each bottle of uptime contains 37g of cane sugar. According to AHA, a normal man could consume 9 teaspoons which means 150 calories and women can consume less than that, which is 6 teaspoons each day or 100 calories a day.

This means the sugar in uptime is more than the recommended one, and an excess amount of sugar intake may cause health issues such as,

• Obesity
• Weight gain
• Diabetes
• Depression
• High blood pressure.

Calories in Uptime

It contains 150g of calories in each bottle. The number of calories that women can take daily is 2000 and that of a man is 2500 each day. The quantity of calories in uptime is higher than a person’s daily intake.

So, if you don’t want to gain weight and maintain your physical health you should be careful about your intake of calories and should avoid the excessive use of uptime energy drinks.

How many bottles of Uptime can we consume a day?

I’II recommends you drink only one bottle of Uptime energy drink a day. Because the caffeine and sugar content in it may cause problems if taken in excessive amounts.

A single bottle of uptime consists of sugar that is more than the normal intake of a person on a normal day. So, try to drink a single bottle each day or drink it just when you need. Don’t get addicted to it.

If you are drinking sugar-free uptime, you can drink without being worried because it will not cause any health issues. It is safe from any side effects. But keep in mind that it contains caffeine and excess intake may result in headaches.

Sugar-free version of Uptime

Uptime is not just for a healthy person. A person with abnormal health like diabetes can also enjoy the various flavors of this drink that have amazing tastes. The flavors of uptime that are available in sugar-free mode are given below;

• Original Citrus.
• Blood Orange.
• White Peach Lemonade.
• Blueberry Pomegranate.
• Mango Pineapple.

Online platforms

Following are given some of the online platforms from which you can conveniently get the mentioned product;


It is an American multinational company. Walmart includes hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount departmental stores. Walmart doesn’t provide you with all the flavors of time.

Price: The pack of 12 Uptimes costs, $30 which means $2 per bottle.


Target is also a retail market presence in America. They also don’t have all the flavors of the Uptime energy drink. The price that you will get in this store is:

Price: The price of a single bottle of uptime is $3 at this store.


Amazon is the world’s largest online retail market. It is an American multinational company. Amazon is said to be one of the most dominant and productive online markets on this planet. You can buy uptime from Amazon. Further factors about uptime that amazon is providing are given below:

Price: You can avail of a single bottle for $3 and a pack of 12 costs $33

• Product Description:

Some important things about this product that amazon is providing are enlisted below:

1. Uptime is still being manufactured.
2. Its bottles are sealed and the package measurement is ‎ 9.09 x 8.74 x 6.61 inches.
3. Ranked sellers: #6,624 in Grocery & Gourmet Food.


eBay is also an online market just like Amazon. You can buy uptime from this market. The cost of uptime is slightly higher at eBay as compared to other stores.

Price: You can buy a pack of 12 bottles is $39 which means a single bottle of $4.

They also provide a tracker to their customers through which they can easily see the track of their order and also know the estimated time of delivery.

Uptime official website

The official website of Uptime also offers the convenient purchase of Uptime energy drinks. All the flavors of Uptime are available on their website. The price of a pack consisting of 12 bottles costs 30$ from the website.

Price differentiation

The price of uptime is economical at Walmart and the official website of Uptime. So, I think that Uptime’s official website is the best site to buy this drink because all kind of flavors is available there at the cheapest price.

Here is given a review of mentioned energy drink on which you may have a look before buying it;

Review of Uptime Energy Drink

Pros and Cons of using Uptime

Although Uptime is a great energy booster to consider for getting energy but using it on regular basis for a long time will have consequences too. Following are some of the benefits you’ll get by drinking Uptime energy drink;

Reduces mental stress
• Enhances memory
• Improves immunity
• Boosts stamina
• Improves physical and mental health
• Improve focus

Intake of excess amount of Uptime in a day may cause health issues such as given below:

• Chest problems
• Increases thirst
Nausea and vomiting
• Difficulty in breathing.

Alternatives of Uptime

Some drinks that can be used instead of uptime are mentioned here:

Red Bull

Can of Red Bull energy drink
A Can of Red Bull energy drink

Like Uptime, Red Bull is a strong energizing drink that can be taken instead of an energizing drink. It is a popular energizing drink that contains various factors that helps you to boost your energy.

Game Fuel

Can of Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Game Fuel can be considered as an alternative to Uptime, as it is an energizing drink with a reliable amount of caffeine and sugar so you can drink it regularly and boost your system without worry.

Some other alternatives are enlisted below:


After analyzing this article, you might have come to know about the facts about uptime energy drinks and where to buy them.

  • It has benefits but somewhere it also damages your organs.
  • The drink can easily be availed from online stores.
  • For diabetic persons, a sugar-free version is available.
  • In my opinion, you should never stick to the energy drink for a long time. Long-term use of any type may cause serious health issues for you.

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